Make use of these best SEO tools for your traffic growth

Marketing is one of the important factors for the success of any online business. Due to this reason, a lot of marketing strategies are used by businesses today. One such important and famous marketing strategy is the SEO.

SEO is used by almost all of the online businesses today. The Search Engine Optimization is carried out with the help of different SEO tools. In order to compete with the others in SEO special SEO tools are vital for any business. Such SEO tools will help you by saving your time and help you get more chances and boost your SEO rating.

As the SEO tools find great demand today, more and more numbers of users are searching for the best SEO tools. Thus, in order to help you, here we have given the categories of SEO tools and the best tools for each category.

SEO tools categories

There are a number of SEO tools are available in the market that each and every marketer needs to be aware of. As there are a lot of SEO tools it is better to know their categories. Among the different SEO tools, there are six tools that are the basic tools that are

  • Keyword analysis tools
  • Content Ideas tools
  • Rankings tools
  • Link Building tools
  • Link Removal tools
  • Technical SEO tools

Here we mention some types of free, paid and premium tools for each category

Keyword Analysis Tools

Keywords are the key to the success of any SEO service. This is the factor that drives more visitors to a site. Thus, the SEO rating of a site depends on how well the keyword is utilized. Try these tools for keyword analysis

  • Ubersuggest– This is a free keyword suggestion tool. It makes use of the set of suggests services to produce different keywords for the different purpose.
  • Term Explorer– This is a freemium tool which permits you to enhance your keyword list. This will help you in understanding your data competitiveness.
  • SEMrush– This is a paid tool. Through this tool, you can know the keyword’s your competitors are ranking for.
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Content ideas Tools

  • Outdated content finder– This is a free tool which allows you to search for content ideas you need to rank for. Simply search for this tool what you want to rank or the topic for which you are going to write content.
  • Yoast WordPress Plugin– This freemium tool makes sure that whether the content on your site is SEO friendly or not. This tool is a WordPress Plugin that always keeps your content in check.
  • Buzzsumo– This is a paid tool which has easy to use interface that allows you to find which content works well for your topic. With this tool, you can quickly identify the content for any topic also, it highlights the top influencers.

Ranking Tools

Acquiring good ranking for your site is much important

  • Google Search Console– It helps to monitor the performance of a site. It has two tabs “Search Traffic” and “Search Analytics” that brings up the keywords the site is ranking for
  • SEMrush– With this, you can search any keyword or domain from any location and allows you target different devices. This is a freemium tool which permits the user to find local competitions and lets to focus on various devices.
  • Authority Labs– This paid tool helps you to track keywords for your site. With this tool, you can graph keywords easily as it checks the keywords daily. Also, it provides a report of the keywords that it finds in the week

Link Building Tools

  • LinkMiner– This free tool is easy to use and fast and is best for broken link building. This tool is very fast and easy to understand.
  • Moz SEO Toolbar– With this freemium tool, you can check whether your site is up to scratch or not. Similarly, it provides the important SEO information needed for your site.
  • Paid – Buzzstream– This is good for identifying hidden information, scraping prospects and outreach management
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Link Removal Tools

  • Disavow– This is a free tool that highlights the sites to Google that the user doesn’t need to link to his site.
  • CognitiveSEO– This paid tool helps with different factors like backlink analysis, content auditing, rankings etc

Technical SEO tools

  • WooRank Plugin– This tool scraps the user’s site and informs the user if the site contains any inefficiency. Those who want to get an overview of their site can use this tool. Similarly, they can know about their competitors too.
  • Screaming Frog– This is also a scraping tool that checks all the pages and links of a site and provides information in the form of spreadsheets
  • DeepCrawl – This is a paid tool that provides the scraping information in the form of visual elements like graphs or charts.

Hope you get useful SEO tools from above list…check the trial version and if you feel useful then you can go ahead with pro version.