Top 5 Best Paying (Pay Per Click) PPC Ad Network

PPC Marketing is one of the primary ways of earning money for both new and experienced blogger and most of the blogs on the internet today are based on the revenue model of PPC Marketing.

So if you are also looking to become a blogger or you are going to start a new blog soon where you intend to use PPC Marketing to generate revenue, then this guide about PPC Marketing is definitely going to come in handy for you.

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC Marketing or Pay Per Click Marketing in full form is basically the internet’s version of the advertising system you encounter in your daily life while doing routine stuff.

For example, you see advertisements in your newspaper or on TV Channels while watching any show. Via these advertisements, people promote their products which eventually leads to the sale of their product.

And in return of showing the advertisements, the service providers charge a definite fee, which is the primary way of earning money for most of them.

On the internet, things work more or less the same. You see ads whenever you open any sites and the owner of that site earns revenue from those ads.

Although here, the revenue system is based on Per Click basis means the site owner is paid only when a person visiting his site actually clicks on that ad, hence the name Pay Per Click.

This system is very effective because an average person sees hundreds of ads in one day but he only clicks on an ad if it genuinely interests him.

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And since the advertiser has to pay only when the ad is clicked, his money is only spent when a person who is genuinely interested in his product lands on his website.

This way, with the right promotional strategies on his site, he can ensure the maximum sale from the money he spends compared to offline advertisements where he has to pay for all the views he gets even from the persons who are not interested in his product.

However, a big problem in this whole set up is that most of the websites on the internet are way too small for advertisers to contact them personally and sell their ads.

That’s why over the time many marketplaces have been developed which work as a medium to connect blog owners and advertisers and help them find the best ad space and make the most money from each click respectively.

Here is a list of top PPC Marketing websites for bloggers which will help you make the highest possible money from each click a user does:

Top PPC Marketing websites to earn most money from each click

1. Google Adsense

Google’s own PPC Network is known as Adsense for bloggers or Adwords for advertisers. It is also the world’s largest advertisement service and one of the best way of earning money on every click.

The signup process is easy and both the ad placement and the payment process is better than any other PPC Marketing network available in the market.

You can sign up for AdSense without any traffic restriction meaning it’s great for small and new blogs which are not accepted by many other ad networks.

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The only downside is that the minimum payout is $100 which is high compared to some other sites and it does not accept low-quality websites.


  • Minimum Traffic Requirements – None
  • Minimum Payouts – $100
  • Payment methods – Bank Wire Transfer.

PPC on Google adsense

2. Media.Net started as a joint venture by Yahoo and Microsoft using which they intended to compete with the monopoly of Google Adsense in the PPC Marketing business.

Although things didn’t go as planned for them as it failed to become a reliable source of income for relatively smaller blogs, and as a result, it never became a serious competitor of Adsense.

While now it’s sold to a Chinese businessman, and it’s still not a suitable option for smaller blogs, it’s definitely a considerable alternative of Adsense if you have a large and well-known blog in any niche.

Hopefully, things will change with the new management and it will grow better in future, and it may even become a legit competitor for Adsense somewhere down the line.

  • Minimum Traffic Requirements – None
  • Minimum Payouts – $100
  • Payment methods – Bank Wire Transfer or PayPal.

PPC on

3. Infolink

Infolinks is a unique PPC Marketing network because of the ad types it offers. We are all familiar with the regular ads which we see on the sidebar, header foot or at any definite place on a site.

However, Infolinks offers a slightly different type of ad units all starting with the In tag (Intag, Intext, In screen etc). These ad units generally appear when you do any special action such as hovering your cursor over the chosen word.

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Infolinks is often considered a good choice to be used alongside Adsense if you are not satisfied with the income of Adsense alone and want to make the most out of every page view.

Although if you intend to use it alongside Adsense, first make sure the ad units you choose do not violate the Adsense terms. Such as the Ad unit is known as In screen overshadows al the screen and shoot be used if you are using Adsense too.

  • Minimum Traffic Requirements – None
  • Minimum Payouts – $50
  • Payment methods – PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, ACH and Payoneer


PPC on infolinks

4. Bidvetiser

In today’s time where hundreds of PPC Marketing Networks open and get closed every year, Bidvetiser has been running successfully since 2008, which in this business is a very long time

It’s a great alternative for people whose didn’t manage to get Adsense approval for their account or got their Adsense account banned for some reason.

  • Minimum Traffic Requirements – None
  • Minimum Payouts – $10
  • Payment methods –  PayPal, Payza, Wire Transfer, Check

PPC on bidvertiser

5. Propellerads

Propellerads is also a PPC Marketing network which has ben running succesfully from quite sometimes now and is worthy enough for you to give a try.

They seem to have upgraded their service recently and they now offer almost all types of ad formats available in the PPC Market including Banner Ads, Pop Unders and Video ads as well.

  • Minimum Traffic Requirements – None
  • Minimum Payouts – $100
  • Payment methods –  Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Webmoney


PPC on propellerads

Wrap up

This was our guide on the PPC Marketing Networks. Do you still have any questions left? Do you have anything else to add? do let us know in the comments section.