4 SEO Tips and Trends to Follow in 2021

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2021 is here, and it’s an exciting opportunity for us to peek into this new decade. But the opportunity is daunting, too, especially if you’re working in marketing. This field keeps on changing, for example, with the emergence of SEO.

4 SEO Tips and Trends to Follow in 2021

During the last few years, SEO’s landscape underwent significant changes. It is primarily due to the eruption of new technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), voice assistants, and mobile experiences’ evolution. However, search engines like Google have played a significant role.

In the upcoming decade, significant transformations will occur, and they’ll do so at a rapid pace. Several of these transformations will occur unknowingly, such as the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It led to a heightened increase in e-commerce sales. From purchasing household items to availing various services, people worldwide relied heavily on the online market. What does this mean? Undeniably, it depicts a change in strategy for marketers. Marketers must prepare to deal with a complex set of issues and embrace new technology to remain competitive. Therefore, improving your digital marketing strategies is now a necessity. Among these strategies, SEO holds prominence and drives lucrative results.

Let’s look at some SEO tips and trends to follow in 2021.

  1. Increased Focus on Customer Retention, Analytics, and Lifetime Value

Previously, companies would utilize SEO solely to drive traffic. However, this has changed a lot – it has opened several favorable aspects to explore.

Businesses must work on on-page, off-page, technical SEO, and keyword research. They might also have to go through a beginner’s guide to canonical tags to prevent content duplications. Thus, marketers will unveil hidden insights with content ideas and service offerings that keyword research may not present.

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There’s no doubt that 2021 will push you further when it comes to generating traffic. It will become difficult for you to bridge the gaps in revenue and display satisfying ROI. So, behavioral analytics will become one of the brimming necessities in 2021.

The spotlight will be on behavioral analytics, for example, what your customer is doing and how, and how we, as marketers, can provide them services faster. Plus, keyword volume will become less of a focus.

Businesses must start focusing more on customer LTV (lifetime value) and retention to ensure customers don’t turn towards competitors. Before acquiring customers, you must understand varying customer dynamics and acknowledge their needs and concerns. If you fail in this task, you will drive them away from your brand. You will need to understand your customers and offer them the latest and valuable content. Otherwise, they will choose someone better – to which Google will itself introduce them.

Businesses should offer unique services and customer support services online. It can be accomplished by establishing a process with support and sales staff. It will ensure that you’re aware of incoming, important requests or questions and provide timely responses.

  1. AI Will Take Charge

Did you hear about bidirectional encoder representations transformers (BERT)? Well, it’s a technology that has been here for quite a while now. In essence, Google developed and published BERT in 2018 – it’s a technique to train natural language processing (NLP) using a neural network.

Additionally, reports show that 37% of organizations and businesses are already using AI. By 2025, the AI industry will earn approximately $118 billion. It means that this technology will affect SEO like no other. If AI enters the picture soon, you’ll have to optimize every digital platform. You’ll also have to amplify link-building opportunities, augment keyword research, and devise more captivating content. You can use tools like Twin word and Keyword Tool – these tools use AI to do keyword research more efficiently.

  1. Need for More Valuable, Relevant Content
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If you don’t produce valuable, relevant content for your visitors, there’s no point in working on SEO. Why? Because that’s the only trend that’ll never change.

Google’s algorithm analyzes a ton of factors, but all of them somehow correlate to user experience. Plus, if your visitors enter your website and find it enticing, the credit will go to the authentic, rich content that solves their queries. If this doesn’t happen, the user won’t waste a second more on your website and choose other websites. So if you don’t want your brand to miss out on acquiring a new client, never fail to produce valuable, relevant content.

Your brand’s digital authority and general reputation will be affected by a decline in satisfied users and leading to a high bounce rate. So if you want to accomplish and maintain decent SEO Results, creating captivating content is a must. You can do so by focusing on strategic development by analyzing the visitors’ preferences, needs, and pain points. Your goals shouldn’t revolve around satisfying Google bots but meeting visitors’ demands. You should consider producing interactive content if you want to attract and retain your users’ attention in the most effortless way.

  1. Voice Search Will Matter A Lot

According to a survey, 27% of the global population uses their mobile phones’ voice search. They conduct various activities on their smartphones. Undeniably, seeing a lot of smartphones engage with voice search technology isn’t a surprise anymore. A significant chunk of the global population uses cellphones to carry out various daily tasks and activities. For example, many people research a product online before purchasing it offline. It’s known as ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline), and much of this research is through smartphones.

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But remember, the majority of voice search queries are specific and long-tail. When users are using voice search, they’re looking for answers to specific questions. Plus, these users have more chances to convert. As more and more people use voice search, this feature will evolve, making it necessary for marketers worldwide.


Understanding the significant trends of SEO and implementing them is essential if you intend to improve your 2021 digital marketing strategy. Since the algorithm of Google never fails to amaze us with its all-new updates, it’s vital to focus on all the latest updates. However, it is imperative to prioritize delivering qualified, interactive, and engaging experiences to the user. Markets worldwide are shifting to online revenue generation modes. Therefore, what could be a better approach than utilizing SEO tools and techniques.