Top Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

Ways to make money online!!! this term is getting huge hit on google search. You know why? because day by day people are moving to online jobs  as they want to get rid of 9-5 job and earn money while working at home.

I am damn sure you know at least a person who are earning handsome money by just sitting in front of computer at home and you also wanted to earn money online by same way but always trapped in some scam or false earning trick. Correct? So before moving ahead I want you to read 5 Scam to avoid when looking for online job.

If you really searching for legitimate ways to make money online then please remember one important myth in online world related to making money with very less effort an I want to tell you that there is nothing like fast ways to make money online because there aren’t “get rich quick” schemes in any market other then betting and thieving..

So Today I am going to share you some real ways to make money online and whole list contain only legit ways & that any one can do. Be it school student or college or A house wife or a other profession or a retired person or a working guys.

Note: Good thing about online working is that you do not need to invest your time and skills so why you are wasting time? Why not start from now? However overall depend on your hard work and effort you are going to put.

So here I am listing you all tops ways  to make money online and let’s start from my favorite one…

Best Ways to Make Money Online

1. Freelancing – Do work what you like to do

Do you want to become your own boss & Want to choose your own time, own place, own client and own rule? Then this is one of the popular way of making money in online world. Freelancing comprise lots of work from small level skill to high level skill, so before start please make sure that to choose the one which give you interest while doing.

As a freelancer, you can work with small or big companies on temporary basis like 1 week, month or till their project last. And I am damn sure you will get

You can work as programmer, content writer, marketer, designer & many more but before join any Freelance site please must read Top 10 Freelancer Scam- Must read before join freelancing site.


Freelancer can make $500 to $5000+ per month but everything depends on type skill you have. You can check out List of best freelacing site to earn money online and find which site you suitable for you.

Note: – Freelancing comprises many works so it’s up to you which one you choose.

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2. Online tutoring – Teach what you know and earn money

One of my favorite and trusted way of earning online. So many people whom I know making huge money by online tutoring and if you are belongs to Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh then this work like The Hen That Lays Golden Egg’s.


However it’s depending on your experience and knowledge on subject but you can earn anywhere between $10 to $100/ per hour and it is more than sufficient if you are living in above countries or any developing countries.

This opportunity also give you chance to expand your tutoring career to whole online world and get chance to search student from whole world. As every single day many of new people start using internet and interesting thing is no one stop using interest so increasing online user surely make this job most lucrative and demanding today, It give you work from home comfort job.To avoid from any scam better to choose from Top sites to get online tutoring jobs.

Note:-Choose those subject on which you are expert so with time demand for your teaching increase.

3. Blogging-  Express what’s in your mind and make money

If you ask me about my best choice for earning money online then definitely I will recommend to choose blogging as compare to any other ways.

Blogging give you chance to earn good amount of money by just writing on your favorite niche and If you want help then you can read The Ultimate guide to choosing a Niche. It is also one of the finest jobs on internet but you always need patience in blogging as it take time to make money.

bloggen-wege-um-geld-online zu verdienen

Your earning depends on your skills of writing and command on language (like English). In creating blog you can also use free platform and you can choose from Top 10 Free & best blogging platform. You can also use wordpress as platform to create blog more efficient and easily configurable. You can read A step by step wordpress tutorial for beginners to easily create blog using wordpress.

If you search on Google about earning of blogger then you can even find some of them earning more than $100000 per month

Note: – To earn good amount of money you need to update content regularly.

4. Selling photos – Capture moment & make money

So guys do you have good camera or high mega pixel mobile phone? If yes then you can earn decent income with small creativity by submitting photos on online websites.

Depend on sites policy; you can earn 20% to 80% of royalty from each sale.If you are passionate photographer, creative designer or good Photoshop editor then selling photo is best way to earn extra money.

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Even if you are travelling and click some random photo that can make good money for you.


It’s depending on quality and what moments you have taken photo, that give you some extra bucks. please also read 10 best site to get royalty free images for commercial use.

Note: – Only creativity, quality and larger portfolio can give you good amount.

5. Video publish on YouTube channel

If you love to make videos or shoot videos on any travelling or any occasions then you have great way to make money online.

Google is earning from YouTube videos through advertisement and if you have uploaded any video then they also share some profit with you.


Once you upload the video on YouTube then you need to monetize video so Google can display some advertisement on that video. For each view, you will get paid. If You have already uploaded videos and not monetize yet then please read How to enable adsense on already uploaded YouTube videos.

Earning from YouTube is not fixed and it may vary from 1$ to $5 on per 1000 view and even more if you have good number of YouTube subscriber.

Some of YouTube channel owner earning more than $100000 yearly by just uploading music, cartoon or educational videos. You can also choose from Top 10 youtube video ideas to make money online.

If you are not aware about how to upload video on YouTube and want to create your own YouTube channel then you can read how to create a youtube channel and start making money.

Note: – Your uploaded video must not be uploaded by someone else or it should not break copyrights.

6. Online survey – Fill surveys and get paid

It is rewarding program through incentive and give you small cash on each survey you fill or you refer and I think it is one of the simplest ways of making money online.

You just need to write your feedback or opinion on any service, product or company. It require mainly answer in selection format where you have to choose best option you feel and used by researcher to get some information for further improvement in their future product or service.


Compensation varies company by company, You can earn from $50 to $100 in a month by just investing few minutes daily.

Even some time company pay you from $1 to $20 dollar per survey but amount is depend on length of survey and country you belongs. Please read Top 10 Best sites to get online survey jobs .

Before you start don’t forget to read Things one should remember while joining survey earning sites. So you will not trap in any scam.

Note:-This is best ways to make money online and no need any skill but Be accurate and honest in filling out survey. Here Honest means fill same information everywhere whether correct or not.

7. Affiliated Marketing- Promote other and make money

Now a days Affiliated marketing is one of the best ways of making money for blogger. As a blogger you can earn by promoting others (company) product. It is revenue sharing program where company pay commission to blogger or website owner on which user click on advertisement and convert to buyer.

With increase trend of online shopping, scope of affiliated marketing also increase and there are thousands of merchant in every field where you can register and become marketing partner.


In return of each product sale through your website you can earn 4% to 20% commission.For more information you can read What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work? so you can also start making money online through affiliated marketing.

Note: – You should affiliate only those item which is related to your site niche.

8. Become online tester -Test online and earn

Many company want to give their website, App or software to test before launching in market. You know why?

Because They want to get their testing done from people who are familiar with type of product. So testing done as real user.

You just need to surf website and provide your legitimate feedback to website owner so they can make change as per your feedback.

Software testing is just a set of procedure which you need to follow and monitor on each stage but you also need to make sure product must be free of error. Here your role like commentator and analyst for work.


This test may include design test, usability test, content test, any other requirement test. You can find here Online freelancing testing jobs so just join one site and start earning online.

Note:- You must give better feedback, so the more chance of getting work in future time.

9. By Clicking Ads – Click and get earn

If you do not have much knowledge about internet and computer even you can earn sufficient money here.

Pay-to-click (PTC website) acts as middle man between advertiser and consumer. As PTC website owner earn money from Google, agencies or company who want advertisement of their product but payment according number of click on ads.

So PTC sites pay you money for each and every advertisement you view. You generally need to view for 10-30 second each advertisement. you can get Best PTC sites to earn by pay per click But again want to warn you about scam in this type of work so take precautions before joining any site.

Note:- Almost 90%+ sites are not genuine or seemingly fraud so they mostly ask for sign-up, pay few dollar to join , very high limit of withdrawing money and close within 6 month to 1 year But few sites available where will earn by clicking advertisement.

10. Paid reviews – Express your view & make money

If you have good words to appraise any one then don’t waste this opportunity to use this expertise in making money online. You just need to write review about any product, books, movies or any services.

Writing product reviews is a very rewarding venture. It is one of interesting job I ever find to write about things. Please sometime take it a bit serious also as it is going to affects purchasing number also.

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You can earn $5-$50 dollar per review and some time free books too if you are writing review for any books.

11. Data entry job -Enter data and earn money

Data entry is nothing but put data into electronic form by using some software like word, excel or any other specific to company. If you are good in typing then this job can full your pocket easily.Many companies needed typist to convert data in electronic form from paper or any image.

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Data entry jobs usually require the least skills and in turn pay the least. Many job available on freelancing portal and also sites which dedicatally work for data entry. You can earn approx $.50 by just typing one page .

Note:-Increase typing speed and increase bank balance 

12. Selling of art craft and other handmade stuff

Online selling become popular now a day and many website available where you can even sell your own designed product.

You can sale any decorative or useful object which are made completely by hand or by creative way. You can make any thing with paper, plant, textile material, soil and sell out on online portals.


There are many famous site which serving to sell product like craft and handmade stuff. A mother earn £100,000 a year selling “bits and bobs” then you can also earn so let’s start from Best place to sell handmade craft items online.

You can start with any one website and once getting start enough sale then you can move to other site to sell your handcraft items.

Note:- It is having many competition but here uniqueness and less price make you winner .

13. Translator job – Power of multilingual

Translator is best ways to make money online if you know at least 2 languages well and if you have knowledge of more than 2 then this job is best for you.

Generally People need translation of document, bilingual call centers, interpretation, localization, online teaching from one language to other like from French to English.


You can find this work in many freelancing portal where user need translation in return of pay good amount of money and you can also find few particular website where you will get translation job like Top sites to get online translation jobs.

Note:- You can become certified translator and increase your earning .

14. Land your voice (Voice over)

You must have heard voice in animated movies and television shows but you know who is behind that voice?

Its none other than voice artist who give their voice to make story lively.

If you have a unique voice then voice over is best way of making money online, and right career for you too.

your voice may be land for phone recording, video creation, any story narration, dubbing, marketing coordinator, radio channel, television production, presentation and anchor. Many sites just need your sample voice and then select you to give voice as per their requirement.


Many online portal available where you can give your voice to any one in globe and reach out maximum people in minimum time. you need to just read given script in voice which they are expecting from you…if they like to make money by this way then read land your voice online.

Note:- If you good in mimicry then many jobs are waiting for you.

15. Entering captcha

CAPTCHA entry is one of the simplest work from home option for people who want to earn some extra amount in free time.

Companies who want to sign up on thousand of sites but capcha does not allow automatic software so this work provide to online typist. You just need to register with few company who provide capcha entry work and type correct capcha.


You can earn around $1-$3 for every 1000 captcha you solve. If you really want to go for this then check here Earn money by online captcha entry work.

Note:- you need to take care number of correct capcha score and maintain desired 90% typing accuracy also be very fast in order to earn better income.

16. Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant is one of the finest job for making money online. You just need to give assistance to client on administrative, technical services, creative or any social task.

VA is like working online for someone without physically present. some time company use customer care call to welcome mail through virtual assistance. If you want to know more about Virtual assistance and want to get this job then you should read How to get virtual assistance job.

Many website which help us to get this job and you can choose from Best site to earn as online virtual assistant jobs.


You could be get paid on basis of hourly, monthly, project completion or any target matched.

Note: – You must have good communication and writing skill to work as virtual assistance, if you have than you can earn $10-$60 per hour.

17. Help in Homework or assignment

If you are good in writing then this skill is best for you to earn some extra money, as in race for students to submit the assignments on time but due to lack of writing skill and busy timing schedule they could not complete task on time, so hire someone who can complete their assignment or homework instead of writing themselves.


Many website also work to help student against few dollar and hire people to complete assignment. You can earn $10-$50 per assignment but need to write in their specific format.

Note:- You should have good knowledge of searching on Google and command on writing language.

18. Selling your old/new stuff online

If you have any product which you have bought in very low price or want to sell your own unique product then many website give you platform to become seller. Through online portal you can reach out to massive audience of customers.

It may help you to create your own brand without setup your own site or retail store.There are also many classified websites which help you to sell your old stuff online and can earn few bucks.

If you are from India and Pakistan then you can also earn by selling old things on olx and if you are not aware about Olx then please read How to earn money by olx buy and sell.

Note:-There is tremendous competition in the online space so your product must be unique then only you can earn good money.

19. Paid Writing

Many people have interest in writing on topics which they love. So why not change this love into love+money and enjoy. Yes many website and blogger provide good amount of money for each article you submit to them, you can earn up to $100 per article but your content should be unique.

Write ups can be advertising statement, drama/film reviews, technical topic and many more.

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Note:- you need to trust on right site and start writing for them.

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20. Tweet for sponsors

You just need to write a tweet based on some simple guidelines provided by the advertiser. You can choose ads from the list of available ads.

Your earning depends on how many follower you have and how you can influence them.If you want to know more way then you should read How to make money on twitter.

Note:- . It needs at least 50 followers and at least 60 days old Tweeter account.

21. Researching for others

This job need tremendous skill and careful analysis on the various topic. Company generally hire researcher to growth their business.

So if you have skill of research or if you are in doctorate of your field then this is best way of earning. Before start research you need to aware fully about topic and source where you can get correct data .This work need high accuracy as it may affect business of company if you provide wrong data.

Note:- If you have good skill of Google searching then also you can find source of research.

22. Online Author

Do you love writing and want to write your favorite topic? If you really love writing and want to get a book published then many website offers you service to use their customer base to sell book on their online portal, in return of this they provide you some royalty percentage like you can read Ultimate guide to Publish Your Book with amazon kindle direct publishing.

You just need to choose your topic of writing and write fiction or nonfiction through scripts, novels, and biographies. You can also publish any book, advertisement, magazine or any story to earn money.

Note:-your earning depends on topic which you have selected and how much reader attractive you write can fetch you good amount.

23. Adsense and other ad network earning

If you have blog or website then earning from adsense is very easy. You just need some trick to attract people on your website and run advertisement.

Earning from adsense depend on number of visitor on your site, niche, keywords and geography of user. You can read Google adsense tutorial and join your blog with google advertiser to make money.

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Note: – choose niche which attract more and more people .

24. Micro-working

Micro task means something which you can end within few hours or days. If you want to earn money by doing some simple work then you should go with this task.

Here you can do variety of task like visiting some sites, rating on any product, comment on any site or forum, finding some contact details or doing small research work.

By micro task you can earn up to $50-$100 a day and actually I should say every thing is depend on your expertise You can find micro Sites To Make Money Online.

Note: Become expert in any one of task and work on same task for different clients.

25. Buy/Sell Domain

Just like investing in share market, currency market or any other market you can also invest in domain market where you just need to choose best domain name and Sale that domain on online marketplace for domain buy/sell.

You can earn many fold of your domain price but everything depend on keyword which match your domain and your luck and for just your knowledge you should read Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold .

You can also make money by just follow up expired domain name and buy them if you get any popular name which get expired and sell on higher price. You will get list of all latest expired domain from Top Sites To Get Expired Domains list.

Note:- It is also risky same as share market and loose value with time.

26. Flipping websites

Like domain trading, website flipping also becomes popular way of earning money here instead of domain name people deal directly of website.

Many sites available where you can just list your site for auction and set your base price. You can earn many fold of your monthly income.

Note: – Create a website and run for few month then you can sale your website.

27. Making themes

If you are good in design and creative part then this work is best suit for you. You just need to design a theme and it’s depending on which type of design you have made, you can earn money.

Some time one theme can sell more than 1000 times. So once you have create theme then you earn whenever new buyer buy your theme.

People mostly demand theme which is suitable for all device like tablet, PC, mobile so if theme is responsive then you have higher chance of earning.

Note:- Creative with web designer people can earn unexpected income from this work.

28. Online coding job

With increasing demand of digitalization of everything, this jobs become most popular in online market. If you are expert in writing code on any computer language, know secret of code and write bug free code then this work can give you huge amount of money.

Since every one cannot code so this job is very demanding and fetch good amount of money. You can see here list of Best freelancing sites for designer and developer.

Note: – To gain trust and good money from time you need to follow time compliance.

29. Graphics designer

If you are good in graphics designing and creative then many online works available like logos, icons, illustrations, advertisement by which you can make your pocket heavy.

You can direct sell your creativity, icons or you can work for particular client to complete their requirement.

For each design like logo you can earn between $5 to $50.

Note: – Only creativity in designing can give you good amount of money and future work.

30. Answering questions

People are curious to know what happening around there, what they are missing in their field and some other queries so If you are expert in any field and can easily satisfy people with your answer then you can work as adviser to provide expertise to people from the comfort of your home.

You can read Best sites to get paid to answer questions online to know more about websites and check which one paying you more in small time.

Note:- Your earning depends on your way of writing answer.

31. Link Shortner

If you have good networking on social platform then you can earn small amount by just provide shorten url(link) to people, so once they click on link you will generate income from each and every click through.

I think this is simplest way of earning.To start with these types of earning you need to signup first and generate shorten url of your desire blog or website.Once you generate then you can flow it by social media.You can check List of sites to earn money by url shortening and start earning money online.

Note:- Provide relevant sites to people so you can generate trust in them for future click.

32. Earn using Mobile app

Making money online is now possible from android mobile apps also. You just need to download app and follow their instruction. You will get work like watch advertisement, download other apps, click on ads, watch videos and many more.


Best thing of this way of earning is that you can also earn while travelling or doing any thing. so lets go through list of Best mobiles apps that make you money and start making money by mobile apps.

Hope you like this blog post and start making money online by any of the ways…Thank you so much for reading