Content writing tool- Tools that help in writing without mistakes

As a blogger, writer or student you need to write content that is free of grammatical mistakes and plagiarism. But we do silly mistakes unintentionally because it is human nature. Many of you might be tired of embarrassing and silly mistakes during writing.

I also faced same problems and to overcome such issues I explored the internet and found a solution. Certain tools for writers can really help you with such problems and today in this article I am sharing those tools with you.

Grammar checking tools

Grammarly (Free/paid)

Grammatical errors make your content useless. Grammarly is an online tool that helps you in writing content free from grammatical mistakes. It spots punctuation, comma, preposition, spelling and many more errors. Initially, it is free but if you want more accuracy you need to purchase the premium version.

The premium version costs $29/month. It was for PC in starting but now the makers have launched Grammarly keyboard for Android and IOS too.

Ginger Online

It is another online grammar checking tool that removes mistakes left by word. It integrates with word and you don’t need to copy paste or upload documents into the tool.

Ginger is available in three versions- free, basic and premium. The basic version costs $5/month or you can get it for lifetime in $40. Premium one can be purchased for $90 for life. It works well on both PC and mobile.

Apart from these two, you can also use Language tool, WhiteSmoke and After The Deadline.

Proofreading tools

Hemingway App

Complex words and language that are tough to understand make your content boring. Hemingway app helps you write readable content. This app identifies sentences that are too long and hard to read.

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It is the best option for bloggers but if you want to write academic content it is not suitable.

The basic version of Hemingway app is free and for complete features, you need to purchase it for $9.99 USD.


Sometimes we need to follow a particular style. Everyone has a different style and writing with any specific style is somewhat tough. Perfectlt helps you in such situations and has many great features.

This writing editor accepts track changes and removes double spaces that improve quality of your content. This is the best tool for health writers. You can go for a free the trial of 30 days before purchasing as it costs $99 USD.

Phase express, Grammarly, and Ginger are also great proofreading tools.

Article Rewrite tools

Small SEO tools

Sometimes we don’t have much time to spend but we want unique content. Article rewriter tool from small SEO tools helps you in writing unique content without spending hours in front of the computer.

It replaces the words and phrases with their synonyms and constructs a unique content for you. It is completely free and you can use it by just searching on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

It is another rewrite tool that creates readable content. While using rewriting tool you might have seen that the content created with such tools don’t make any sense in some cases. adds additional texts and writs readable content in seconds. It is also completely free. You just need to search on Google, Yahoo or Bing to use this tool.

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There are many other article rewrite tools like Duplichecker and SmartSEO tools.

Copywriting tools


Keeping track of keywords is really a tough job. Sometimes we end up writing a content that is full of same keywords. Wordcounter lets you know how many times you have used certain keywords.

It is a very simple and easy to use, you can search this tool on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The tool is 100% free.

Google Keyword Planner

Finding suitable keyword for your post is another headache. Google keyword planner is a most suitable tool if you are also facing the same problem.

It is a free tool and with this tool, you can easily learn keyword that relates to your business. Even if you need a topic for your blog Google keyword planner is the right option for you.

Read- Able, Thesaurus, and Hemingway App can also be used as copywriting tools.

Plagiarism remover

Plagiarism removal tool

Even if we write everything without copying a single word, still sometimes plagiarism issues occur. Plagiarism removal tool checks for plagiarism and replaces approx. 70% of the plagiarized content with unique content.

It is a completely free tool and very easy to use. Just give a quick search on Google, Yahoo or Bing and paste or upload your content with the tool and you are done.


Deplag will proofread your content and rewrite sentences and paragraphs that are accidentally or intentionally copied. It checks for similar sentence structure and instead of just replacing with synonyms it gives you perfect content. It is a paid tool and pricing system depends on how much time you can wait.

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You can also go for Paraphrasing tools and tools for writers.

Writing editors can help you with many of your writing problems. I hope these Content writing tools could help you with your writing issues.