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Advertising is a kind of message that uses every possible method of interaction like television, Internet, magazines, journals, newspapers, press, radio, events etc.

Big advertising visuals often bear huge expense like vendor cost, print cost, Media cost or if we talk about paid ads online. So to make life easier we have classified ads and websites where we can pot ads for free. It’s a cheaper form of advertisement compared to large-scale advertisements.

Most common classified sites are Olx, Quicker which helps us to post any kind of advertisement for free. Also, helps us to browse easily any kind of service they want from the various categories with its list of products.

Classified ads websites help in attracting a large number of viewers on a daily basis as they are most visited and enhances the visibility to webmasters, blogs, and websites.

Classified ads website is in high demand in the USA and widely used by the population. Check out here…

Top classified sites in USA


It is the top classified site of the USA. It was founded in 1995. It helps users to advertise different kinds of services like jobs, properties for rent and sale, product items and advanced sections like discussion forums, community, personal and events.

It is ranked globally in 55th position and in 14th position in the USA. It attracts a whopping amount of 60 million of aprx. 60 million webs traffic and make around 30 million page views per month.

Current Traffic Overview of 2018(June Month): –Craigslist usa classified site

2. Ebay Classifieds

With Ebay buying and selling are easier as this site does not even need a registration to access. It was found in 2005. We can buy and sell here a variety of products and our personal items locally and at the same time browse different jobs or advertise jobs as well as new property, electronic goods, beauty products, gardens and outdoors, home decor and so many interesting stuff. It gathers around 100 million users every month. 

Traffic Overview from 2014 to 2018 till now:-ebay usa classified site

3. Oodle

Among the USA free classified sites, Oodles is also trending in the list. It was found in 2005. Its working principle is gathering listings from the popular free classified sites like eBay, MySpace along with the listings from newspapers and other local websites.

Here along with buying and selling from different categories like a house for rent, properties, electronics, jobs, renting apartments for office purpose, we can also get recommendations and suggestions from other users who are involved in the same which adds an extra benefit.

Total Visit Desktop & Mobile in last 6 months

oodle usa classified site

4. Geebo

Geebo is the top classified site in USA famous for real estate, rentals, vehicles, farm equipment, resume, and merchandise. Here we can connect to a vast Geebo community along with posting free ads or searching for ads.  

Total Visit Desktop & Mobile in last 6 months

5. Recycler

Recycler is a popular classified site in the USA for local buyers and sellers to connect online with each other. We can buy or sell here second hand used items like pets, cars, properties, and lands etc with pictures to ads for a catchy look.

6. Ocala4Sale:

It’s a popular US Site among the other free classified sites which helps in searching and posting ads as per our needs from real estate to transportation to health, garbage sales, animal services, employment and many more. Here we can also build websites according to our needs and build our own business through advertising.

Total Visit Desktop & Mobile in last 6 months

Along with these popular free add classified sites in USA there are also many other sites like kedna, USFeeads, Freeadlist, Buysellcommunity, Penny SaverUSA,, Post-free ads in New York etc.

You might also like to know

Depending on the US Business nature where most of the population relies on Internet-based business, hence most of the US business gets a reputation and legitimating though advertising their products on the Internet.

Why high PR classified sites in USA is in demand?

US classified site with high PR rank is mostly flooding with keyword related searches, which makes it easy to select the required ones.US websites with higher PR rank expands the number of visitors worldwide to their websites and this helps the business-man who is engaged in popular sites to help the viewers get a better view of their business. Also, High PR sites with their branded names get them advertised constantly in mainstream media and social media.

Role of US classified sites in SEO process:-

Compared to other business sites US free classified sites makes a vast difference due to their N number of product and services and the users can’t help going through them. This plays a key role in Off page SEO and US business flourishment as they are mostly confined to web advertisements.

1. Free sites

The sites are absolutely free for advertisement with the option of paid ads as well if anyone requires. So users with its free features can make the most of it for their business.

2. Accessibility

Classified sites are simples, easy and user-friendly in terms of accessibility. It provides a Hassel free environment to the users simplifying their search. Also, the short and brief ads attract users more to know about their requirement.

3. Global Exposure

Free classified sites in the USA are not only limited to the United States, It has exposure worldwide and with the power of the internet attracts crowd globally to a single point.

4. A medium of Web Traffic

It is very important to choose high PR classified sites in the USA in the first step to attract more crowd and increase traffic of the sites for the success of the business.

5. Backlinks

Through the US classified sites, we have the relevant backlinks for our own website which we are advertising as well as place the backlinks on our own. Customers who are interested can view the details of the business on our website and they too can insert backlinks to mark an interesting site they have visited. You can also check different ways to create backlinks.

So what are you waiting for start grasping the benefits and advantages of classified websites and use it to make a mark in your business?

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