3 Side Hustle Ideas That Target Customers That Actually Have Money

It is no surprise that people of a certain age tend to have money to spend on their interests and for some, they even find that they have time to spend as well. These are the markets that are being discussed within this article, whereby you will be able to set yourself up with a working side hustle targeting customers with not only the interest but the money as well.

Side Hustle Ideas That Target Customers

Glamourous pet owners

Pet owners spend huge amounts of money on their pets every year, and you will find that those owners that are of a certain age or circumstance spend even more. These are the owners that either have had their own children grown up and left home or have never had children themselves, so the beloved pet then becomes the new child.

Setting up a profitable side hustle selling accessory items for these spoilt little bundles of fluff is easily within reach and can be very profitable. You will, however, need a bit of space for storing the items while they are waiting to be sold but depending on what items they are will depend on how much room you will need. For instance, selling luxury toys or glamourous collars will not take up as much room as the desirable beds or loungers.

Motorcycles and accessories

Whether you would be setting yourself up as selling parts, the full motorcycle, or the accessories that go with them, it is no doubt that this is a market where there is money to be made. It is a fact that when humans reach a certain age, they tend to start wanting things that make them feel younger. This time of life is generally known as the midlife crisis. There is no shortage, it seems, to men that hit this time of life and then suddenly decide – quite often out of the blue – that actually all they have really ever wanted was a motorcycle, and being of that age, they tend to have the money to go with the buying of all the accessories, the big bikes and everything else they could ever have wanted.

If this seems like the side hustle for you because you know about motorbikes, or you too are familiar with the midlife crisis, then there is nothing much to tell you that you don’t already know. It can be handy, however, to keep in mind that whatever you are going to sell could very well be brought from far and wide in order to keep your new side hustle viable. So, for this, you are going to require the services of a reliable motorcycle shipping business to get your motorbikes to their new homes, but you will also have to think about motorbike transport when it comes to obtaining your stock so that you have something to sell to your cash-rich customers.

Monetizing road trips

Setting yourself up as an expert on road trips is another good way of a side hustle. You may wonder how this can become a side hustle, and it would be as an affiliate.

So, you would have yourself a website specializing in popular routes that tourists would like to take, getting from A to B, or from state to state, or from one side of the country to the other. You would do your research into what attractions are along the way and plan the routes for any browsers to take advantage of.

Seeking out those tourist attractions which would be happy to make you an affiliate for their business. You would then point customers to purchasing tickets to those attractions, and if they clicked through from your affiliate link on your website to the attraction in question to purchase those tickets, you would earn yourself a commission.