Why More Stuff Makes Us Happy

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Money can indeed buy happiness. I learned about this when all I needed was money to solve almost all my problems. I needed the good things in life. And when I got some, I kept wanting more.

Stuff Makes Us Happy

As humans, we can never get to a point where we get enough of our needs and wants- a change in income always leads to a variation in consumption.

According to researchers at San Francisco State University, one need creates the urge for wanting another, consequently, the list becomes endless. It is okay, however, to want and spend more.

So, why does having more make us happy?

  1. The Need for Better Experiences

Let us say that with money, you can have a vacation. The experiences that come during and after the vacation would mean a lot to you, thereby, giving you the thriving feeling.

  1. We Invest in other People

Having more makes you want to spend further on your loved ones, even strangers. These kind acts bring happiness and satisfaction to both the giver and the receiver- we often feel happier when we spend on others. For example, having enough money to hire someone to clean your house as you spend time with your family and loved ones brings satisfaction.

  1. Better Sense of Well-being

Despite the ongoing trend of minimalism, buying more stuff does make us happy. Arguably, the right choices on money can depend on your financial background. Ramit Sethi, the New York Times best-selling author, “I Will Teach You to Be Rich”, admits that we do not have to feel guilty for the choices that we have made; we can buy all the lattes we want!

  1. Variety of Options
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The more money we have, the more options for spending, playing in an online casino, or investing. By this we exploit our enjoyment and spend on what we love, thus, making budgeting easier. Buying more also comes with mindfulness.

  1. The Thought of Financial Inadequacy

We all admit that having the thought that all our monetary fantasies are taken care of makes us feel more relaxed. You sleep better because you don’t have to worry about your next meal. You make plans knowing that you will be able to afford them. Having the means to satisfy and sustain our necessities is all that counts.


In the end, what matters is how much we have impacted other lives and how we spent our time here on earth. I would be happier if I spent all the days in possession of everything that I needed and spending not only on my loved ones but also on total strangers.