What is web 2.0 & How to get backlinking from web 2.0 websites

Due to the increased competition in the blogging word, nowadays you need all the kinds of links you can get for your blog in order to rank it on Google and eventually make money with it.

However what most people forget, is that it’s less about the number of links and more about the quality of them. The quality of the links ultimately decides whether you succeed in your quest of SERPs. But again, building quality links are not easy as they require lots of time and money.

Although today we are going to introduce you to a way of link building, using which you can not only build some seriously influential links but that too, for completely free.

This link building technique is known as Web 2.0s and we are going explain the whole science behind them in this guide. Although let’s start with a more basic question.  

What are Web 2.0s? 

It’s quite likely that when you started in blogging, you made your first blog on Blogger.com which is a platform to create blogs run by Google. There are several profits of creating a blog at blogger (or a Blogspot blog, same thing) but the most appealing one is that it’s free and requires little to no maintenance.

However, Blogger is not the only site which offers such a platform to create blogs. There are literally hundreds of sites out there who provide similar platform bloggers does and allow you to create a blog for completely free.

These platforms or sites are what we call web 2.0s. While not official, the name Web 2.0 most probably comes from the fact that the web address of every Web 2.0 you create is a free subdomain and has two parts such as example.blogspot.com. Compared to a normal top level domain such as google.com

Why are Web 2.0s so important?

Once you have learned about The Web 2.0s the important question is why are Web 2.0s are important or why people use web 2.0s for link building? After all, they are free to create sites and shouldn’t be of much value in the eyes of Google right? Wrong.

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In reality, the host domains of these Web 2.0s (such as blogspot.com for example) has very high authority in the eyes of Google.  In fact, most of these host or parent domains have above 90 DA because they are pretty old and are frequently linked by many top authority sites.

So when you create a Web 2.0 site, you get the benefit of the authority the parent domain holds. Due to this authority, a Web 2.0 site, even if it’s free to create can gain some serious authority in less time only if you know how to do it correctly.

And once it has gained the authority, you can build a backlink for your blog from these sites which makes it a very profitable deal because after all, they are completely free.

One more great thing is that since these sites are yours, you have full control over these links, so while it hardly happens, if your site ever gets penalised because of these sites, then you can simply remove the links you build.

How to build a quality web 2.0 site? 

As we said, a Web 2.0s can gain great authority in less effort and can be very beneficial in your SERP quest, but only if you know how to correctly build.

Since often the people who learn about Web 2.0, have many questions about the different aspects of it, we have listed all of them below in the order you’ll need them and explained all in detail:

1) Domain – Of course the first thing you need to choose the domain names. While you are free to choose any domain (or subdomain precisely) for your web 2.0, the words you include in them are very important.

Just like while creating your site, it’s important to include your keywords in the domains of web 2.0s as well, although you should not use the same name for all your sites and definitely not use the same name which you are using in your main site.

You should use a variety of closely and broadly related keywords in your web 2.0s or use suffix and prefix to make them different. For example, if your target keyword is Affiliate marketing, you can create sites with names such as given below:

  • Affiliatemarketingtricks.blogspot.com (keyword with prefix)
  • Howtoaffiliate.blogspot.com (partial match keyword)
  • Makemoneyonline.blogspot.com (broad keyword)
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2) Posts length – A question often asked by people is what’s a good post length for a Web 2.0s site. Unlike what many believe a post with 400-600 keywords is more than enough for it to be seen as a trusted site.

Although remember, while the post length is not that important, the quality of it really matters. Make sure that the content you are using is original. Also, add at least one image to every post and try to add video and rich media content wherever possible.

Furthermore, it’s good to interlink articles of a web 2.0 from each other as well as linking some trustable sources such as Wikipedia or big news sites from your posts as it makes the site look legitimate.

3) Posting frequency – another thing which keeps people confused is how many posts you should write for a web 2.0a and how often should you write them.

Normally, it’s good to post at least one article on a web 2.0 every week and you should continue to do so for 4-6 weeks or longer if you are targeting a tougher keyword.

4) Backlinking – Another question which often asked by people is whether they should build any backlinks for their Web 2.0s or not and if yes then what should be the strategy for them. The answer is not so simple.

Web 2.0s are more or less like your own private PBNs and if you build links to them, they can work as the same. But Web 2.0s are mostly used to rank low competition websites and generally they don’t require any link building.

And if you are going for a more competitive keyword and looking to build a PBN, it’s better to spend some money and build some WordPress based sites which offer more SEO features which Web 2.0s often lack.

5) Emails – Finally the last point you should keep in mind for building quality web 2.0 sites is that you should not use the same email ids to create Web 2.0s for different keywords and defiantly not use a Gmail id (unless for blogger) since this way you’ll only make it easier for Google to find your web 2.0s and penalize them.

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How to build backlinks from Web 2.0s?

Now you know how to build a quality Web 2.0 and it’s time you get the reward for doing so much hard work. But there is also a right way to do so which are explained here.

First of all, you shouldn’t build links from the first or second post you write on a Web 2.0 and try to link other authoritative sources instead. Although once you have made a couple of posts, you can give a link to your site from the next couple of posts.

Since you have done so much hard work you can avail the reward now and give a link from the first paragraph of the post which makes it really influential.

Although remember these links should still look natural and don’t use only your keyword to get links. Instead, use a variety of anchor texts and mix between your main keyword and other broad keywords and try to use some generic keywords such as Click Here etc as well.

One thing people generally ask while building links is how many links you should get from one Web 2.0 site. The answer is no more than 1 or 2 since more than that will make it look unnatural. Still, if done right, these 1-2 links can be more beneficial than getting tens of other low-quality links.

Top Web 2.0 sites

Now you have learned almost everything about Web 2.0s and you are ready to build some really high-quality links for your site using Web 2.0 blogs. As we said earlier there are literally hundreds of sites out there which offer you to create a free Web 2.0 blog, you don’t really need all of them.

Normally if you are trying to rank a micro niche blog, 4-6 Web 2.0s are enough and even if it’s a tough keyword, we’ll suggest you to try and make the Web 2.0 more authoritative than creating more 2.0s, though you can increase the number to around 10.

Here is a list of top ten Web 2.0s sites where you can create your blog for free-

  1. WordPress.com
  2. Blogger.com
  3. Weebly.com
  4. Tumbler.com
  5. Academia.edu
  6. Livejournal.com
  7. Jimdo.com
  8. Storify.com
  9. Wix.com
  10. Webnode.com

Wrap up

This was our guide on Web 2.0s. Do you still have any questions left about web 2.0s? What other guides would you like to read on our website? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section.