Top 5 Exciting and Best Launcher for Android – Makeover Your Android

Launcher for android is something that can spice up your phone’s interface, unlike IOS an android phone user has the ability and choices to change your phone interface by choosing their android launcher and you can change your home screen with no special efforts.


Launcher help you to take the advantage of tons of icons and themes. It work with android like bleach work on women face and it give more option to add beauty to her.

So let’s know all excited launcher with no time…

Best launcher for Android

1. Apex Launcher

An android launcher which comes with premium as well as free version, feature packed launcher. The free version of the apex launcher does not offer any bloat wares and any adds in between so you basically get a hassle free experience.

Using apex launcher will enable you with app drawer, dock bar and folders and home screens. One can adjust and customize their gestures, change animations and even adjust screens.

One can even upgrade their launcher to its pro version if you want to add more features to your basket or can go with the normal version or I rather say free launcher for android.

Apex launcher allows the user to make use of several dock bars and the best part is that the apex launcher can even optimize the toolbar for some particular tasks. Though this apex launcher is not yet updated for a year now so it is not yet flexible for the latest versions of android.

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Install Apex Launcher

2. Apus Launcher

Another android launcher which is currently doing great in the market, this app offers a variety of features that a user can customize.

Apus launcher offers a search bar to the phone where in you can search for apps and internet search as well.  You can even use apus launcher android to get rid of app drawer and it transfers all the files to your desktop.

One can switch to the Apus notifier as well if they want an upgraded version of this as this gives flexibility and provides with “number of notifications of the apps”. And the best part of this launcher is that it doesn’t consume much of the battery life unlike the Google launcher.


Install Apus Launcher

3. Google Now launcher

One of the best android launchers for the users who are out there to experience android at its best.  Google now apps provide ease in transitions and do not even hang so you get a hassle free experience.

 If the user just swipe left to the screen than he automatically gets switched to the Google now and then he can search and even view cards, these cards are designed on a day to day basis depending on the time, location and browsing habits. If the users want they can even get access to a hand free “ok Google” command feature.

Though the downfall of the Google now launcher application is that one cannot customize this application, so you will miss on designing or using it the way your personally want. features it has to offer are just as incredible as anyone would want, so the desire of customization is automatically low.

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Install Google now launcher

4. Aviate launcher 

one of the leading android launchers started by the yahoo group and the solo objective behind this launcher is to offer you ease in work and smarter approach.

It is a time saver launcher as it auto categorizes your app genre and so it becomes easy to identify.  The aviate launcher even assures you to set reminders as and when you want. launchers even have search bars for your convenience so you can make quick searches easily.

Using this android launcher you can choose your favorite contacts and make it easier for yourself.


Install Aviate launcher

5. Hola Launcher

It is one of the best free launcher for android available and one can design their android  phone as per their wish.

The user interface of Hola Launcher is so friendly that you will never face any complications while using this android launcher.

 The hola launcher give their users a very high definition of background and themes that too for free of cost and one can even customize these so what else you need in an android launcher?

It gives you additional ability to hide the apps on your phone and customize them. The size of the application is also very low so you need not worry about the space issue it is only a 5 mb application.


Install Hola launcher

Hope you like the top 5 best and exciting android launchers and surely willing to try one of them…If you know more better launcher then let’s write in comment.