How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop?

Some form of computer or laptop is now present in 92% of households across the United States. This figure doesn’t take into account the fact that the majority of homes in America now host multiple different laptops at any one time.

Replace Your Laptop

It’s safe to say that laptops have penetrated the American sphere. But how often should you replace your laptop if you’re already an owner?

This is a question many laptop owners are forced to answer when their laptop breaks unexpectedly. But being prepared ahead of time can prevent these concerns.

We’re going to outline when you should think about buying a laptop to replace your old one.

How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop? The Short Answer

There is a short, generic answer to this particular question. This answer doesn’t reflect additional factors, which we’ll get onto later in this article.

But if you’re pressed on time, the truth is that most experts state you should replace your laptop more regularly than you’d think.

Most tech enthusiasts suggest you should replace your laptop every three to five years.

This is to prevent your laptop from breaking unexpectedly. But it’s also to make sure that you’re always utilizing the latest technology available to you.

Most tech companies today release major new hardware every two to three years. This length therefore means you’re always keeping your laptop up to date with the latest releases.

This is however a complex question, which involves a number of variables.

What Should You Bear In Mind When Thinking About Laptop Replacements?

The first thing you need to consider is the particular model your laptop is at present.

For example, older, more reliable laptop models may have been built to last. Whereas more recent laptops may have been built with a shorter lifespan in mind.

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Knowing what model you already have is a good way of guessing how long you should wait before replacing it. It can help to search your model’s lifespan online to get an accurate figure.

In addition to this, you need to factor in how often you use your laptop on any given day, and what for.

If you only use your laptop for a couple of hours a day to stream TV or films, chances are it’s going to last you a very long time.

Some people however use their laptops for 8 hours a day to work. Some even go beyond this and use their laptops for both work and leisure 7 days a week.

The nature of your work also determines how long your laptop is likely to last. If you used tools for game development or other advanced forms of work, these might eat into your laptop’s processing power.

If you’re a freelance writer though, you’ll likely not be using the full potential of your laptop at all times.

It’s vital to figure out your personal answers to these questions before considering when to replace a laptop. Otherwise, you might be replacing yours before you need to.

There are a number of signs that your laptop might be ready for a replacement, which we’ll go into down below.

If Your Laptop Keeps Crashing You Should Consider a Replacement

This is perhaps the most obvious of the signs that your laptop needs replacing. Your laptop could be crashing for a number of different reasons at any given time.

It might, for instance, have run out of memory. It may be that its circuits have been fried from excessive use.

It may be that your screen has cracked, and therefore won’t turn on properly. All of these are extremely obvious signs that you should replace your laptop immediately.

You shouldn’t ever wait longer than you need to when considering replacing your laptop. This is because continuing to use a broken laptop to work can be dangerous.

If your laptop has a problem with its battery, this could cause serious problems for you if it overheats. Crashes can also mean that anything you’re working on at any given time could be lost, without any power to retrieve it.

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That means that as a general rule, if your laptop feels like it needs replacing, it probably does.

If you are looking into a replacement laptop when yours is broken, you should think about Intel Evo verification. To find out more about this, go to website right here.

If Your Laptop Isn’t Charging Properly You Should Get a Replacement

Another sure sign of a laptop needing a replacement is its battery life.

All new laptops come with an impressive amount of battery life. This is the appealing thing about laptops, as you can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

But a battery is also one of the main areas where a laptop can begin to fail. This is similarly true in smartphones, as well as a number of other tech devices.

The sad reality is no battery is built to last forever. If you’re finding you’re having problems charging your laptop, you should remember to check the cable itself first.

Once you’ve ruled out any problems with your charging cable, make sure your power supply itself doesn’t have any issues. If both of these are working correctly, chances are the problem lies with your device itself.

It can be tempting to leave your laptop as is when the problem is with charging. After all, as long as it still switches on things are okay, right?

The truth is this is likely a sign there are additional problems with your laptop under the hood. Once your battery begins to die, it can be the beginning of the end for your device.

When that happens, it’s best to consider a replacement laptop as soon as you can.

You Should Replace Your Laptop if You’re Experiencing Compatability Issues

Another reason why you should replace your laptop is if you’re having problems with the latest software or hardware.

This is particularly true if you work in a demanding industry, like gaming or filming. Chances are, you need a laptop that keeps up with the latest software releases.

But there will likely come a time when your current device is simply out of the required threshold.

In times like these, you shouldn’t rush into buying a laptop immediately. You should first see if there’s any way to upgrade your current device, provided nothing else is wrong with it.

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If you’re not confident yourself, you can do this at a tech store. Repairs and upgrades for laptops can however be expensive, particularly if you’re updating to run new software.

As a result, you should always check prices before you commit. It may be cheaper to replace a laptop entirely than to try and repair it.

If you are looking at the latest laptops though, make sure to check through laptop specifications. The last thing you want to do is buy a laptop that isn’t fit for your purposes.

There are several helpful laptop comparison websites available online today. You can use these to cross-examine certain makes and models to find out the right device for your needs.

Do Laptops Last Longer than Desktop Computers and When Should You Replace a Computer?

Finally, we’re going to discuss the difference between a laptop’s lifespan and the lifespan of a desktop computer.

The question of laptops vs desktops is a familiar conversation for anyone involved in technology. Laptops are of course more versatile and portable.

But desktops are typically more powerful, thanks to their stature.

Desktops are also, for the most part, more likely to last longer than laptops. A quality desktop can last for seven or even ten years if it’s looked after properly.

It’s also much easier to upgrade a desktop computer to keep up with the times. Thanks to this fact, their lifespan can be potentially infinite. This is only if you’re prepared to keep investing in upgrades though.

Due to this fact, if the lifespan is a concern, you should consider investing in a desktop computer. Much like above, think about what exactly you’re using your laptop for at the moment.

Think about whether this could be improved by switching to a desktop or whether a switch is unnecessary. You should also bear in mind that desktops typically cost more than laptops overall.

A high-spec laptop can cost upwards of $1,000-2,000. But a top-of-the-range desktop computer can be two or even three or four times that figure.

So make sure you’ve done your homework before you commit to either option.

Where Can I Find Out More About Replacement Laptops?

So, how often should you replace your laptop?

As seen by the above, the answer is complicated. But as a general rule, you should bear the three to five-year plan in mind. Make sure to compare this to your individual device before you pay for any replacements.

If you have any more laptop or tech queries, make sure to read through some of the previous posts on our website.