Has The Pandemic Been A Good Excuse For Sexual Rethinking?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the reality of the entire planet. Things that were previously unimportant now seem to be the most relevant. Hanging out with friends, being with a partner or lover, spending time with family, hugging or kissing loved ones, even having the chance to take a walk, now seems like a luxury only available to some.

It has been a period of spending more time at home, with oneself. Days of catch up with to-do lists, leisure, hobbies… But mostly, self-knowledge and personal analysis. Reflect on what is most important and those things that bring real happiness and pleasure.

Before it seemed that everything was work, haste and responsibility. Now reality has been distorted. Many companies have had to close down, others have lost many of their employees. However, others have more work than ever, while some do it from home, reconciling with their family life.

Therefore, with all the anguish and uncertainty of the current situation, people are looking for a way out. Among them stand out the exercise, the series and movies and the sex with escorts in Bendigo. Although the latter seems a bit complex to get due to health recommendations of social distancing.

Good Excuse For Sexual Rethinking

The increase in the use of the internet, the viewing of streaming content and video calls thanks to sites such as Skokka proves this fact. In addition, there are also other data that demonstrate this, such as the growth of online sales in general and specifically of sex toys, and even the number of female escorts from Cardiff who have expanded their services at a distance. Sale of photos, personalized videos, chat rooms and spicy video calls are examples of it.

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And not only the adult sector, but also couples have been affected in this regard. Being forced to stay away and not being able to touch each other, or having to coexist every day without rest. It can be a very intense routine that can test all the feelings and attraction that everyone feels. Some already think about the next baby boom or the high increase in divorces and separations that the COVID will leave.

Is it true that sex is the most important thing?

Even something so intimate, for many, is becoming a barrier. The entire protracted situation over time has affected people’s libido and desire at different levels. Some have stopped enjoying all kinds of sexual intercourse.

That is why it can be confirmed that the pandemic has proved a good reason to rethink any kind of intimacy and physical relief. What is that which is most enjoyed, what are the deepest fantasies, the most hidden desires, the spark that ignites the flame, how and why arousal arises, among others.

In this sense, Skokka professionals recommend patience. Thinking about it a lot and questioning everything, only increases the burden and anxiety. Instead, try to breathe deeply, relax and try new things. Open the mind and discover new pleasures beyond penetration.

Take away everything that was taken for granted in sex. What should be pleasurable, the role that each should take, the most popular practices and positions… In short, the way of living sexuality and understanding and knowing one’s own body.

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Take some time, get comfortable, close the eyes and let the imagination run wild as the same hands run through every inch of skin. Just focus on feeling, forget any other concerns and focus on empowering the five senses.

Reap the numerous benefits of sex and orgasms

Reap the numerous benefits of sex and orgasms

Forget anxiety and stress, read some erotic story, give 50 shades of Grey a chance, access one of the free premium accounts that PornHub even offered, experiment remotely controlling some erotic toy during the video call with the couple or some hot escort in New Zealand. A perfect opportunity to enhance creativity, imagination and pleasure.

Any task or thing can be done differently to keep the flame on. Cooking naked, changing with the open window, hydrating the body well, taking relaxing baths, trying some new complement… Get carried away by curiosity and try new things. All to make easier these days of uncertainty, without forgetting the necessary protection. And also try to continue, even with the arrival of the desired new normality.

Keeping in mind the importance of health and being aware of everything. Be one hundred percent present and focused on everything that is done. Experiencing and testing new things, testing the limits of pleasure that people can come to feel. Expanding and not being content just with what is now… looking to improve and grow both personally and professionally. Thus avoiding the worst enemy of pleasure and satisfaction, routine.