Top 10 Things Every YouTuber Should Buy To Create Great Video

YouTube is now a great way to earn money. If you can create a successful channel, you can earn loads from it. But for that, you need some great content. But some channels still can’t reach out to the amount of audience they deserve despite having some great content. Reason? Inadequate video or poor sound quality.

Apart from good content, there are quite a few things you need to make your YouTube successful. You will need some good gadgets to make some high-quality videos that will attract the audience. The more sugar you pour, the sweeter the dish gets.

For a good quality video, the basic gadgets are a high-quality video recording camera and a microphone and a decent video editing software. Apart from these, you will need some other stuff to create some great videos such as video editing software.

Here are the top 10 things you need to make some great videos for YouTube.


First thing first, you will need a decent PC to start your vlog. You will need it to manage your channel and also to edit your videos. And a low configured PC won’t support most of the software.


These days, people search for high-quality videos. Suppose, if you upload a tutorial video of a song that is already done by some other YouTuber, can you get more views? Yes, of course, you can. But for that, you need to have a better tutorial video than the other.

The overall video, starting from content to video quality to audio quality, all must be better than the other. Then only you can attract more viewers. Here are some great video recorders with which you can shoot some awesomely detailed videos.

Canon Ti3– One of the best midrange camera you can get. With a price tag of $500, this camera shoots HD quality videos with good sound capture. If your budget is low, this is the camera you should look forward to.

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Canon 5D– If money isn’t the factor for you, then go for the Canon 5D. The best professional camera for shooting without any hesitation. Canon 5D definitely wins this in terms of photo and sound capturing.

Audio Recording Tools

As much as video, high-quality audio is also required for viewers to understand. If your camera doesn’t capture some good quality audio, you will need a microphone for that. Here are some affordable microphones to capture clear audio that will be enough for your videos.

Blue Snowflake Microphone– With a pocket pinch of just $39.95, this microphone from Blue Snowflake captures some great audio which is enough for your music or any other kind of videos. Though there’s a minor setback with this microphone. This supports only USB interference. Apart from this, this is one of the best affordable microphones you can get.

Audio-Technica ATR2100USB– Another affordable masterpiece from Audio-Technica. Within $60, this is a powerful microphone record some crystal clear audio. Moreover, it supports both USB and XLR which is a bonus at this range.

Heil PR-40- If you want some professional level audio recording for your videos, this microphone is what you should get. Most of the YouTubers go for this microphone as it records some high quality, professional level audio for your videos.


Now next comes editing. One of the most important parts of a video. You need to unleash your creativity here. Be imaginative. Think what would attract the eyes of your audience. What goes best with your video. You can find many videos on YouTube where the editing ruined it. Apart from the audio and video quality, the editing also holds a key part in a video.

Here are some of our recommended video editors which you should give a try.

Adobe Creative Cloud– Nothing beats Adobe when it comes to editing software. They are the giants in this field. With a subscription of just $29.99 per month, you could get this software for some mind-blowing editing for your videos.

Pixelmator- If your budget is low, this is for you. Just another regular video editor. This is good for starters but you won’t make it far with this.

Final Cut Pro– If you are a MAC user, this is for you. One of the best video editor you can get for your Macintosh. It has a wonderful interference and loaded with keyboard shortcuts to make your video editing easy and quick. This comes with a price tag of $299 and supports all kind of input and output formats.

Apart from these, there are quite a few things you can add to your bucket to make some great quality videos for your YouTube vlog. Here are some of our recommended instruments you can use.


This is a much-needed instrument for video recordings. Tripod stabilizes the camera which prevents shaky and blurry images. There are plenty of decent high-quality tripods you can get under INR 2800. So if you are shooing a movie or anything kind of like that, I would highly recommend that you buy a tripod.


Though not necessary, but if you are still left with some money from your budget, you can get a lens and it’s not a bad idea. You can’t always get what you want with the basic lens. Sometimes a little more is necessary.

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With more than 250k free songs and sound effects to add to your video for just $99 a year. I highly recommend this to add some great effects to your videos to make them much more interesting for the viewers.

GoPro Camera

If you are out for making some sporty videos, this is what you need. This is a handheld camera which is very easy to carry and also record some high-quality videos and audios. It is portable and lightweight which makes it the perfect as a handheld camera.


This is an equipment you should keep handy. You will need it some time to shoot. Theirs is much more you can do with light if you could master it. You can add some great effects to your video with lightning.

Screen Recorder

You will need this if you channel is about gaming. If you want to record video game level walkthroughs, you will need a video capturing instrument. You can either shoot it from your camera by pointing it to the monitor or by installing some software from Internet.


Basically this is an extension for YouTube which opens up a whole new world of features that you can add to your vlog.

What are you still looking for? You know everything you need to know to start your own YouTube Channel. Now go ahead and make some mind-blowing videos and get famous.