The Benefits Of Using A Guest Posting Agency

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get quality traffic to your site these days, especially with search engines like Google placing more emphasis on writers. In addition to this, guest blogging provides massive outreach for you, especially with current generations not really paying attention to ads.

So that is why you should have guest posts, but why would you pay an agency to do it for you? After all you’re definitely more than competent enough to find a site that accepts guest posts by yourself, so why would you have an agency handle that?

It Lets You Save Valuable Time

Here’s how one would usually go about finding a quality writer, either privately or through a freelance site:

First, you have to find writers you’re interested in, based on credentials, past blogs they have posted on etc. This takes a large amount of research to do effectively. Alternatively, you can post a job on a freelance board like UpWork, where you have to spend time reading proposals, and wording your job posting.

After this, you’ll have shortlisted a few writers who have submitted a proposal/replied to your email. This is where you have to weigh their quality against their rates, however to an untrained eye, it can be difficult to measure writing quality.

Lastly, you need to discuss prices with the writer, as well as the specifics of what you need written. This is how the same process would go when outsourcing it:

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You contact an agency like Content Hourlies, you tell them what you need written, and which website you want it to be posted on and that’s it, soon after, your content will be posted on the blog you selected.

It Ensures High Quality

When searching for an individual writer, one of your main concerns will be quality. After all, you might have certain concerns based on samples, or you might be unsure about how the writer’s style will fit the receiving website. In these cases the only thing you can do is place trust in the writer’s ability and let them do their thing.

After this, if the article you receive is unsatisfactory, there is little you can do. You might be able to ask for revisions, however the writer can easily refuse, or the article you received might even be beyond revision.

Another issue that pops up often is outsourcing, a lot of writers will outsource a percentage of their orders to lower-paid writers who then do it for them. This leads to you receiving extremely sub-par quality, even the English is prone to being imperfect.

Using a guest posting agency lets you escape this, as these agencies have an in-house team of verified writers. These writers will have tested their mettle against hundreds of orders just like yours, meaning they will know exactly what you want and how to deliver it.

Even if afterwards, the copy you receive is unsatisfactory, you can simply send it back for revisions, no questions asked. If the writer completely missed your brief and it needs to be rewritten, then it will be rewritten. If all you needed was cursory revisions, then they will be provided.

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It is easy and hassle-free.

It’s More Cost-Effective

It can seem strange how the copy from a guest posting agency can be cheaper, while simultaneously being likely better, and posted on a better blog. This is because solo freelance writers also need to factor in the time spent researching and especially marketing into their rates.

While a freelance writer needs to hound down clients, guest posting agencies simply wait for clients to come to them, this allows these agencies to pour all of their funds into producing high-quality content, and posting it on prominent blogs.

Another important factor is the quality of the blogs, guest post provided by freelancers on places like Fiverr and SEO Clerks will often be on lower-quality blogs, supported by much less data, sometimes they’ll even ask you to trust their word on the popularity.

In contrast with this, a guest posting agency will provide you with accurate, verified statistics regarding the blog the content will be posted on. They often have different tiers of payment, depending on how many visitors the blog your content is getting posted to receives.

In Conclusion

Even if you do manage to find a freelancer willing to produce high quality content and post it to a high-traffic blog, they will usually price themselves rather high. In stark comparison, a guest posting agency will often have a writer of similar caliber who, instead of putting their time into marketing, put it into work.