The Most Reliable Smart Plugs for Your Home

Smart home convenience without pricey equipment or prying eyes is possible with SMART plugs. Installing an app on a TV or lamp transforms them from dumb to smart. The best smart plugs you’ve tried

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TP-Link Kasa Mini Smart Plug EP10

Working with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings

You’ll enjoy the TP-Kasa Link series of small smart plugs. Because they are small, they can be stacked on top of each other without blocking the second outlet.

The software is easy to use and has customizable scenarios, timers, and scheduling. Away mode switches the plugs on and off at random times, without the need for timers or schedules. By plugging lamps into them, you may make them appear occupied, deterring intruders.

The Most Reliable Smart Plugs for Your Home

Nooie Smart Plug

Working with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Nooie’s small plugs are simple to set up and use. Nooie includes a loop timer as well as regular schedules and timers. Nooie also includes a travel mode that simulates someone being at home.

The app has two-factor authentication and a child lock to prevent curious kids from turning off appliances. When pairing the Google Home app with Google Assistant, you’ll see “Nooie” and “Nooie Home” in the search results; choose the latter.

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The Most Reliable Smart Plugs for Your Home

Wyze Plug

It works with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Including this smart plug, I’ve never been disappointed by Wyze. Quality and function are not sacrificed for cost. The Wyze app is simple to use and navigate. You can set a timer, see your daily and weekly run times, and take it on vacation.

Some 2019 Amazon reviews indicate melted plugs.

The Most Reliable Smart Plugs for Your Home

Amazon Smart Plug

Working with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

There’s no need to install a separate app to set up and control Alexa. Timers and schedules aren’t as intuitive. Setting up a routine to turn the plug on or off is similar to using Alexa with other devices.

The Most Reliable Smart Plugs for Your Home

Monoprice Stitch Smart Power Strip

It works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

In an office or behind your TV, smart power strips are excellent for storing many plugs. This one only has four outlets instead of six, but it’s cheap and functional. It has two USB ports, but they are dumb. The Stitch by Monoprice app is user-friendly and offers timers and scheduling. In common with other smart power strips, you may name each outlet so you don’t have to guess. You may control each outlet individually or turn the whole strip on or off.

The Most Reliable Smart Plugs for Your Home

APC Smart Surge Protector

Works with Amazon Alexa

Six outlets, three smarts, and two smart USB ports on APC’s power strip. It is numbered and properly labeled. Its two rows make it bulkier than conventional power strips, but it features a handy 6-foot power cord and can be mounted. Google Assistant isn’t supported. It’s also pricey.

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The Most Reliable Smart Plugs for Your Home

Cync Outdoor Smart Plug

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa,

If you require a weatherproof smart plug, Cync makes one. Like a power strip, this features a wall-plug wire, so you get two smart outlets while just using one.

The Most Reliable Smart Plugs for Your Home

Other Smart Plugs

Many smart plugs have similar functions and designs.

Ezviz T30-B Plus: It is another good value brand.

Cync Smart Plug: The new app is easy to use and controls all your items. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are both supported.

Eve Energy Strip: Eve’s sleek black and metal design matches your Apple aesthetic and works with HomeKit. Despite its size, it is costly and has just three outlets.

The Most Reliable Smart Plugs for Your Home

A Note on Smart Plug Buying Advice

Before you go out and buy a smart plug, keep in mind the following:

What will you do with it? Not all devices start immediately when powered up. For example, certain coffee makers and window air conditioners need you to press a “brew” or “cool” button. Lamps, TVs, and window fans that turn on with a switch are more likely to function.

Consider size. Smart plugs are clunky. If you plug one in, you may not be able to plug anything else in. Measure before you buy, and read consumer reviews.

Need an app? An app is normally required to set up a smart plug. This is where you can make schedules and categorise smart plugs into categories. Buying many smart plugs from the same brand makes life easier. Most of these plugs work with Google Assistant or Alexa, so you may not need the app once you’ve set it up.

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You may have connection troubles. Reconnect your smart plug if your Wi-Fi or power goes out. A reset of some plugs is automated.

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