15 Online Tutoring Jobs – Earn Up to 60,000 per Month

Due to the growth of internet user and busy life, Many students prefer to go for Online coaching.

It leads to an increase in the opportunity for the teacher also. So whoever teaching offline can choose an online platform to share their knowledge anytime and anywhere.

But most of the time, tutors are not aware of the platform where they can start online tutoring jobs without getting into a scam.

So here, we are come up with a detailed post about the best online tutoring jobs in India and worldwide. Just read and share with someone who are also looking for.

You can also find online tutoring jobs on jobgrin.co.in. All you need to do is upload/create a resume with the help of an online resume builder. Over here, you will find many job opportunities if you want to start your career as a tutor.

Essential requirement online tutoring jobs

  • Computer or laptop
  • Webcam ( Its default available in laptop)
  • microphone
  • Internet or broadband connection
  • Knowledge or skills of any subject, topic
  • Knowledge of English or any regional language

How much money can you earn from tutoring?

It all depends on what you are teaching, how much experience you have, how much time you are giving, any certification you have done, etc. Overall average tutor earns 500$ to 5000$ a month.

Just joining an online tutoring site is not only help you in earning money, you just need to put your interest, and it’s up to you how much energy you are giving to sharp yourself in the subject.

Few sites allow you to put the amount as per your knowledge but don’t charge too low or too high. Otherwise, it affects your possibility of getting work.

Who could earn with online tutoring?

It’s for all, no matter whether you are a school student, college student, any professional, retired teachers, homemakers, or anyone. Who needs pocket money for their expenses.

Only thing required is your knowledge, experience of any subject, and way to share that knowledge.

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Advantages of online tutoring work?

  • Work from home job
  • High Earning compare to another online job
  • You can choose part-time or full-time work.
  • Learn new gadgets for teaching and a unique way of teaching.
  • It is face to face interaction, so improve the quality of communication.
  • teach anywhere and at any time

Here I am giving you a few sites where you can register and choose the best online tutoring job to do it as a part-time or full-time career to earn good amount of income.

Before I share any other websites, I would like to share one of my favorite option in teaching as well. That’s Youtube.

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It may take 2-3 months initially as it has enormous competition but also has maximum reach as compared to any platform around.

Believe me, once you get success, then you will be unstoppable, and it gives not only good money but proper recognition too.

You can take any of the options below for an online teaching job

  • Give tips and tricks for Competition exam (Bank, SSC and many more)
  • Vedic math classes
  • Online English teachers
  • School-level online teachers
  • IIT, PMT, CAT, CA or any competition exam preparation

Tools you can use for Best online teaching performance

If you are willing to get success in online teaching work, then you should also try a few best tools, then give a better experience to your student as well. You can share your knowledge without any intercept.

Webinar tools

  • Webinarjam – Upto six presenters and 5000 attendees. You can get started with a 14-day trial for just $1.
  • Zoom  – Free tool for the webinar
  • GoToWebinar
  • Join.me – Best if you have very fewer attendees
  • Google+ Hangouts

Video creation tool

  • CamStudio – record your screen+ audio and create a video in a different format.
  • Screenr – Web-based screen recorder.
  • Ezvid – If you are looking for the free tool then it’s a 100% free video creation tool

Video chat tool

  •  Google Hangouts On-Air – Allow you to schedule advance free group session
  •  Skype – Free one to one plan, but if group, then you can go for a premium.

Virtual whiteboard

  • Idroo – free of cost for limited use then approx 820 INR/month for unlimited use
  • Groupboard – Free for one whiteboard or 750/month for more whiteboards

Student homework

  • Extempore – It’s specific for language tutor and student
  • Squid – Its handwritten notes taking application

With the help of above all tools, you can easily teach the student, and it is a mix of free and paid means. So you can choose as per your requirement. Keep in mind that it’s wise to invest in the right place to get the best result.

You can check below the few best platform where you can find students and teach them. But one thing remembers you can not take any personal information on any of the sites; otherwise, you would be ban for that platform.

Best online tutoring jobs in India and Outside

1. InstaEDU Or Chegg 

Chegg is an online tutoring company that matches students with an expert teacher. Tutor help student either on-demand or by scheduling a lesson.

Instaedu provides you video chat, text chat, whiteboard, document editor, file upload, screen sharing, a code editor, and many more facilities.
If you belong to India, then you can check cheggindia.com as well. If you join Chegg India, then they provide you many extra benefits as well.

You can earn $20/hours if you teach at chegg.com, that means if you work only for Saturday and Sunday then also you can make good money.

So if you teach just 2 hours a day on a weekday and 3 hours on the weekend means 16 hours a week and 64 hours a month. So let’s take 50 hours if you go somewhere any day or take rest.

If we check how much you can earn by just teaching this small hour.

20$ per hour means 1400 INR per hour

1400*50=70000 INR in a month..and its more than what we write in our title 🙂 So its not tough to get 60k in a month if you take online teaching job as serious work.

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Important Tips: Some time people do not get the approval of Chegg, and this happens due to they do not require your expertise knowledge as they would have expertise on that particular subject. So the best way to get easy approval is to choose those subjects which very people like to teach and once you get consent then select your best topic also.

If you get any request for those subjects, you are not an expert then don’t accept the offer. Take only for those subjects which you like to teach.

2. Tutor sites like Chegg

Covering more than 40 subjects and range from kindergarten through college to adult learners.


  • You must currently reside in either the U.S. or Canada.
  • You should have a valid Social Security Number.
  • A clear application process that comprises subject exam on website

After applying, your application process may take 1-3 weeks, depending on how quickly you complete each step.
You are paid a set hourly rate dictated by the subject you tutor and also incentive available for high-quality tutoring.

3. etutor websites like chegg to earn money

Become tutor on e-tutor.com required excellent writing skills as they judged mainly by these skills.

E-Tutor’s curriculum includes reading, spelling, history, science, math courses, and many other courses. It offers two type of program first one independent tuition plan for homeschooled students and another one 2 one tuition plan for those that need extra homework help from time to time.

Your selection is based on online tests, teaching sessions, and interviews to check your skill, so at least be prepare before sign up to join this site.

You can find here the system requirement to become an online tutor on this site. So please make sure you have at least this much resource.


One of the vital requirement to become a tutor is you must have a minimum of bachelor degree.

4. Tutorvista teach online and earn money in india

Founded by Indian in Nov 2005 and owned by Pearson. If you are interested in online tutoring jobs, then you can go for their hiring process.


  • Be a post-graduate in your subject.
  • You need to have a computer and broadband connection.
  • Work for a minimum of 4 hours a day.
  • Learn new tools and technologies used by tutorvista.

You need to submit your resume with a cover letter to apply to TutorVista. It pays approx $20 per hour and has 2200 students registered. You can earn unlimited money on this site.

Tutor Vista offers part-time, as well as Full-time offer where you have to cover at least 4 to 9 hours in a day and timing, are scheduled so in case if you want to change timing, then you need to give prior notice.

5. Skooli

Skooli connects online tutor with the student all around the world, and here you can set your schedule, own hourly rate, and work on any device desktop or mobile.


Tutors are paid via PayPal. So if you are not aware of Paypal, then please read How does Paypal work.

6. vedantu

To become a teacher on Vedantu, you need to go through some processes as below like you need to go through a screening process and demo process then become a tutor.


  • The process takes 2-3 days to complete and gets listed as a tutor.
  • Computer proficiency is a must, but training given on the same.
  • No registration fees to be paid.
  • Content would be given for handling sessions.
  • Mainly the teacher belongs to Indian cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata.
  • Based on performance, your earning also increase in the form of incentives and rewards.
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If you can devote only 2 hours a day then also you can easily earn, INR 18000-20000 per month.

7. eduboard

USA based company launched in 2012 and provides help to K-12 and college students.In eduboard, you need to give your expert advice on academic problems, homework assignments, projects and research works, test, and exam preparation. It offers more subjects than any other site and increases your earning with homework tasks.

Whiteboard facilities allow students and tutors to interact simultaneously. You can earn by online session or quick answer or video tutorial to the student.


  • Payment through PayPal.
  • One to one tutoring help.
  • Get work according to the price you offer for work and what student wants.

8. italki

A China-based company that mainly focuses on language learning, so if you are right in any local language, then you can become a tutor here.

This website use mainly to find native language experts. Here you can set your language known, country, hourly rate, and select your level of teaching so the student can choose as per their requirement.


  • I need to work on the 1-on-1 tutor.
  • Lesson on Skype or any other video chat software.
  • You need to verify the English level by the Oxford Online Placement Test.
  • You can register by only a Facebook account.

9. tutapoint

Provides On-Demand tutoring for math, science, and language tutoring. In addition to coaching, it also offers resources like ebooks, videos, DVDs, and knowledge centers to help the student.


  • For only U.S. based tutor.
  • Quality verification program for the tutor to check the ability to teach.
  • You are required to pass a background check.
  • Payments are made via check or direct deposit.
  • To start, tutors are paid $14 per hour in addition to bonuses and incentives.
  • Tutoring timing from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m.( EST).
  • Must have minimum two-year teaching experience (except few subjects).
  • Must be enrolled in or have graduated from an American or Canadian college or university.
  • No cost for joining.

10. Tutorhub

UK based site that works in partnership with expert tutors in all subjects to answer questions and offer 1-2-1 private online tutoring on our website. It provides an inbuilt classroom that also includes: lesson recordings, collaborative whiteboard, and file sharing.


  • U.K. based tutor allows.
  • You set your hourly rate and get paid per minute.
  • Tutorhub keeps a 25% commission of your earning.

Few more online tutoring sites

tutorme – This site pays you around 16$ per hour + Bonus. So If you work 2-3 hours a day, then you can easily earn 60k+ amount.

CourseHero – It is more similar to Chegg, and you will get paid if your answer selected by the student. They claim that more than 10 million people use CourseHero.

Other specific Indian Online tutoring jobs

Hashlearn – Here, you can choose any expertise topic and get a request for tutoring right on your mobile. You can also get paid on every weekend.

I am sure, and you will earn the right amount of money by online tutoring jobs on all the above sites, but make sure to start with only one site and then with time move on other. Only one downside of online teaching is that they must be online with the U.S. and U.K. students’ schedules means for countries like India, Pakistan, China, and many Asian countries we hours so need to work till late night.