Easiest way to royalty free images from google advance search

Image is one of the most attractive part of any blog post and without image, a blog not looks complete. so one should add images in blog to make post more user friendly.

But can we take images from google directly?

Absolutely not!!

We can not take any image from google directly and most of newbie not   aware of this and take image by just searching on Google. Actually by doing this you are violate copy right law of image and owner of that image can file DMCA complaint against you and also inform to your Hosting company.

Now you surely thinking how owner of image know if someone else using their image…but one can easily find using free image plagiarism checker and then take action.

So Now where to take images for blog?

Thankfully, lot of websites available which provide royalty free images for commercial usage and you can even   modify their images as per your requirement.

Google also introduce one more and easiest way to find royalty free images by using Google images advance search option so In this tutorial, I am going to explain the complete process to search royalty free image.

Find Royalty free images using Google Advance image search

Most of people use google image search option but only few of them aware of google advance image search.  So please open  Advanced image search page  then search keyword for images  like suppose here I am searching keyword “Blogging” and before search image please refine your search with given option like..

1. Select image size as larger than 400*300 (So you will get larger image)

2. Select images of specific color- Here I am not selecting any color and open to use any color
3. Search any specific file type like jpg, svg, png, gif etc
4. Type of image like clip art, photo, line drawing etc..

& most important

5. usage rights: Must select “Free to use and share” that means it get all royalty free images and if you want rights for modify or commercial use then you can select appropriate option.

& at last search image.. You will get many images and can use any image for your blog or website.

Now you get idea about how to get royalty free images with very simple steps. 

you can also do same by simple search image also … where you need to click on Tool option so a new menu will come up then you can select required option under Labeled for reuse menu like below.

Hope you like this article and now you can easily find royalty free images using google advance image search option