Best Tips for Solving Crossword Puzzles

Are you a regular online crossword puzzles game player?

If yes, you might have this thought in your mind to win every puzzle game you play.

Also, you must try to find the best possible games and tips for solving crossword puzzles online. In case if this is the situation, then you are at the right place.

Here, we will talk about several tips for winning every crossword puzzle game along with The Independent Crossword, an online website to play and learn several things about such games.

Tips for Solving Crossword Puzzles

Best Tips for solving crossword puzzles: 

While solving crossword puzzles, you need to know about the right strategies. If you are completely aware of those strategies, you can generate amazing results within less time.

And here, we will share a few tips, strategies and tricks that will help you efficiently play the game and win every time.

Outer sources:

The first tip from the list is to take advantage of an outer source that you think can help you with the solution. In such a case, one source can help you, which is to get Solution by

Yes, this website is not just a place to play online puzzle games, but along with that, you can find solutions for your puzzle crossword games by adding a few details about your crossword.

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You need to visit the website where you would be able to notice two sections. The first section would be to write The Clue Name, and the second section would be to fill in a word or number to find the answer.

At last, click on search, and within a few seconds, you will be able to get your answer.

Crossword puzzle theme:

The next tip from the list is to figure out the theme of your crossword puzzle. By looking at a few crosswords or questions, you would be able to know about the theme of your crossword, and hence you’ll get an idea of what kind of question it is.

We would also suggest to you that if you are a beginner at crossword puzzle solving, you should stick with one source of puzzles at a time. In this way, you would get familiar with the kind of questions and crossword answers a puzzle editor creates.

Once you have started getting the feeling that you are well-versed with the type of questions from one editor, now you can move to another source of crossword puzzles. 

Fill in the blanks:

If you are playing a game with a time limit, we suggest you start by filling in the blanks-based crossword puzzles. Such puzzles are easier, and you would be able to save a lot of time for other types of puzzle games.

Short entries first:

When you look at a crossword puzzle game, you will notice two types of crossword entries: two-three word entries and long entries. If you always want to win your crossword puzzle game, we would suggest you first find two-three word crossword entries.

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As such, entries are easy to figure out, and once you have found a few smaller entries, you would be able to get some help to find larger entries.

Use abbreviations:

There are some clues where you would be able to notice abbreviations as the suggestions. In such cases, you need to get the term abbreviated.

Although there are 80% chances that you would get the answer using the abbreviated term. But for 20% chances, you may not be able to find the answer.

Whenever you are dealing with The Independent Crossword, you would get easy to hard suggestions that you can choose from as per your requirements.

Pick plurals:

Here is an amazing tip that works great most of the time. That is to figure out plurals; in this case, you need to pick S and put it at the end of every crossword.

In most cases, your plural addition will be right. However, make sure that you do it as rough work and not permanently add the S as an answer before getting the exact confirmation.

Be stress-free:

The biggest issue because you would not be able to solve a crossword puzzle easily and win the game has immense stress. In such cases, you need to take a break; if you notice that the crossword game is becoming hard for you, pause the game.

After coming back, there are high chances that you would be able to get better answers.

This was all about some of the best tips for solving crossword puzzles. We hope that with the help of these tips, you will be able to win most of the crossword games.

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How to choose the best crossword puzzles game?

As you all must have noticed, there are several crossword puzzles game platforms online; not only that, you also see crossword answers platforms.

But which platform should we move forward with?

Here are a few factors you can keep in mind for choosing the right platforms:

  • The first factor to keep in mind is the features and games the platform is offering you. You need to check if you are getting all those games you want to play or not, along with the important features.
  • The next factor you should have a look at is the reviews of that platform. With the help of the reviews, you would be able to know about the platform in-depth completely.

Also, if there are some bad features of the platform, you would know about them through the reviews.

  • You need to figure out if the platform is reliable or are the puzzles are updating daily. Make sure to go with the updated platform and offer you the best possible crossword puzzles.


Unable to solve crossword puzzle games? If yes, then here in this post, we have discussed several tips for solving crossword puzzles; along with that, we also looked at The Independent crossword, a platform where you can get several crossword games.