zero cost tactics to increase blog traffic-The Guest-Posting Strategy

Today, we are going to discuss another exceedingly valuable way of increase traffic at your site.

Did you know that posting at other blogs and websites could get you good amount of traffic for your site?

Yeah, this method is infamously known as guest posting! But Before reading this post we recommend to read previous post of this series increase blog traffic using  The Podcasting Technique.

I know you might be wondering that you have to be an extremely good writer for doing this or else you need to hire something or ask your friend to prepare a good post for you which you can post on the other websites and blogs.

………………………………………………… Umm, you’re right to a certain extent, but hey!

Even if you’re a pathetic writer, do not discard this way from your list as you might get a scadstar of traffic if this strategy works well for you.

So let’s move ahead to understand more things about Guest Posting.

How Does Guest Posting Work?

The reason other people allow you to guest post on their website or blog is that it provides value to the readers and they didn’t have to struggle themselves to get that content on their page.

What you need to emphasize on is providing value to the readers. If your post isn’t informative or entertaining for the readers, then it might work against your blog instead of working in favour of it and the website wouldn’t let you post anything on their page from next time.

Therefore, make sure that you choose to share valuable content while making a guest post on the other website.

In the other case, if people like what you’ve posted, they would want to know more about the author of that content and in case your link is visible to them in your post, they would most definitely want to click and browse your site. This is why, writing good posts might consume you for a couple of hours but can direct a good amount of active traffic on your site without expending for it.

Now, let’s understand how to write an effective guest post.

How to find  guest post sites of your niche

You can directly search below query and find your niche sites which accept guest posting.

  • “Write for us” + “Your Niche”
  • “Guest Posting” + “Your Niche”
  • “Submit Guest Post” + “Your Niche”

for example: “write for us” + “education”

Similarly you can use below words

  • “submission guidelines”
  • “guest post guidelines”
  • “accepting guest posts”
  • “contribute an article”
  • “submit content”
  • “guest post”
  • “want to write”
  • “add a post”
  • “become a contributor”
  • “guest post by”
  • “submit your post”

How To Write A Good Guest Post?

Guest posting on a website is pretty much different from posting for your own site. You might have to amend your writing style, writing format or choice of words in accordance with the requirements of that site. Yet, there are a few sites that encourage you to post stuff in your style of writing.

To make sure that your guest post looks attractive enough for the readers to love it, communicate with the website owner on how you should go about it before posting something on their page. This will help you in understanding the writing norms and reader expectations for that site.

Do keep in mind that the website you’re contacting for guest posting is within or related to your industry niche. Please do not contact random or out of the link sites for making a guest post.

For instance, if you’re a pet grooming firm and you’re contact a furnishing website, they’re sure to block your email ID after you contact them. And even if they let you post on their site by any chance, it will work against your website and people would be outraged and ignore your post instead of going through it. Always choose a website that matches or works well with your kind of audience.

REMEMBER that you’re getting only once chance to entice the readers of a website, so make your post is as high-on-quality as possible. If possible, draft a post and keep it aside for few days to come back to it for any kind of final revisions.

You can even ask your friend or somebody else to look at it and figure out if something needs to be changed so that it looks perfect once posted.

Check for any spelling or grammar related errors so that it doesn’t look amateurish once you post it on someone’s website. Keep it as interesting and valuable as possible so that you can again and again get a chance to guest post on a website and drive traffic to your site in this way.

And yes, do not skip mentioning your website link in the guest post!

How To Request Someone For A Guest Posting Spot?

It must be crossing your mind that how can you request someone for a guest post or how can you ask them to let you post on their site, right?

Well, just draft a nice professional email stating what you’re looking forward to and at the same time selling yourself and your expertise for them to use you in any which ways. This will make the person in question want to use you or your content in their favour while allowing you to give your website link in the content that you post on their site.

All you need to remember is to be polite, patient and gentle with communicating with them. Do appreciate their work if possible.

Let’s check out an example on how to request someone for a guest posting spot:


I really like your blog. I especially enjoyed your work on (name a post you particularly liked) and I whole-heartedly agree with you over it. I am also from the same industry with a website. I would love to write a blog post for you sometime soon if you would consider linking back to my site from that post. I can either curate the content from scratch or else you can provide me with a topic that you have wanted to cover and I will do the writing for it. I can ensure that it will be unique and high quality content from an expert in this industry. Let me know if you’re interested for the same.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Your Name

This is how you do it- it’s simple, easy and fruitful. So, what are you waiting for?

Get moving and request for a guest posting spot to gain traffic on your website absolutely free!

Was the information mentioned above useful for you?

Do let us know in the comments section below.Please also read third article of our series for free traffic increase your blog traffic using  The Webinar Traffic

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