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what is SEO and why the hell we use it

Do you have website or blog?

But are you tired in getting traffic? if yes then you are surely unknown to SEO.

Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is commonly known, is the process or the method through which the visibility of a website is improved and this is done so by increasing the traffic on the given website.

For the whole purpose of doing so, it is required to improvise the website by adding new, attractive and unique content continuously on the go.

The whole idea behind SEO is that the website in concern should get a good rank on the search engine and gets listed in the first few results on Google or any other search engine.

Normally, when working on the internet and looking out for particular information we do not tend to flip through the result pages as displayed on the search engine.

That is why it is important for websites to have a good SEO so that their page receives good visibility by getting listed on the first page of the search and thereby increasing the traffic on the website.  

What is the need for SEO?                

SEO plays a very important and prominent role nowadays in the promotion of any website. Through proper and effective SEO, the reach of the website can be expanded with a remarkable increase in the audience.

As of today, there are millions of people who refer to the web regarding their query in context to anything and everything.

If there is a proper SEO system in place for your website, online store or blog, you can end up bringing more and more traffic on your website.

Following are listed the importance of an effective SEO.

1. SEO helps in increasing the visibility

In today’s techno savvy world, it is very essential for any business to have an online presence. SEO helps a great deal in building the brand. It makes your website, blog, online store etc. accessible to the world.

SEO helps in building the audience for your online presence. What SEO does is, it makes your website pop up whenever the internet user types in a certain keyword.

By again and again displaying your website in front of the user, there is established an image for your website and the user takes it to be a positive and popular one. It increases the chances of getting clicked by the user.

2. SEO helps in bringing traffic

By increasing visibility and creating a brand, SEO helps in bringing the traffic to the website. Once there is regular traffic on the website, the Google rating automatically increases and the website gets automatically listed at a better position.

Such a positive change helps in leading to a more profitable scenario.

3. SEO provides the best ROI when it comes to advertising

Of all the investments to be made on advertisement for the betterment of the business, SEO is the one which would provide with the best ROI.

When it comes to spending on the advertisement for the growth of the business, expense on SEO proves to be the best of all the possible options.

In today’s world, referring to the internet before buying anything is very common, so spending accordingly in the correct channel will also prove worthwhile.

4. Investing in SEO is cost effective

Although, while investing for the first time and at a primary stage, the results would not be as desirous and can prove to be hefty on the pockets, but with a passage of time going by, the results can do wonders if worked in the right way.

Investing in SEO has never been a bad idea, as it increases the visibility of the business which helps a lot in business promotion. The profits of business reaped through promotion this way can be in multiples of the amount invested.

5. If not used, the business can lag behind

One of the most important reasons why any business should use SEO is because of the fact that their competitors in the market are using it.

With the competitors being so active on the web, one can tend to lose the business which the competitors have gained due to their online presence.

6. No presence online can play an adverse effect on the image

Everything has become so dependent on internet now days that in case a business does not have an online presence, then it can prove to be damaging to its image. People would not put in their trust in your business and would rather choose to go with the other option which has a better and positive presence on the web.

Imagine, you have to purchase a product worth 10k from the market from a particular shop, wouldn’t you first check the store online before buying? I would for sure do that.

7. Customers are relying more on the online presence and reviews

Gone are the days when customers used to go to the market and hunt for their desired product. What they do now is, they check out the product on the internet, go through the reviews regarding the same and then decide whether or not to purchase the product. Reasonably everyone is following this strategy now days. Aren’t you?

So in case you are looking forward to brighten and lighten up your website and want to increase its reach and audience do not hesitate to get SEO done. It will help majorly in improvising the traffic conditions on your website and will surely help in bringing up the ranking of your website on the search engine.

Hope you like this blog post…And know what SEO is and how it help blogger or business people to increase their online presence.

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