zero cost tactics to increase blog traffic-The Viral Report Mechanism

This is the last zero-cost tactic to increase blog traffic and  before reading this article we recommend you  to read ninth post of this series zero cost tactics traffic for blogger: Using The Name Dropping Method.

Today, we are going to discuss how viral reports can help you in generating the leads in an extremely effective manner. You can use the viral report to get traffic on your site in many ways, we are going to cover the most important ones of them in this article.

But before all of that, you must be aware about the basics of writing a report, formatting it and marketing it for the people to see and share it ahead.

A viral report that is being posted on the internet can direct a huge amount of traffic if everything is done in a right way. So, let’s move forward to understand how this method works.

How To Create A Viral Report?

Starting with the very first thing for this tactic to work, you need to curate a viral report to get it shared on the web. Choose a topic from your industry niche and then write about it as good as possible.

But wait. There are certain specific things that you MUST include in this report for it to go viral across the masses. Make sure you draft it in an extremely interesting and exciting way so that people would want to share it on their pages. You have to figure it out on your own how to make it enticing for the audiences depending on what works for your industry.

Second important thing now. Ensure that the solutions or recommendations you give in this report mention about a product or a service that is available on your website and provide a link of the website in the report. That is essential for diverting traffic.

Coming up with a captivating viral report might consume a lot of your time as you would want to draft it in the best possible way for the audiences to view and share it instantly.

Listed below are few examples of the viral reports that mention the solutions for various things and compels the audience to visit the website by clicking on the link:

  • 10 Websites That Can Increase Your Traffic By 500% In The Next 12 Months
  • 12 Solutions To Organizing Your Life And Finally Achieving Your Goals
  • Five Online Services That Can Double Your Income By The End Of This Year

I’m sure you must have got the point by now. All these reports direct the people to the website for finding the solutions and if people like going through such reports, they are most likely to share it with other people as well.

You just need to ensure that the problem addressed in the title is solved by the report given by you so that the readers share it with more and more number of people ahead.

It’s not necessary to share reports on generic topics so that they go viral. You can even choose to draft reports on more specific topic which will reach the targeted audience.

For an instance, a report on preparing for a singing reality show auditions wouldn’t be required by everyone as everyone cannot sing. Yet, those who do, would like to read the report and share it friends and relatives who sing well. Even those who cannot sing can tag or share it with their friends who do.

In this way you’ll get a niche traffic which will be more targeted and relevant for your industry. Even if it gets shared with enough number of people who sing well and choose to go through your website, your work is done. Once the report goes viral, you’re sure to get a good amount of traffic on your site.

Keep Your Website As One Of The Options In The Report Not The Only Option

Provide a list of options to the viewers in the report that you want to share. Mention about your website as one of the options from the list of options given in the report. This will make your report look genuine and unbiased and not too obvious or as a medium for promoting your website.

People usually avoid going through reports which has spam content in them or have website links which give the impression that the person has mentioned it with the intentions of making profits.

Therefore the key is to keep it genuine and yet strategic. When people find your report legitimate enough, they’re likely to share it with other people, particularly through social media platforms or their website or blog. This implies that you need to camouflage your website among the list of other websites so as to make your report look honest enough for people to repost it.

Also, make sure that the report offers genuine solution to the problems listed in the report. If people find that it just directs them to your website and it has nothing more to offer, they might visit your website once but never come back again. They will not like to share it with other people as well. Therefore, post content that solves the issues that is enveloped in the report.

How To Get The Report Out On The Web?

There are ways to do that. To make sure that your reports gets its best chance of going viral, you need to get it in hands of as many industry experts as possible. You can request them specifically to share your report free of cost and that it won’t have any repercussions.

Or else you can even ask the people at the end of the report to share it with their friends, colleagues or whosoever. This will help you in distributing your report to as many people as possible and there are more chances of it going viral in this way.

Once it gets viral, you can be sure to a great deal of traffic directed to your website on a a regular basis.

And this is not all.

You’ll keep getting new traffic till that report keeps on getting shared with new people. So this is indeed a great strategy of getting traffic on your site absolutely free of cost. With this, we have covered all the important tactics of getting traffic at zero-cost.

Now, go ahead and implement these things properly to work out in your favour.

Happy trafficking!

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