140+ ideas to make a YouTube video- Third part

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VI. Funny YouTube video creative

One of the main reasons people spend time on YouTube is to have fun and laugh. To focus on fun videos, you need to be creative. The craziest idea, the better. Here are the most interesting YouTube video ideas you can try on the YouTube channel.

104. Challenge

Remember the virus challenged by the ice bucket? Still a cinnamon challenge? There is always a new trend. Or you can even come up with an interesting challenge and let people join.

105. Imitation

Imitation is often used for music videos. If this song is very popular, then your video can get some sweet traffic. But you can think more creatively and choose other types of videos to make fun of. Make sure you don’t affect the people in the video (and prepare for negative comments).

106. Comedy short film

One of the main reasons people spend so much time on YouTube is because they are watching interesting videos. With a little creativity and a lot of fun, your videos are not hard to pop.

107. Prank video

Shoot your own prank for your roommate or colleague. People like to take a break.

108. Failed video

For a great failure video, you need a lot of shots. If you use to make a lot of pranks, you will know that some of them will eventually fail. If you manage to get the camera to malfunction, you’ll be ready to create an interesting video.

109. Friends video

Have you and your friends have fun this weekend? Take it on the camera. Friend videos are very appealing because they make the audience feel part of the community. The craziest experience is, better.

110. Bloopers

It’s impossible to shoot without a video. Once you’ve created more videos, you’ll have enough streaming media to create a YouTube video. This is a simple YouTube video idea as you will re-adjust the footage you already have.

Seven. Creative YouTube video creative

Developing a successful YouTube channel requires creativity and authenticity. That’s why creative YouTube video creatives shouldn’t be excluded from the video content list. If you don’t know how to make a YouTube video, what is the difference between your creative and everyday content?

111. View video

Does another YouTube user express his or her opinion and you disagree or look at things from another angle? Make a video about your subject.

112. Comments on different topics

The controversy has drawn people’s attention. Global warming, interesting theories, political issues. Popular hot topics attract viewers.

113. Vlogs

Vlog is very popular right now. If you want to successfully expand your YouTube channel, you must provide more than just video logs, but video playback is the perfect starting point for viewers to participate in the video.

114. Check the product

Product reviews are always in demand because people want to see real humans interact with products before making a purchase decision. You can check the items that are already around you.

115. Review some software

Like products, software reviews are also easy YouTube video ideas. And they’re easier to make than product reviews because you can share your screen without using a camera.

116. Commentary contest

If you like to play a lot, you can use it and comment on the games you are interested in.

117. Collection

You are sure to have your favorite music, movies, TV shows. Show your collection with the audience and let them know you better.

118. Video series

This is a great idea to enchant the audience. You can make a TV show or choose a topic to discuss in depth and distribute it to the episode. Start with the pilot video.

119. Collection

Do you collect postal stamps, coins or lighters? People like to watch what they are interested in. I like sports shoes, and when I see someone sharing their sneakers, my heart will melt. If your collection is related to your niche, please continue to share.

120. Room tour

There are many viewers requesting to visit the room. When you see your room, your audience will know you better. You can take a step forward and take some interesting things out of it, not just look around.

121. City Sightseeing

Every town/city/village, basically every human settlement has its own charming places and stories. Capture the core of the city and show it on the camera. You can start by patrolling your hometown or where you live now.

122. Personal items

Do you have items near your heart? Maybe you have received a precious gift from a special person in your life? Memory items from the deceased family? Show these projects and the stories behind them to create a more personalized connection.

123. Sharing recipes

Cooking recipes are always searched. Although the cooking environment is too saturated, if you come up with a unique dish, just like a secret family recipe, you can stand out from the crowd.

124. Talk about the place of travel

Your audience will enjoy the journey. If you travel, it’s time to take your camera and record your experience.

125. Urban activities

If you live in a city, there must be something great to see. Maybe there are amazing street shows that you can show off, or some fun activities happen in your city.

126. Interview

Feel free to ask people on the street about their life stories. Some people have such amazing stories that can be said to be very instructive to the audience.

Eight. Closer to the viewer’s YouTube video view

127. What have you learned in life?

Talk about what you have learned in life about school, relationships or other aspects of your life.

128. Share your favorite

Your favorite music, movie or book. Let your audience know you better by showing your favorites in different areas.

129. Inventory list

We all have a list of things we want to do in our lives. Share your storage list with your audience. This is also a useful YouTube video idea for you, because if you tell the world about it, you will be more inclined to do these things.

130. Share your goals

What is your plan for this year? Let your audience know your goals, and you will feel that the accountant has reached the goal.

Your grateful things

Share a 5, 10 things that you are happy with in your life. This is a fun YouTube video idea to be closer to your audience.

132. Share your less happy experiences

People often feel that they are lonely. When they encounter misfortunes, share your difficult moments with your audience, give them some people they can relate to, and cheer them up.

133. Story time

Do you have a story that your friends like to hear? Let them on the camera.

IX. Popular YouTube video ideas in 2018

134. Unpacking products

Order something online and shoot your own work. Then, you share your thoughts on the product. People love these great YouTube video ideas, and you can also use the affiliate links of the product to get a chance to make money on YouTube .

135. How to do it

Teaching people how to do different things is still a great idea for YouTube videos. Find things that are not fiercely competitive and start teaching.


I have put them on the list of interesting video sections, but I want to emphasize that the prank video is very popular.


Will your friends laugh every time you go out? If you always have a lot of jokes in your head, use them to make fun YouTube videos. For example, do you know those daddy joke videos? This format is also popular in other countries.

Will your friends laugh every time you go out? If you always have a lot of jokes in your head, use them to make fun YouTube videos. For example, do you know those daddy joke videos? This format is also popular in other countries.

How often do you find yourself improvising how to fix different things around the house? Show your tricks to others. People are always looking for simple ways to deal with problems.

139. Interesting facts

You know that Alderaan shouldn’t be blown up, but must George Lucas do this to keep the budget? Or can you be a pet food taster?

140. Inspirational video

If you have the skills of a speaker, you can make your own script after motivating your speech. Or find the shots from other speakers or movies and put together the best scenes you find to make the video.

Jumping trend

If you use Google Trends to research the most popular topics, you can create videos about these topics. Artist, politics, news. your name. This type of video will bring sweet traffic to your channel. Remember, the trend is passed, this will not be the content of evergreen.

142. Health video

Although the health and fitness fields are competitive, there are many people looking for ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you have the skills to spend a whole day in front of the computer screen, don’t quit sharing.

Natural solution

There are many remedies for various diseases and people are looking for answers. Make videos about how to make homemade treatments and how to use more natural options.

Study with me

You go to your desk, set a record, and start learning. You don’t have to do anything. This type of YouTube video is becoming more and more popular and is of great help to students. They feel more motivated to work or study if they have someone else to see the same thing.

in conclusion

I hope this list will give you enough YouTube video ideas to keep you busy.

When you choose what kind of video to make for your channel, first ask yourself if it matches what the viewer wants to see. Don’t just choose something, because if it doesn’t fit the channel’s purpose, it’s popular because you want to develop a sustainable YouTube channel with focused content .

If you are worried about your first YouTube video and are waiting for the perfect idea to pop up, please relax. Choose something and do it. There is no perfect first video. The key is to start. Even with perfect video quality in you learn how to be advanced to rank on YouTube before getting better exposure, it is difficult to make viral .

If you are nervous in front of the camera, you can find a friend to work with you to make the first video to make you feel more comfortable.

The most important thing is to have fun. Keep your creativity. Use this list to inspire your new ideas and don’t be afraid to confuse more ideas to come up with real things.

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