Under Construction Page WordPress Plugin – Review

A broken link always brings losses in terms of both customers and reputation of the website. Even if you consider small modifications on your site, there are high chances of losing potential visitors.

A broken website that shows a blank page to the audience (especially on first time visit) is sure to lose its online reputation.

An under construction page could best come to your rescue here. The page allows the customers to access the site even if it is under maintenance. You can easily create a maintenance mode page by installing a UCP plugin from WordPress repository.

Under Construction Page WordPress Plugin is surely worth your time. The best part is that it is 100% free and you can easily create a stunning under construction page within minutes. Why let a few seconds take away the result of your hard work when customized maintenance page can fix broken links.

Why under Construction Page Plugin?

With WordPress UCP Plugin, you can create a professional-looking maintenance mode page, coming soon or under construction page, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

Moreover, it takes only a few minutes to configure this plugin. The UCP page of your site will be ready in no time. This Word Press plugin boasts top-notch maintenance page building tools that allow the users to set up a coming soon page for their website.

If you want to modify your site without showcasing it to the people, then place your bet on this Word Press plugin. In other words, it’s the best, all in one Under Construction Page plugin for the situations when you need to put your website on maintenance mode.

However, this plugin is totally worth it, but it comes with certain limitations. Its pros outweigh the cons though. Here is our take on Under Construction Page Plugin.

1. Only a few clicks needed to create a professional looking page

You just need to visit the plugin’s second tab in order to create a professionally designed maintenance page. There is no need to invest your mind in thinking about the graphic elements and background images of the page.

Simply choose a template of your choice from a wide range of options available out there and save the changes. Viola your page is designed. Undoubtedly the under construction page created using this plugin looks awesome on all devices.

At present, there are over ten beautiful selections of themes. A new theme is released fortnightly. But here is a limitation. The plugin doesn’t facilitate the users with customized background image building option. However, the developers are working on it. You may expect this feature in the following months. Overall Under Construction Page plugin has everything that you may need for creating a compelling coming soon page.

2. Easy to work with

With WordPress under Construction Page plugin, you can manage the access to your website very easily. You need not to showcase your maintenance page necessarily to admin, while repairing it.

Moreover, the plugin comes with the option of white listing user roles. Say, for example, if the admins want to witness the standard site, you may use ‘check next to the role’ option. This will allow the admins to visit the site even during the site modification period. Furthermore, you can control website access by specifying the usernames

[button link=”https://wordpress.org/plugins/under-construction-page/”  bgcolor=”#444444" size=”big” align=”center” target=”_blank” icon=”momizat-icon-wordpress”]Download this WordPress plugin[/[/button]p>

3. Social networking sharing icons

The templates of UCP plugin feature social sharing buttons that allow the users to share their social profile URLs. Sharing the link by your customers will further boost your business. Adding the link of your social profiles is indeed a huge benefit.

Currently, there are 15 social icons added to the plugin. It features all the popular social networking platforms including Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dribbble, Vimeo, Behance, Instagram and Pinterest. Users also get the option of adding their Email, Skype, Phone, WhatsApp and Tumblr details.

4. Option of adding Content

This option will allow you to add some relevant information to your under construction page along with the images. You will find add title, content, description, and headline on the Design tab of the plug in. Users also have the option of enabling the login button on the page. It will take the visitors to login form.

Plus, users get the option of using custom CSS code if they want to target a particular element or style anything on their under construction page. Check the video also

Final Words

Whether you are looking forward to build a coming soon mode page or want an easy option of putting your site on maintenance mode quickly, WordPress Under Construction Page plugin is the best option. Show your customers that you care about them by displaying a fantastic coming soon page while fixing the lacunae.

It’s a thumbs up for this WordPress plugin from our side. We assure you won’t encounter any difficulties on placing your bet on it.

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