How to wirelessly transfer photos from the iPhone to a Windows 10 PC

Today the synchronization between our computer and mobile is essential, especially when we want to pass all the photos we have done with the phone to the PC to save a copy, free space from the mobile or edit them, among other things.

If we connect the mobile to the computer via cable the thing is quite simple, however, many users find certain problems when they want to make file transfers between the mobile and the computer, especially if we want to transfer photos from the iPhone to Windows 10 so Wireless

There are several ways to transfer our photos wirelessly from the iPhone to a Windows 10 computer. Then, we will show the steps to follow to get the photos of the iPhone to Windows 10 wirelessly quickly and easily in two different ways.

Two different ways to transfer photos from the iPhone to a Windows 10 PC without cables

The first one can be using any of the storage services in the cloud. That is, we simply have to upload the photos we have made with our iPhone to the cloud storage service we use regularly, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox etc and then access the service from the Windows 10 computer and download them.

The other option is to use iphone transfer software that will help us wirelessly transfer all the photos stored on the iPhone to a Windows 10 PC. The application in question is called IOTransfer 3 and we can download it for free.

Once we have it installed, the next thing we have to do is connect the iPhone and the Windows 10 computer to the same WiFi network or scan the QR code using your iPhone. Then, you can open wireless iphone transfer application in your iPhone.  It is called AirTrans.

From there, we will be able to select those photos that we want to transfer on the computer and even mark all of them and transfer them from the iPhone to the Windows 10 PC without the need for cables, in a totally wireless way.

IOTransfer 3 has a great video converter which is designed to convert videos to all popular formats and watch them wherever you like – on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or PC.

You can take advantage of converting videos to other formats, like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, MP3, M4A, AAC and more. So discover this great software today and enjoy it’s benefits. 

How to Transfer iPhone to PC over WiFi

IOTransfer  is one of the best iOS file transfer software and iPhone manager, it offers you a complete WiFi transfer solution. You can easily & wirelessly transfer videos, photos, music, and other files between iPhone,iPod, iPad, and PC.

Let’s see step by step guide of how to transfer iPhone content to PC over WiFi with IOTransfer AirTrans. Before we started, let’s Download IOTransfer to PC(It’s free) and AirTrans app, You can get it from App Store, to your iPhone. And make sure your iPhone connected to WiFi.

Step 1: Start IOTransfer then go to AIR-TRANS , and click “Start Transfer” button. IOTransfer will search for all available iOS devices, or you can also scan the QR code with AirTrans on your iPhone.

Step 2: Once your iPhone is found, then click it to connect.

Step 3: Open AirTrans app on iPhone, and then click “Allow”.

Step 4: When your iPhone and PC get connected, you can see the different categories including photos, music, videos and files,You can choose what you want to transfer, and click “Send” button.

The iPhone files will be transferred and stored on your PC directly.

In addition to transferring iPhone files to PC, you can also use this to transfer files and content from computer to your iOS devices over AirTrans WiFi solution.

Moreover, IOTransfer can be used as video downloader, video converter and cleaner as well. IOTransfer simplifies all the steps, and helps you make it happen just in one place. IOTransfer, works as a powerful online video downloader, allowing you to download YouTube MP4 format videos directly. Even better, you are able to transfer the YouTube videos to your iPhone/iPad/iPod via this YouTube to MP4 downloader by just 1 click. 

Let’s see how to download YouTube videos to MP4 format with IOTransfer.

  1. Download IOTransfer and install it your Windows system, IOTransfer supporting Windows 10/8.1/8/7 OS.
  2. Select video on YouTube, and copy the URL
  3. Open IOTransfer then go to VIDEOS(from top menu) and  paste the URL into the URL text box.
  4. Click “Download” button.

IOTransfer will analyze the URL, and download YouTube video to MP4 format directly.

If you want to transfer the YouTube videos to your iOS devices, simply click the “iPhone” button on the right. In addition to downloading YouTube MP4 videos, you can also use IOTransfer YouTube to MP4 video downloader to download videos from Instagram, Vimeo, Usteam, Metacafe and much more. Visit IOTransfer video downloader to know more.

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