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The Blog Guru: tips for starting a blog

And you thought starting a blog was a piece of cake?

Not really! When it comes to starting your blog, there are hundreds of things that you need to keep in mind. From the layout to the posts that you make, every single thing needs to be perfect, so that you have more ‘eyefalls’ on it.

Considering the importance of blogs in every individual’s life today, I am here to tell you about the Do’s and Don’ts of starting one on your own. Read below to learn them.

The Five Do’s while blogging

1. In order to make your blog attractive, keep the layout loud, but not louder than your posts. Remember – having a loud or bright colored layout is cool, but then it should not talk more than your posts; in the end, your posts should attract people.

2. Let the text be comfortable enough to read; while some of the bloggers keep the text too small, there are others that keep it too large. Balance between the two sizes and choose the perfect one for yourself.

3. Choose engaging topics, which can easily talk to people, who visit your blog. If you really want them to read you, be open to write on what they want to read.

4. Before writing and publishing posts, do a bit of research work on internet. Learn about the trends in the field of blogging. Topics like weight loss tips, home based businesses, earning money from home, DO IT YOURSELF project ideas, parenting, etc. are quite popular in blogs. You can take reference from Blog topic ideas and start working on that.

5. Always keep the blog alive by posting pictures with every post that you make. If you can’t create image then you can use royalty free images for commercial use.

The Five Don’ts while blogging

1. Don’t be tempted to topics that are related to politics, religion or other such fields, which can cause ‘banning’ of your blog in future. Let people know your neutrality about such topics.

2. Don’t be tempted to respond to negative comments on your blog. People are bound to write negative or ill comments, especially if your blog is new and you are just a baby in the blogging world.

3. Don’t forget to use social media tools to popularize your blog, especially during the initial stages. Unless people know about your blog, they can’t jump into it and read all that you have to say to them. You can open a free page to market your blog in a good and easy way.

4. Don’t be reluctant to make the blog spicy; when I say ‘spicy,’ all I mean is that you need to use good words and phrases to keep the readers attracted. You need to cherish each and every reader that comes.

5. Don’t use complicated language on your blog. Bloggers end up complicating their posts, just for the sake of flaunting the kind of command they have on their language. To be honest, simplicity is what attracts readers the most.

Starting a blog is like going on a new journey; I wish you good luck for it!

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