Route To Startup SEO When You Have Limited Budget

Startups are well aware of the fact they rely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes a big contribution to online success, but still for some reasons it’s a complete nightmare for them. The pressure of delivering a successful product is already brutal enough to not leave much space to develop an effective SEO strategy.

The confusion and difficulty to understand SEO can also be attributed to a large number of offers startups receive from SEO companies all over the world. While experienced digital agencies reach with a five-figure offer, some local and overseas SEO agencies offer to do the same for a few hundred dollars. How is it possible for companies with such a huge offer budget difference to give the same results?

Well, the truth is they don’t offer the same results. You have to understand that as a startup you make a potential client for SEO companies and they will want to retain you at all costs, offering you top rankings in search engines at a meager expenditure. Only if it is true, when you are already facing the cash crunch you cannot afford to put your money in an SEO campaign that is doomed to fail.

According to Ankit Pandey, CEO of  SEOEaze, “paying premium for a poor quality SEO service is not disastrous for your marketing budget but a major concern is getting penalized by the search engines for indulging in poor SEO tactics that can leave your startup handicap in the first place.”

You need to wary of poor SEO services also because it will be too expensive to clean up the mess such services create and the total amount you will end up spending on the damage control will far outweigh the budget you would have spent on hiring a quality SEO service.

If you have a limited budget for your startup SEO then it is suggested to start with search engine optimization internally to cut costs and also avoid the danger of getting penalized. These are some tested and tried SEO tips that digital marketing experts agree on.

On-Page Optimization Comes First

Startups are often found to indulge in aggressive off-page SEO totally disregarding the importance of on-page search engine optimization. An SEO strategy without on-page module is like running a marathon on one leg. You will get to the finish line eventually, but it will take too long and not to mention the efforts it will involve. For long-term success, startups need to focus on on-page SEO from the very beginning to have an edge over the competition.

It is not that difficult to do start with on-page SEO in-house as there are not too many factors out of your reach that can affect your website’s quality. To start with you need to understand the important on-page ranking factors. Here is a detailed guide by MOZ explaining on-page ranking factors.

Strong Social Media Presence Is Mandatory

Google has over 200 signals that it considers to rank a website. While algorithms like Mobile First and RankBrain are the prominent ones, social media indicators follow next. Having a social media marketing strategy laid out from the very beginning of your startup can not only provide SEO benefit but can also help your business to grow and expand rapidly.

It is utmost important to have a strong social media footprint not always need service of a social media management company. On a limited budget, you can hire someone from the staff to take care of all social media channels. It is common where small-scale companies handle the blog posting across all social profiles, interacting with the followers and providing customer support entirely on their own. Not to say they make it work very well.

Remember every tweet mention you get or the likes you receive on the Facebook or any other mention on other social platforms contribute to your SEO rankings.

Content Has Always Been The King

Content is king, is one of the golden rules of SEO industry. However, over the years what is considered quality content has changed. The freshness of content is a major requirement and you need to update your site with new content regularly. If you have an app or service site with is not updated often, set up a blog to post fresh blog posts regularly.

As a startup on a tight budget what you can do is to assign the role of blog manager to any one of your employees and delegate writing assignments throughout the workforce. It is not difficult for startup employees to contribute a blog post every week as it helps with the success and growth of the company.

You just need to help your employees understand how to write an SEO optimized blog post. Here is an incredible guide from Yoast on how to write awesome SEO friendly blog posts.

Guest Blogging Should Be Done Correctly

You will often find it discussed all over the internet-how important guest posts are for link building. However, you need to know that guest posting has gone tricky since 2014.

Google’s co-founder Matt Cutts posted an article on guest posting on his personal blog that stated,

“Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because over time it’s become a more and more spammy practice, and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with really bad company.”

He made it clear that using guest posting as a spammy link building strategy is a bad idea for SEO. But if you do it wisely and guest post on sites that are in your industry and have an authority, then you definitely can get a lot more exposure and traffic for your startup through guest posting.

In the end, it’s always advisable to hire an experienced digital marketing industry to handle the SEO when you have the budget. Till your startup begins to churn out enough revenue, you can use these tips to kick-start your SEO effort.

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