7 reasons why people go crazy for iPhones- Rightfully they should  

What have you not heard about iPhones. The world has basically split into two halves over iPhones. There are some who hate it religiously and some who love it like their only breath of air. Many, and by that I mean many people also look for discounts and promocodes on promocodeclub.com to purchase their iPhones.

Can we blame them?

After all, Steve Jobs managed to market the best selling phone ever with a private system that actually works. 

OS is an important factor

Let’s be honest here, some people will always be IOS fans and some will always like the convenience of Andriod. There is just no way to fo about that. There can be so many reasons why.

People use phones on a very personal level, their requirements vary person to person. Maybe someone like Siri and someone like the App store better on Andriod. 

iPhones support almost all apps

People use smartphones to have access to apps, that is why they do not use dumb phones anymore. It is undeniable that the IOS app store has the largest selection of worldwide apps. Something we surely have learned to appreciate regardless of which operating system we use for in phones. 

Apple is connected

Having an iPhone gives you access to every other Apple product. it connects well with all of the product ranges. And let us give the devil its due where it deserves. apple has managed to produced quality products unmatched by any other company. 

iPhones can be purchased in promocode websites too

One of the most famous promocode website promocodeclub.com gives buyers access to iPhones at their bargained prices making the sales of iPhones shoot up higher. Who said amazing things do not come budget friendly too. 

Brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is a very common trend in buyers purchase patterns. If you have owned an iPhone before, chances are you will buy it again.

Technology gets us used to the devices as we use it. Because of the extensive time we spend in using our phones. What don’t we do with our phones? We pay bills, purchase, send promocodes, research the internet. We do almost everything. 

That also means we start getting used to a smartphone’s navigation. That is why iPhone loyalists are everywhere. 

iPhones let you customize your device extensively

One of the biggest reasons why people tend to go for iPhones is the amount of freedom Apple gives its users to navigate and customize their phones. You get to choose which app you want in your App store and that is a great way to give customers their individual access to what they want out of their phones. 

Its easier to sell a used iPhone 

It is easier to sell a used iPhone for the above-mentioned reasons. People identify largely with premium brands so chances are you would get a buyer for your used iPhone must faster than you would get someone for your Andriod. 

People love brands and how they promote themselves. There are personal egos and respect that are attached to brands and Apple happens to be just one of those premium brands. 

It is like selling a used Ferrari than a used Honda Civic. 


iPhone has always been associated with the brand status of Apple. Apple has managed to market itself very well over the years to create brand loyalists everywhere. If you compare to the Andriod platform phones released every year may have more features. 

But, yet brand identity plays a big role in gaining customer satisfaction and keeping them coming back on and on again. 

iPhones are going no where for a very, very long time. So we might as well accept that buying one is totally worth it for your image. 

Pankaj Kamariya

An IT engineer by profession and blogger by passion. Very keen to explore new things online and Help people by sharing many legitimate ways of making money online.

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