Open-backed and Close Backed Headphones – What’s the Difference?

When selecting headphones, you have to be certain of the kind you want. This is because each one has a different feel as well as features that make it unique. One prominent difference between headphones is the design. While some are open-backed, others are close-backed.

Open-backed headphones: These headphones have their back perforated to allow air and sound pass freely in and out of the heads up. Open-backed headphones give an airy feeling and they create an outdoor sensation for users.
Close-backed headphone: On the other hand, closed back headphone have solid outer shells. These shells have no perforation hence; they are designed in a way that the shells effectively cup the entire ear leaving no room for the release of sound or air. Close-backed headphones provide for around 10dB of noise reduction hence, give an “I am alone in my world” sensation.

Some differences between the two headphones are:

The Design : The Close-backed headphones are designed in a way that does not allow for passage of air or sound. They have a solid outer shell with no perforation in a way that the shell effectively cups the ears. Meanwhile, the open-backed headphones are designed with perforations in a way that gives room for easy release of air and sound.

The Sensation: While working with a closed back headphone, you can easily get yourself isolated from your environment. You feel the sound coming from your head and you can’t but feel like you are the artist.

The open-backed headphone, on the other hand, gives this “I brought the artist to play for me in my garden” feel. You feel the sound in your environment and you can’t but relax to enjoy the music.

Availability: Most headphones are closed-backed, giving you a wide range of options to pick from. The open-backed headphones, on the other hand, are relatively few compared to the close-backed headphones.

Ability to concentrate on the technical details of sounds: If your intention is just to relax and enjoy the music, you can pick up the open-backed headphone but audio professionals such as DJs, Mixers, sound producers and the likes will prefer a close-backed headphone as it gives room for concentration on the important details. Since the sound is practically playing in their head, they get to work better. They can easily identify the beat pattern as well as concentrate more on the technical intricacies required to achieve the level of perfection they crave.

Serenity: The Closed-back headphone ensures the serenity of the environment. You can conveniently play your songs at the loudest without the fear of it disturbing your neighbors. You can also read in a library with your music on without disturbing anybody. This is impossible with the open-backed headphone.

Even though the primary concern when purchasing a headphone should be the satisfaction you derive, the differences in these headphones make where to use them another issue to consider as nobody wants to constitute a nuisance in the environment. Once these factors have been put in place, your final decision will then be placed on personal preferences.

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