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7 Best online word count tool – counts words, lines & characters

Many writer and blogger need to counter number of word written for articles. so why do it manually if we have best online word count tool that help us counting word.

Top 7 free online word count tool

Let’s start with first…

1. Wordcounter

wordcounter word counter online tool

  • You can count Number of words.
  • You can count Number of characters.
  • You can check keyword density.
  • It help you in number of sentence and paragraph.

2. Lettercount

lettercount word counter tool

  • You can counter number of character and letter in a text.
  • Tool available in more than 12 languages .
  • This tool help you in count word limit of tweet or Facebook post.

 3. Wordcounttools wordcounttools word counter online tool

  • You can count number of word and characters.
  • You can count number of sentences and unique word.
  • You can check word density and check in top number of words.
  • Firefox add-on and Chrome extension also available .
  • You can upload excel, PDF or word file to count word.

4. Charactercountonline

charactercountonline online word counter

  • You can check Number of sentences and paragraph of any text .
  • You can check number of words and characters.
  • You can check white space in text
  • You can check word density and change as per requirement

5.  Charcounter

charcounter word counting tool

  • You can use this tool to count number of words and character.
  • This tool also give number of character without white space count.
  • Available in Chinese version too.

6. Countofwords

countofwords word counting tool

  • You can check number of word and character in free of cost.
  • Tool has reset button to blank data for next check.

7. Wordcountertool

wordcountertool word counting tool

  • Online utility to count number of words or number of characters online.
  • You can convert letter from lower case to upper and vise-versa.
  • You can check your typing speed too.

Hope you like this blog post and now take help from above mentioned word count tools.

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