5 Old School Off-Page Optimization Techniques You Could Be Penalized For

Search engine optimization is not ever at a standstill, but instead must quickly change to be up-to-date with the algorithms released by Google. Both the individuals involved in digital marketing and SEO are not in a position to upload and process gigabytes of data. They should take a considerable amount of time to conduct research, learn, and then adopt new optimization methods in daily processes. It is such a tough task that many of these people think it is better to stay in their comfort zone until Google intervenes.

If you are an SEO professional, you can only provide safe SEO services if you are well versed with any new updates from Google. In this article, we are going to focus on the old school off-page optimization techniques that can get you penalized.

1. Building links with “rented” paid links

These days Google has forbidden the use of paid links. While in the past most people preferred buying links, as the method was affordable and efficient, rented links are no longer allowed. The links were used for a limited time, after which you could rent the link again, or it would be given to someone else who needed it. This was an illegal off-page optimization practice, so if you are caught doing it now, your links may no longer have any value.

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2. Use of paid permanent links

Instead of renting links for a specific period, here you paid once for the link, and then it permanently became yours. The people using this technique were usually the ones who believed in high-quality search engine optimization. Just like the rented links, paid Google also forbids permanent links. These links were used in the early 2000s, and are now strictly prohibited. As such, you should not acquire them.

3. Automatic link generation and purchase

Here the individuals from the SEO community never created content for their sites, but relied on automatically generating or buying links from third-party services. While many SEO professionals understood that this was not a useful optimization technique, many people still used it because it was cost-effective and somewhat efficient. Google does not tolerate this anymore, so if you don’t want to be penalized, then don’t use automatic links. 

4. Link sampling using bookmarking services

Today you can find an interesting and useful article when browsing, and then decide to share it on social media by just clicking on the social media buttons, something the old sites did not have. This made the old sites not very user-friendly. Social links were of high value, as one could create a dozen backlinks with just sharing content from your site. There existed social bookmarking services, which made content sharing easy. Using social bookmarks for spamming links from your site is now prohibited by Google and can result in a penalty.

5. Purchase of forum signature links

This technique involved the creation of numerous blog accounts, allowing you to then post thousands of comments on the blogs, thus generating links that would result in getting paid. While the links can be used today strictly for awareness purposes, they may affect your blog. While in the past signature links were somewhat costly, these days you can be penalized for using them.

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