zero cost tactics to increase blog traffic-The Webinar Traffic

So, what is a webinar?

It’s basically an online session where you can share valuable insights and teach people on any industry topic you’re expert at. You can be from any industry, but it is likely that you know enough about the industry to share some relevant information on it with other people.

A webinar is an excellent way of attracting people to your website as people readily become a part of session that helps them in learning something new while clarifying their doubts and ask questions whenever they want to.

You won’t believe that there are many people out there who earn their daily bread and butter just by conducting these webinar sessions on the internet. Yes, it’s that impactful.

Before moving ahead and conducting webinar session get traffic on your site, you need to learn certain important aspects of how it works and  we also recommend to read our previous post of this series To increase blog traffic using  Guest-Posting Strategy.

This article will help you in understand the best practices and techniques for conducting a successful webinar session on your website to gain traffic from all over the world.

Now, let’s get going!

Deciding The Topic For Holding A Webinar

Okay, this has to be well-planned and well-organized. Holding a webinar is a huge responsibility and you need to make sure that you do it well.

It all starts with choosing a relevant topic to share the information on. You have to be extra careful while selecting a topic for your webinar.

Now, you can’t hold an entire webinar on area like graphic designing as you would need to do hundreds or thousands of webinars to teach all the basics of graphic designing to people. Hundreds of books are published in market every year on just learning about using Photoshop alone.

So, instead of choosing something comprehensive, choose something more specific to begin with. For example, holding a webinar on how to remove the red-eye effect using Photoshop. People from the industry wouldn’t mind spending an hour or so learning this technique as it will offer something valuable to them.

Therefore, always choose something more compact and that goes well with your industry niche.

You also need to make a plan on how to teach them unless it’s only a question-and-answer webinar. If you’re going to fly by the seat of your pants and go live taking everything by the storm, then there are chances that you might not be able to present your best self in front of them.

The key is to give your audience a valuable and insightful learning experience so that they look up to you for teaching them something new every single time.

This is how you’re going to attract more and more traffic for your site seamlessly. Make the webinar both informative and memorable for your viewers.

There are many people out there as we have mentioned above, who charge for organizing webinars. However, you are supposed to do it for free as the main goal is to drive as much traffic as possible and get maximum people to attend the webinar. You can market your webinar free of cost at various platforms like online forums, social media channels, blog sites etc.

Just make sure that you get a large number of audiences to attend your webinar.

How Can You Hold A Webinar?

There are several ways of holding a webinar.

The first one is using Google Hangouts to do so. However, the ability share the content through drawings, images and animations is quite less as you only have your webcam and your microphone to communicate with the people attending your webinar session.

Many online applications are available nowadays which can help you in holding a webinar quite effectively. Various applications allow you to have an access to the whiteboard where you can write, draw, post images or even play videos. Check here list of few applications.

  • Zoho Meeting 100% free (one host and one participant)
  • Skype Free (group voice call up to 25 people)
  • AnyMeeting – Free up to 10 attendees
  • Zoom – Free up to 40 minute and 50 attendees
  • – Free up to 10 attendees

These applications help you to communicate with your audience in a more effectual way. The best applications which give you access to use such tools may cost you, but there are some good ones too which let you conduct a webinar free of cost.

Meeting Burner is one another such platform where you can hold a free webinar using webinar tools with 10 online attendees on it.

Promoting Your Free Webinar

If you want maximum number of people to attend your webinar, you need to spread the word about it somehow.

I know it doesn’t sound that simple as you might think that if it was possible to spread the word out so easily you would have advertised about your website directly instead of advertising about your webinar.

But the point here is that it is more likely that people share information about the events and webinars on topics of their interest. They would help you in promoting your webinars but might not promote your website links specifically for your profit.

Webinars give audiences a chance to learn something new. Thus, it is valuable for them to attend such sessions. Once people start attending your webinar sessions, they would also want to stay updated about more such sessions, which is why they start following your website. This in turns generates the desired traffic for your website.

Initiate by promoting such webinars on social media channels. If you post your webinar information in a way that people think that they can benefit from it FREE of cost, they will attend your webinar most probably.

Also, you can post about it on platforms that are related to your industry niche like online forums, blog sites, virtual groups and many more things.

Webinar sessions are a great way of getting traffic on your site and you must implement this strategy in order to promote your site without blowing out money from your wallet.

DO NOT forget to share your first webinar experience with us.

Did you like what you read above? Do you conduct webinars on a regular basis? If yes, does it help you in directing targeted traffic to your site?

Post your answers in the comments section below.Please also read eighth article of our series for free traffic increase blog traffic using Using Social Media Channels.


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