zero cost tactics to increase blog traffic- The Podcasting Technique

This is a great way of getting traffic to your website free of cost by mentioning about your brand’s product and services in the podcasts given on the websites. 

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So, you must have come across podcasts that are free-of-charge on websites like the Apple ITunes Store (being the most popular one) where these podcasts can potentially get thousands of download by people who are active on this website. It is a superior way of getting your word out there without paying for it.

Podcasts, as you guessed, are nothing but like radio broadcast stuff, apart from the fact that they are stored online and the listeners can choose to listen to them whenever they want to. You can take advantage of these podcasts to advertise about your website.

But first let’s learn about a few important things for this method to work out.

Why Do People Listen To The Podcasts?

Well, not just one, there can be various reasons for that. Some people generally like to tune in to something that’s related to their field of interest on the internet.

Some people like to play podcasts while driving, while others like to listen to them while working on their system like doing graphic designing or something else and would want to listen to something side by side.

There are people who like to engage themselves in the radio talk shows but since it’s not available at the moment so they tune into the podcasts talking about the topic of their choice.

What people basically love about the podcasts is their portability and accessibility. You can carry the podcasts in your iPod or Smartphones with you anywhere you want and access them at the time of your convenience.

You can even choose to stop or pause them for a while and get back to listening them once you’re free. But mainly, people just want to listen to things which interest them.

So, let’s say, if you’re a foodie, you would love to listen to podcast mentioning about the food festivals happening in your town. If you’re an avid reader, you would want to hear something about the best book stores in the town. That is how it works.

How To Create A Powerful Podcast?

It’s not that difficult really, but there are certain things that you MUST keep in mind for coming up with an effectual podcast. Let’s run through them.

Remember, nobody likes to listen to something that’s boring or done unprofessionally. They might tune into the podcast and then stop it to switch to something better to listen to.

This is why, take care that the podcast you’re offering to the people on the internet is high-quality and entertaining, only then it’s going to drive traffic to your website.

So, the first thing that you’ll require to create a powerful podcast is an entertaining chunk of content. This means you need to figure out on what to talk about by researching on the internet if you do not have anything in your mind already.

Next, find ways to make it entertaining to hear and add some value to it. Finally, present it in a way that your listeners find it extremely interesting and would want to listen to it and crave for more things like that.

If you’re simply going to sit in front the microphone and blabber something in a monochromatic tone, people would find your podcasts quite monotonous and nobody would like to listen to it.

Another thing you would want to ensure is that you have a high-quality microphone for recording your voice. Fuzzy or distorted voices are difficult to hear and people choose to switch to more clearly recorded podcasts.

Luckily, many high-quality microphones are available in the market at pretty low prices like The Audio-Technia Microphone, Blue yeti, Samsung microphone and various others. Do your research well and select a microphone using which you can record your podcasts efficiently.

Also, prefer recording the podcast where there is no noise (screaming kids or clamoring fans) to make it sound as professional as possible. You can even look out for a partner on the internet having the same microphone and you both can record your parts and merge it with each other’s.

In this way it will seem like you have recorded in the same studio and give a professional impression to the listener.

Finally, to give an even more polished look to your podcast recording, you can choose to have theme music from the internet free of cost or you can even spend minimum bucks for downloading it from websites like Fiverr etc. This will keep your listeners enticed with your podcast and they would like to listen to it again and again.

Hosting Your Podcast

Once you’re done with the recording and editing part, you can store your audio files on sites like Lisbyn etc.

However, these are paid sites and would defeat your purpose of doing everything free of cost. This is why storing your podcasts with Google Drive is yet another option. All you need to do is to create a new folder with Google Drive that is dedicated to your podcast file exclusively.

Sharing Your Podcast

Last but not the least; this is most important one of them all.

You need to distribute your podcast at places where it gets maximum visibility on the internet so that people can download it on their systems or mobile devices.

The best place to share your podcast files is the iTunes Store as it will bring you amidst millions of people and your podcast might get some good attention if everything else is done well. Once people start liking your recordings, you’re sure to get a reamstar of traffic on your website.

Just DO NOT forget to mention about your website in your podcasts!

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