Free tactics to increase blog traffic-Using The Name Dropping Method

This is one of the most terrific methods to get the desired traffic on your site without shedding  dime.

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As we already know, some people are more popular than other people present on the social media platforms. These specific people have a huge fan following and people tend to get influenced by what they post on their social sites.

So, what if any such socialite mentions about your website link on their page?

You’re certain to attract huge number of audiences to your site. This method is called the Name Dropping method. It is the most effective way of getting prominent traffic online. As they post your website link on their page, people would certainly want to see what it is, therefore masses are likely to click on the link simply because they like or respect the person who posted that link on their page. People tend to follow the recommendations and suggestions of such socialites unwaveringly.

There are many start-ups and well established brands that choose to pay these social influencers to market their product to the masses.

However, you can even get this done free of cost if you follow certain strategies.So, let’s move further to understand how this actually works.

How Does It Work?

So, you need to start with writing a good article, again. Of course, you can take help of a friend or get it outsourced for it look perfect, but makes sure that you come up with an article having quality content- as good as those ones that you find on the professional sites on your industry niche.

Coming to the main point, the article has to be about the group of people who hold an expertise in any one field you want to talk about. Prefer writing about the popular people in your industry. Top ten lists do really well in such cases.

So, prepare a top ten list of people from the industry of your choice. Make sure that the article is as nice as possible. Next, go ahead and publish the article on your page. Tag all the people you have written the article about and also contact them personally regarding this.

Drop a message in their inbox stating that you have mentioned about them in your article and you really like them for their work. Depending on their personal preferences and the quality of your work, some of them would respond to you and would even want to publish your article on their page giving your link in it.

Whosoever does this is going to refer a great deal of traffic to your site, which is the main objective of using this strategy.

But do you know what’s the best part about it?

Let me tell you!

You can use this method over and over again in different ways to get tons of traffic to your website. So if you started with a list of top 10 entrepreneurs of the decade, the next time you can come up with an article on top ten bloggers of the year or so…..

If the people you are writing about have the ability to influence the masses and can send leads to your website that will give you conversions, such articles are worth writing about. After all, it’s a safe bet. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, so you MUST try this out for getting the free traffic on your site.

Which People Should You Choose For Your Article?

Honestly, finding out who to mention in the top ten list of your article is not that difficult. All you need is to do some research over it. Find the sweet spot between people who would be willing to link you on their page and the people have a huge influence over the followers.

For instance, you are going to choose somebody extremely popular like Amitabh Bacchan(India), he won’t really care about who wrote that article for them and are more likely to link you from their site. His can work really well for you.

Remember not all socialites would like to respond to your article, but whoever does it will help you in driving a great amount of traffic to your site without any cost.

Most popular influencers have articles written on them almost all the time. So, they do not really care about anything else except the blog post which mentions there name in the top ten list and perhaps will link your article from their website. Once you get the article linked by such a great level of influencer, your job is done.

Avoid choosing people who have less or no influence over the audience. Also, refrain from  mentioning the names of the people in the top ten list who do not really hold an expertise in it. This will work against your social reputation instead of helping you to build it.  Such people would most probably be ready to link to your article but wouldn’t help you much in driving any traffic to your site.

Therefore, you need to figure out a perfect combination between the most impactful people who are responsive enough to link you from their site. This will get your work done like nothing else. Simply nothing!

You can contact these influencers through mail IDs (if you get to find their mail IDs), or personal messages on their social media accounts or contact us page on their website. They might revert and link you on their page (if you get lucky enough).

Remember to draft the mail or message in a professional and genuine way. Keep it simple, precise and polite. Appreciate them for their work and then wait for them to respond to you patiently.

So, goodluck with that!

Let’s hope this strategy works for getting you the desired traffic on your website.

Have you tried this method before to get free traffic on your website? If yes, do share your experience with us.

You can drop your answers in the comments section below.Please also read third article of our series for free traffic increase blog traffic by The Viral Report Mechanism.

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