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A Good Name leads to Great Fame (Ideas to get Good YouTube Channel Names)

Well, let’s just start with some examples to make this thing crystal clear. How difficult is it to remember “Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle”? To be honest I find it hard enough to pronounce it, forget about remembering it. Now, how easy is it to remember “Yahoo”? Yes, the name mentioned above is the acronym of Yahoo.

Let’s look into some example that everyone might have heard and still most of them might not remember it, where does the name “Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division” come from? It is gigantic, isn’t it? Well, congratulations to all the movie maniacs who recognized that it is the full form of “S.H.I.E.L.D” from the Marvel comics and movies.

So, the things are pretty clear that the name makes a big difference. So to all the vloggers who are planning a new sensational YouTube Channel, here are few ideas they can use before finalizing the name of their YouTube Channel. 

It seems pretty lame at the start, but, history has been the witness that many people who have sensational ideas and phenomenal content fail due to some factors and name of the YouTube channel was on the list of most of them. So it perfectly fits here when it is said that it is “Better to be Sure than to be Sorry.”

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Before we start with some ideas, I would like all the vloggers to know a thing which Philip Kotler (The Marketing God for many) once said about finalizing the name of a brand. A YouTube Channel is also a Brand of every Vlogger so I suggest they take it as a lesson.

He said that the name of the Brand must not be such that it proves that you are intelligent and you have some extraordinary vocabulary skills, the name of the Brand should be such that people who read it cannot ignore it and yet it must be kept with such simplicity that it gets stored in the mind of the viewer within a Blink of an eye.

Because in the time of need, only the name that the subconscious mind can remember will be on the Top of the Mind.

So, no matter how stupid “Coca-Cola” and “Google” sounds, (both has no meanings as a matter of fact) it is still remembered by the whole world. Now without carrying forward with this philosophical discussion, let’s look into some ideas that can help vloggers keep an interesting name for their YouTube channel.

 1# Keep it Short and Simple

The examples and reference make it pretty clear that the name of the good YouTube Channel must be short, as longer names are tough to remember. Apart from that, it must be simple and vloggers can also relate the name of their Channel to some word or phrase that everyone uses in their daily

This will help the viewers in remembering them easily and will also be unique and catchy. Two things vloggers must keep in mind while doing that is if it is too common, keep it with a twist or with some unique character so that they don’t face a hard time in getting theirr channel ranked on their desired keywords.

 2# Research and Analysis

Before finalizing a name for the YouTube channel, vloggers must do some deep research about their target audience and analyze the interests of their audience. Avoid jargons as it fails to attract the audience that is not from the related industry or the beginners who have recently found their interest in the niche vlogger is focusing on.

So I suggest vloggers to talk to their friends or some expert about the things they look for in a YouTube channel or which is their favorite channel and why? This little brainstorming activity can help vloggers in deciding not only some influential name for your channel but also some mind-blowing content ideas.

 3# Make a WEB

This is an old trick but it is very much effective. When a vlogger finalizes a name for his channel, he not only have to keep in mind the audience he is targeting, but also the availability of the name on the YouTube.

Every vlogger is not fortunate enough to get their desired name in the first shot. Everyone faces the challenge of availability. So before they try out some names for their channel, it is better they come up with some options prior to that.

Here is a trick to do that, make two columns on a page and on the left side, write all the possible variables, factors or adjectives that define their channel and on the right side, write all the names of the persons or experts that are associated with the channel.

Now it is simple, start making arrows and combinations of the two columns, this might sound silly but it really works. The web helps the vloggers to get some cool combinations that they can try and then finalize on the basis of user point of view as well as the availability of the name on the YouTube.

 4# Include the nature of the Vlog

It is essential that vloggers include the nature of the channel in their name. This will help when the target audience of a vlogger is fixed and they come on YouTube to find the content related to vlogger’s

So no matter whether it is a Review channel or a DIY (Do It Yourself) channel or some Tech channel, it is always beneficial to keep the nature of the YouTube Channel in the name of the channel.

 5# Don’t Follow the Current Trend

This is the most common mistake and phenomenon found amongst the vloggers, they focus only on the current trend or some current topic and start a channel with a name related to that trend. This thing is beneficial when the vlogger is planning to keep the channel for a short term or it is planned only for some specific event.

But, if a vlogger wishes to have a channel that is for the long term than the name of the channel also should be according to that. The names that are kept according to current trend can be fruitful for short term or initial basis, but in the longer run, it will be found outdated or old.

Well, these were some ideas that will help the vloggers decide some cool and effective name for their YouTube channel. To all those who have made the mistake, there is an update from the update that they can change their channel name by linking the channel to the Google+ profile but the URL of the channel remains the same.

So to summarize the whole thing, keep the name simple, short, researched, unique and the name that is not influenced by some current trend or current topic. So, I hope it helps all the vloggers get the desired and influential name for their YouTube channel with the above-mentioned ideas and tricks.

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