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How to deactivate Facebook account?

Some time people get bored from Facebook and feeling stress when they open Facebook  so in this situation I would suggest to deactivate your account for some days and join again with new freshness.

I recommend don’t go for delete rather than go for deactivate. As deactivate Facebook  also work same as delete and I am sure after few days when you realize to use Facebook  again then at least you can active your account otherwise  you need to create new one and add all old friends. 

So without delay let’s begin steps.

Firstly open your Facebook account and Click the account menuaero-small  at the top right side and select setting.


Click on security in the left column and Choose Deactivate your account option from main list and follow the steps to confirm.facebook-security-settings

Once you click on Edit then you will Find again link of  Deactivate your account. Some it redirect you to other screen for password confirmation.facebook-deactive-account

If you can’t get into your account, you can reset your password.

One more thing I want to suggest why you are going to deactivate Facebook,why not use this platform to make money? Yes Absolutely you can. For detail you should Read How to earn  money from Facebook .

Hope you like post of how to deactivate Facebook account and try at least once. No worry you can activate after a minute even. If you find any issue then please write me in comment.

Pankaj Kamariya

An IT engineer by profession and blogger by passion. Very keen to explore new things online and Help people by sharing many legitimate ways of making money online.

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