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8 must know thing about Facebook post for branding

Facebook is one of the best social networks chosen by the majority businesses while planning as well as implementing their social media marketing strategy rather than twitter, you tube or any other platform.

Facebook proffer the best marketing ecosystem that is based on the multi-media rich as well as broad.

There are factually tens of thousands of apps that can help the business with marketing on the Facebook.

Even though it feels like as the Facebook is integrally linked with us and it should be noted that Facebook “Pages” for Business have only been with us for hardly 3 years!

Anyway I am going to discuss regarding the interesting as well as useful features regarding Facebook and these are …………

1. Finest time to post on the Facebook

The analysis demonstrated that it was finest to post throughout times while fans were not at work plus the time is stuck between the hours of 10 pm to 7 am. So to boost your “likes” along with “comments”, post during the “non-busy” hours.

facebook post best timing

You can also post during lunch hours when people use to check whats new of Facebook and it’s usually time from 1 PM to 4 PM for all office guys.

However over all depend on for whom you are posting or who all are your target user. It’s also varies with demography of target user. So make sure to set up as per target user.

2. Finest day to post on Facebook

The majority of the brands research posted frequently throughout the week. To get better engagement it is finest to publish on Thursday as well as Friday.

best day fb post


Days of posting also depend on your target audience. Suppose you are working in India  and your target user belongs to USA then as per timing USA is approx half day lag behind then India timing so you need to post as according.

3. How frequently should you post every day?

The research explains that quality not quantity counts while publishing to your wall. One or the two brand posts accept 32% advanced “like” rates as well as 73% comment rates compared to posting 3 or more times of the day.If you increase more than people interest toward your post get decrease.

how many post in a day4. Most effectual weekly post occurrence

Attain utmost user engagement by not overfilling users’ News Feeds with excessive Posts throughout the week. Posting one to four times fabricates 71% higher user engagement than five or the more Posts in a given week for the retail brands.

5. Length of posts

Posts less than 80 characters in span receive 66% advanced engagement rather than longer Posts. Extremely brief Posts – those between one as well as 40 characters – produce highest engagement. Only 5% of the entire retail brand Wall Posts are less than the 40 characters in length, even if these obtain 86% advanced fan engagement.

facebook number of post

6. The Facebook post content

To start a dialogue with the fans, ask questions. Even though the retail brand Wall Posts enclosing questions obtain slightly inferior overall user engagement (‘likes’ as well as Comments), this kind of Post generates more than double the amount of Comments as “non-question” Posts.

Post with picture always attract more people than post without picture. Use proper hashtag give you more reach than without hashtag. If you are not aware of how to use hashtag then you can check How to use hashtags on Facebook .

Once you get idea of hashtag then you can use some popular Facebook hashtags with your post.

7. The Facebook post construction

The data reveals that this is a proven policy technique to the retail industry, and less than 1% of retail brands are operating this tactic.

8. Key words for the Facebook offers

While it comes to deals, fans look for a simple offer. The top ten based sales keywords were analyzed to decide which receive the most user engagement. The data point out that retail brand Posts holding the sales keywords “$ off” as well as the “coupon” get the highest fan engagement. Trendy sales keywords, like as “sale” as well as “% off,” obtain the lowest fan engagement.

Hope you like this blog post…and start following all above rule to get success in branding your product. If you have any other well known information then please share us in comment.

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