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Guide to Find high authority expired domain in few steps

Before we go ahead, I just want to tell you that this post will be little bit longer and you will get many practical ways of finding high authority expired domain without much effort.

In this tutorial we will cover most of thing related to expired domain like.

  • What is expire domain
  • Why one should buy expired domain or how it help you
  • What thing you should consider while buying expired domain
  • From where we can buy expired domain ( Including tools) How to build site on expired domain in just few steps

So for the people who are new to expired domain, let’s first understand what expired domain is?

It’s domain which were registered by someone else and for one reason or another not been renewed.

This number is not only in hundred  domain expired but it’s thousands of domain get expired every day and you need to choose best of them.

Now before we move to know about how to choose best expired domain, let’s first understand why one should buy or how it help.

Why one should buy expired domain or how domain help in SEO expired

If I give you a real life example then you will understand better – Suppose in main market someone running cloth shop (Niche- cloth & domain – shop) and shop is running well, many customer is coming to shop and getting paid well everyday. 

But due to some reason if they close shop(delete domain or expire domain) And if you also looking for some place to open cloth shop and you come to know one place vacant in market.. then you will surely approach to buy that location.


  • Main market
  • Closed shop was also cloth shop (niche same)
  • Already have few regular customer ( traffic on expired domain)
  • Brand of shop ( matrix of domain)

So this all extra thing you get if you open shop at same place..

In similar way Many SEO expert take help from expired domain to increase authority or traffic of their money site.

And some time people also use expired domain as money site and work on already build authority domain.

First way : Building Authority Sites

Most of time I prefer to choose expire domain to build authority site and the reason is very simple – I don’t need to invest money on SEO like DA,PA, DR,UR or backlinks.

If I go with new domain then my money and time both go in order to get authority but if I get them in expired domain without any investment then why not take one and build expired domain.
And one good thing about expire domain is, it cost nothing more than buying new domain.so better to enjoy authority without more cost burden.

*If you are not aware about this term then no worry, I will explain later.

Second way :- 301 Redirect (video)

301 redirect is nothing but passing one site permanently on other. So suppose if you have any business niche site then you can buy any business niche expired domain and do 301 redirect on your main(money) site.
Now how it benefit you?
So this process pass over  link juice &  authority of the expired domain to your main site immediately.
And if expired domain has some traffic then you will get more benefit of the same.
But just for information don’t go with more 301 redirect as it may harm your site as well..most of top site not go with this shortcut tips. You can check more detail about 301 redirect on neil patel post.302 redirect

But this option comes with a Warning: The Ensure that the expire domain that you are directing to your money site belongs to the same niche as your won site. An expired travel domain won’t redirect you to a business site. And wow do you check this? 

archive.org is the website you need to read and it explains in detail how to go about it. 

Third way : PBN Network

PBN is nothing but a fleet of highly authoritative sites, so you can find expired domain of your niche site and create a fleet of all sites then give backlink from all site to your main domain. So it will help you in creating more authority to your site.
Many people also use same PBN network for earning by providing link to other blogger. So it is like earning along with growing authority sites. You can create gig on fiverr and sell  there like below.
create PBN by expired domain

Tips you should follow for PBN network

  • Never Interlink within the same network
  • Make sure to interlink article so you get better edge in seo.
  • Add link of authority site in your post so if you backlink your main site then it not looks spammy.
  • Include all type of information in post like image, youtube video  or gif.
  • Unique post is always priority of google so please find few cheapest writers and get it done.
  • Don’t use same keyword phrase to link to your money site like one time SEO agency to another time best SEO company.

Forth, Sell expired domain and make money

You can easily earn money online by selling expired domain online. You just need to buy high quality domain and list them for selling on flippa or other similar domain flipping sites.

You can also sell expired domain on social media by search expired domain selling Facebook pages and share with people .

Now next thing is what should you check before buying any expired domain…

Things you should consider while buying expired domain

While buying any expired domain, you need to consider below matrix.

  • Domain authority (DA) : Search engine ranking score and it predict how well a website will rank on search engine. You can check more detail on MOZ.
  • Page authority (PA) : This matrix tell how well any web page is likely to rank in google search engine result.
                  Note – This above 2 matrix was creating by MOZ .
  • Spam score – It should be 0 or very less.
  • Quality backlink –  Link should be in your expired domain language and not spam backlink.

An expired domain must have genuine as well as relevant backlink with no spams! So hunt for:

  • Number of links
  • Number of referring domains
  • Anchor links

Now next topic is from where you can buy expire domain.

where we can buy expired domain

As there are my sites which provide expire domain name but best and my favorite one is…


This is one of the most famous site for expire domain . here you can easily find suitable & best domain by applying filter. By applying filter you will get information like Google page rank, Alexa Rank, Backlink, SEO work and Traffic details for a particular domain.


Godaddy mainly famous for selling newly domain but they also possess expired domain list and that makes it easier for you get a domain that you have been looking for.
On godaddy you will get almost all the relevant information about an expiring domain including the number of bids that have already been placed for it.
You just have to click on a domain expired, several details about it will appear on the page, place a bid if you find the name suitable and if your bid gets approved, you might get a reputed domain name which was no longer in use.


Worth mentioning FreshDrop in list of top sites for buying an expired domain name.  recently expired domains according to the details that you have specified above.


As they claim, they have got a bucket load of metrics to help you find really good domains in few minutes.
You might not have heard quite a lot about this site but it offers more than 40 different metrics to research well on a domain of your choice.
This one is a good platform to research well on a domain before buying it. This site might not have gained much limelight due to its less experience in the industry in comparison to other sites, yet it is a power site for buying some good domain names that are no longer in use.

Other sites are:

  • Flippa
  • DomainMonster
  • ValueDrops
  • Dropping
  • DomainPeel
  • NameJet
  • SnapNames

Besides the above mentioned website you can also find high quality expired domains using one of the best tool domainhuntergatherer. With just a few minutes setup you can easily find thousands of expired domains worth hundreds of dollars or more.

This tool help you in finding high PR value domain including  below all items

  • Domain auction Hunter
  • Expired Web2.0 Finder
  • Expired Domain Miner

Ways to find expired domain from domain hunter gatherer

  •  Hunt using your keyword – You can check your specific keyword and get niche domain easily.
  • Hunt from website  – you can crawl any specific website and find all links which expired and link from that particular website. Like suppose you want too search which all sites have backlink with forbs.com then you can also find.
  • Auction hunter – Similar to expireddomain.net, here also you can find from 8 different domain marketplace.
  • Web 2.0 hunter – you can easily find expired 2.0 domain from different marketplace.
  • Reverse Hunt Domains – Enter any domain and you will get all expired domain link to entered domain. it is reverse process of hunt from website.

How to find Expired domain with high authority backlink

So here we use ahref , moz and namebright tools to find high authority backlink site and trust me friend it’s very easy to find high authority expired domain.

How to build site on expired domain in just few steps

Wayback Machine ,The Internet Archive’s is likely the most universally-known archival site. so you can easily search your expired domain and restore all post of expired domain.

We also restore all the post of goherbalremedies.com  from archive and create a money site. so in this case we didn’t invest single penny for writing any post.

Below you can see snapshop of youtube.com and when this site get update and how it looks was 5 year before  means all previous history. expired domain information - Youtube archive

So similarly you can create new site and use all previous post.

Write to us in the comments column or Tweet to us @Stuffonix  if you need more details on how to hunt for high quality expired domains. We will be happy to help you.

Note – If you need any service related to domain name search then we can provide for any niche. Just Write us in contact box.

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