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7 Fascinating Facts Must Know About Instagram

We all know the interesting ways Instagram makes photo posting and Instagram stores look. There is no debate it has created a unique platform easy to use irrespective of whether you are a tech-savvy or not. Let’s not even get started by the user-friendliness – it is simply amazing and irresistible. These are just the obvious Instagram elements that everyone out there knows about.

However, you will be surprised there is much more about this app you are yet to wrap your fingers around. The familiar website deals with such matters has actually gone out of their way to bring you all there is you need to know about Instagram. Now that you are here, let us check out 7 fascinating facts you must know about Instagram.

It Was Run by Only 13 Staff Members

With all the popularity and millions of users, you will be stunned to know that initially, only 13 people ran and supported the app operations. That’s a really diminutive manpower compared to what most of the users would expect. And mind you, it is even more shocking it didn’t collapse considering only six of the 13 were technical gurus. It goes without saying, this was quite a gamble with the millions of users.

Over 95+ million Photo Daily Uploads 

Instagram is all about photo posting, but we didn’t know the posting craze is so unbelievable. It actually sounds like an exaggeration, more than 70 million daily photo uploads is simply over the roof. Well, this is just the icing on the Instagram cake. You would probably not believe that the photos posted in this app are way over 30 billion across various user account. Massive is an understatement – this is supermassive!

Home of Your Top Brands 

Instagram is not all about fun. It has interesting features that have taken marketing to another level luring virtually all the top brands out there. It’s not a wonder that now, out of the 100 top brands in the world, 85 of them are already active on Instagram. In fact, they lead from the front by making Instagram one of their preferential marketing strategy. Mind you, the Instagram lure for brands is exciting – many more are fast enrolling to enjoy the great benefits the app has in store.

Love Rocks Instagram 

Well, we all agree it is a platform for socialization and sharing the best images. With all the many features like hashtags and many more, who would have thought love would win it all. Yes, #Love is the most popular on Instagram. It is true Instagram was created to spread the love. But, it is even fascinating to get that right so perfectly. Don’t be left behind, keep on spreading the #Love in all your posting.

A Million followers in 12 hours 

Yes, you read it right. Pope Francis holds Instagram’s record of the fastest user to clock 1 million followers within 12 hours after opening an account with the app. Mind-blowing, right? That is how fast and frantically used Instagram is. 

You Can Get Popular Overnight 

Let’s face it. Everyone knows becoming famous is not a walk in the park. It is a journey that demands you to put in a lot of work, dedication and most of all, patience. However, with Instagram, the game is different, and getting yourself out there is no longer a hard nut to crack. With a few clicks of a button and creative use of the variety of features it has to offer, you will be surprised how swift popularity comes your way.

You Don’t Have to Manually Like and Follow 

Instagram is perhaps the most integrated app you will find out there. It has made its use so easy that you don’t have to be glued to it to have your likes and follows felt. All you need is to get yourself one of the best bots in the market and just like that – you are covered. What a better way to maintain activities on your account while getting yourself the best picture to wow your followers! Just ensure you remain in control of all your activities.

This is not all about Instagram. There are many other interesting facts about this app you are yet to come across.

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