How to embed video in wordpress blog post

Sometime a blog seems incomplete without adding any video and obvious a video can make a web more rich and interesting.

So in this tutorial we will help you in how easily one can embed video in WordPress blog post but make sure to not upload video directly on WordPress site otherwise your website get slowdown.

Benefit of adding video in post

  • Decrease bounce rate
  • increase average user timing
  • YouTube video views increase
  • Attract more user 

Embed video in WordPress post

WordPress comes with great feature called auto-embeds and this feature allow user to add video from popular  sites like YouTube, vimeo etc.

you just need to paste YouTube video into video editor and it automatically add video in your post. One more easy way you can use and for that you need to click on option Add a video…see below

 Once you click then it will open new window where you need to provide ID and for youtube ID is part after “watch?= ”   see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJVzHrzw9pg and for vimeo take ID after .com see here https://vimeo.com/219933301


Hope you like this post and now you can easily embed any video in WordPress blog post.

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