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Top 10 best online sports betting sites

Betting, the word seems to make a focus in mind that it is illegal, but what if we say that there are sites from where you can do sports betting legally!

You must made some bets with your friends that may be a cash bet or a treat type of bet and somebody of you would have won and took a treat from your friend and some of you would have won but didn’t got anything. What’s here now is you can make a bet legally and earn real cash in seconds.

Everyone’s accesses to the facility of online transaction has given a flying boost to the business of online sports betting, as these sites facilitate betters to enjoy their passion for variety of games by betting in with different ways, from any corner of the world that too while enjoying game or keeping an eye on the happenings in game, right from before toss activities to after result activities.

In this crowded online sports betting market, not only first timers but even experienced sports bettors often have a confused state of mind, while it comes to choose a site to put money on bet due to difference in variety of their operative methods and services they have on offer. So, naturally there cannot be a thumb rule to follow while to chose a sports betting website.

In bid to have the excitement, thrill, joy and enthusiasm of betting alive with safety as first concern one can choose a betting site based on evaluation of certain vital factors.

1. Bet365

Bet365 is well known name in the field with good track records in dealing with customers. Here, with deposit, you get cent percent bonus up to £ 200 bind by certain terms and which is to be used in ninety days. You can also avail an additional bonus of £ 25 if you refer the website to a friend.


The good part of bet365 is that they cover betting to vast number of sports with around 2k events. They  have a bit more for football, racing and poker, they even take betting further by allowing you to bet on for next scorer in football, and next scorer team.

Live streaming of events at this site is another plus point and this surely gets likes from all. Also, their sites support twenty plus languages which make things easy to understand for bettors.

Here, they accept deposits through multiple options in wide range of currencies again making it easy for punters. They give a special offer on greyhound racing and at this site you can bet for casinos, bingo and other formats with convenience of single account.  

2. 888sport

The 888 sport betting site is considered as best site for first time bettors, as this site allows them to start betting with small amounts. This suits beginners, who have tendency to try with testing amounts, before entering to deep.

At 888sport, they don’t have vast betting offers on their menu compared to some of the big sites and this may be definitely a point of concern for many bettors.


They credit your account with $180 once you complete registration processes. They also provide good promotional offers as you proceed further in game. They offer variety of ways for hassle free payouts. Another feature with them is you can pick an individual player to go with betting even if his team does not perform.

3. Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes has been a reputed name in sports betting field for more than a century and they have maintained their name for quality of betting they offer.

 At Ladbrokes they offer you £ 50 as you finish your registration. They have outstanding stats and their results too are outstanding. A promotional feature with them, named ‘best odds guaranteed”, is what, that lures numerous bettors. It is that, if you’re starting prices returns higher, then they pay you higher odds.


The customer care center is one of the best, they help you out patiently. Customers can avail good help from their FAQ section, which covers wide range of questions and thus get their various doubts cleared.

The Ladbroke site is loaded with features, TV shows, sports book and much more.

4. Betway.com

Within start you get a $ 30 free play bonus at Betway. They also offer loyalty bonuses for old players. The main strength of Betway is variety of options that they offer to punters matched with smooth functioning of the website; however they have services for limited number of countries.


Although Betway is not an old name in business, they are known for reliable products. They are more in news as they feature more in ads and take high profile sponsorships.

At this site, you get unique cash out option, before or during a game and you can use it while betting in many formats. They also offer an option via which a punter can bet in the game, even if the game has started. You can find vast statistic data concern to players and games, which enables punters for great analysis

They don’t take bets on greyhound racing.

5. Paddypower

Paddy power have a reputation of being a unconventional betting site, they are not generous with their start up bonus but they offer number of good variety features such as money back, free bets and many others offers as a part of carry on bonuses, adding to it, they have vast menu to offer you for bet, finely ahead of many others in business. They give bonus of 30 pound for once you deposit minimum 10 pond at the start.


The customer care department provides great help with supportive content loaded in it. They always attempt to project themselves out of league yet providing with many new offers daily, that is why their business journey is so impressive today since their start in year 2000.

You can find betting options loaded on politics, current events and celebrities. A fast betting option at paddy power saves time while betting on live events.


For safer transactions this site uses device based authentication system, which gives additional safety to customers against online frauds.


The customer service at 5Dimes is excellent. You also experience a very nice betting interface as wagering software and layout of website are just superb, no doubt these sets bettor’s mood good for fun and thrill ahead.

At 5Dimes players from France cannot bet. They also have a system which doesn’t respond to offensive and teasing passwords.

7. Pinnacle

In betting getting out cash is a joy and it’s even more joy to get it quicker and this is striking feature about pinnacle. This site is well-known for safe transactions and offers much larger payouts than many of the competitors.


Pinnacle gave the sign of its strength when they accepted bets up to $ 1 million, they also accept very higher bets on certain events and they lso cater to small customers who want to shell out as little as $1.

With the policies they have, you are not offered any welcome bonus or any royalty benefit as all others do, although they accept minimum deposits of even $10 at start up and the registration processes in easy one.

A missing feature with them is customer support as they don’t offer different ways to reach them. 

8. Betvictor

They are known for consistent quality they have been providing for last more than 5 decades offering great odds. Here you have 50 Pond matching bonus points as you sign up.


The money withdrawal here is easy as you can get cash out using the same method that of deposit. Their offerings are among top of the line and they have vast offerings in horse racing with excellent promos, which are useful for improving odds while betting.

A unique promotional offer they have is that, you can get cash out from certain events if you think the game is not going the way you thought, this features helps you avoid probable loss.

9. Williamhill

Williamhill has a good reputation since it was started years back in 1936.The good thing with them is that they cater to wide range of bets. At first placing of minimum bet of 5 ponds you will be given a free bet value of 25 ponds.


They have specialty on live betting options; they also cater variety of sports with other options for betting on politics and TV.

They provide with some unique useful functions while betting which are not found at other sites. You can watch many games like; football tennis and horse racing live on site while betting is on. You can hear free commentary for greyhound races and horse races.

10. MyBookieAg

MyBookieAg.  Website of is fast and simple yet featuring wide number of helpful sports news which give helpful details. You can deposit money using multiple secure ways as they accept deposit via all main channels.


Apart from offering huge welcome bonuses which can be up to 100 percent for value ranging up to $ 1000, they offer heavy bonuses for loyalist players in terms of cash back, cash re-up and cash referral. They also have a packages especially designed for loyalist players.

The customer support department provides good help in clarifying issues. 

At last!

One cannot go betting without fair knowledge hence we here tried to provide you with unbiased and fair picture about betting links by evaluating them based on certain common points for their strength and weakness.

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