Securing your WordPress website – Security Ninja Pro Plugin Review

Website security is an essential part of the work that a webmaster has to look into. The popularity of WordPress as a content management system has triggered to need for CMS-specific security options through plugins.

WordPress Security Ninja is one of the great security plugins out there on the plugin directory of WordPress and is available in two versions – free and the Pro version (which is paid).

Created in 2011, Security Ninja has been in the market for 7 years in the business of protecting self-hosted WordPress websites and protects websites from hacking attempts and setting up protection for preventing unauthorised harmful changes and fixing vulnerabilities. The plugin website claims to have active service in thousands of WordPress websites.

The main USP of the plugin is that it provides the option of performing 50+ security checks with a single click and provides the solution of fixing the problems that come up in the test results.

From preventing 0-day exploit attacks to keeping strengthening the website from getting hacked even by script kiddies, the plugin offers good value.

It also comes with a tool for optimizing the database and speeding up queries and make the website’s user experience smoother.

The 50+ tests that the plugin offers a test for brute-force attacks for testing the password strengths of the user accounts and checking the file permissions and bring anomalies to the notice of the webmaster for review.

The best part about the plugin is that it does not make any changes to the website, thus, making sure that the website owner retains control over the website.

Vulnerability checks are an important part of ensuring website security and WP Security Ninja provides the feature of checking for security holes and offer ways of hardening the security protocols.

Some of the other tests that the plugin performs include checking that the core WordPress is up-to-date and performs update checks on installed themes and plugins along with PHP and SQL version checks.

It also enables the user to hide the WordPress version in the website metadata along with hiding other version details of the installation that can be exploited by hackers.

In a nutshell, the plugin does a full checkup of almost all of the WordPress attributes and permissions and looks for security holes and provides solutions for them.

The checkup processes are explained and documented in the plugin and all the applicable solutions are provided for the same.

The plugin also includes code snippets for easily fixing vulnerabilities even by basic users.

More features are slated to be added soon with the plugin updates.

The plugin is pretty easy to use and is lightweight. The plugin website claims that it will not slow down the website. It sometimes slows down the site a bit while performing the tests which is normal since there will be a high usage of resources at that time.

The plugin works with all themes and plugins. However, some security plugins might interfere with it during tests and it is advised to turn off other security plugins while performing the tests.

The plugin has been tested on over 5,000 websites and is glitch-free and runs smoothly.

According to the WordPress plugin directory, the WP Security Ninja plugin has over 10,000+ active installations.

WP Security Ninja also comes in a PRO version which is paid.

The PRO version comes with 7 additional modules which comprise of a cloud firewall, a core scanner, a malware scanner, an auto fixer, a database optimizer along with a scheduled scanner and an event logger.

The plugin provides an all-round solution for increasing the security and ensuring full control of the owner. At the same time, it cannot make sure that the website will not be hacked ever.

The ever-rising security threats in the world of cyber business make it very difficult make all security software and solutions future-proof.

The malware scanner is very much essential for scanning the directories for malware and such harmful codes. The cloud firewall strengthens the security by foiling hacking and unauthorized access attempts.

 The auto fixer is particularly helpful for those who are not accustomed to working with the internal options and codes on WordPress.

As is normal with all management systems, an event logger is a must for keeping a record of changes and having the option of rollback by finding the changes responsible for the errors.

The paid version also comes with premium support for the PRO users and updates.

The single-site and multi-site subscriptions are priced at $29 and $79 respectively and come with one year of updates and premium USA-based support.

The Agency Lifetime subscription offer comes with lifetime premium support and updates and is priced at $199.

The paid versions provide great value for money with the features – especially cloud firewall and malware scanner – and are must-have features for business websites.

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