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5 online scam to avoid When you searching for work from home jobs

Many people want to make money but when they start online work and trap in some scams then they left work and treat online job is full of scam only.

So here I am going to list you few online scam which generally happen so you can aware from such work before start.

Scam Type 1: Data entry jobs

Many time you get data entry jobs either from social media or from some advertisement and you start working on data entry task.

So once you complete and submit task then on time of payment, you come to know that there is no such site or no such person exist who gave you work.

Means they have taken work from you without paying any penny and same thing they do with many people.

Many time they also give you greed of making huge money by just doing small typing task or any other online task but you need to pay few dollar as registration fees to start work. In such cases they just take registration fee and disappear in few days.

Even some time on top sites like freelancer, guru, Upwork also you can find such type of scenario where people take work from you as sample and then never connect again.

See below image- They are willing to pay 50000 INR for part time job+ Need less than one year experience or even fresher + under graduate + 2 different amount (1 & 2).

But still you want to go for typing like jobs then wither choose offline work or work for freelancing top sites(most of people genuine).

Scam type 2: MLM job- Get rich quick with networking chain

Honestly no one become rich in one night except he is lucky guy and win lotteries so never trap in this type of system. Always remember you need to invest time as well as skill to get money.

So please do not join any MLM system either online or offline. I guaranteed they always fail in couple of month, May be few of them work for 5-6 year because they want huge money to collect from people then disappear but one day if you put money then surely you are going to loss.

Few people may earn money on this type of job but only those which are at top level.so please do not waste your time and money on such type of scam.

for your reference you can read article from india’s best news papers: economictimes, hindustantimes and indianexpress.

Scam type 3: Get paid to read mail

One of the worst work in online earning world that I ever see.If you even start this type of work then you will get very less amount like $1 on 1000 mail open and One more bad option you will see in such type of work is minimum payout amount.

So I damn sure you will left before you get money because earning would be very less and time waste is more.

Scam Type 4: Congratulation!!! You will get Millions of amount and call on this number for more information

This type of ads always promise you to earn million of money or iphone and some time it looks very legitimate and Once you call on their number or redirect to any site then they ask you to pay few amount and they will give you back huge amount.

Scam Type 5: Online survey scam

Actually Online survey is not wrong ways of earning but some time people use it for harmful benefit. You will get mail which looks serious and on good social topic like population growth or poverty and when you click on it then it automatically install malicious software like spyware or Trojan which may ruin your social as well as online life.

Hope you start working online and not trapped in any such online scam.. I am also sure that you are working with trusted website and making huge money.

Pankaj Kamariya

An IT engineer by profession and blogger by passion. Very keen to explore new things online and Help people by sharing many legitimate ways of making money online.

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