Step to remove unwanted themes from wordpress blog

Do you have any unused themes & Do you need to update them regularly without any use? Yesā€¦.same happened with me too šŸ™‚

If you are not deleting them then you need to update them regularly, may be for for security reason as well as they would take some space.Ā So how you can remove all unwanted or not active themes which comes by default from your wordpress blog.Ā 

Here I am showing you steps to remove themes that are not being used.

1. Ā Log in to the wordpress Admin panel

You can log in into your administration panel by just adding /wp-admin after your website name.Ā Once you log in then you canĀ see Dashboard panel.

wordpress admin panel URL

2. Ā Nevigate to themes

Select appearance category and themes sub category from left site menu like below.wordpress theme location

Once you select then you canĀ seeĀ some theme other then your active theme as below (marked with red).wordpress theme select

3 Check theme Details

Now move your cursor on theme which you would like to remove. Once you move then you can see wordĀ Ā ā€œTheme detailsā€. Then click on Theme details.Ā Once you click on theme details then you can see new page with ā€˜deleteā€˜ link in red color at bottom right corner.theme detail option

4 Ā Delete theme

Click on delete link and get rid of from unused themes.delete theme option wordpress
Now you can see I have only one theme .So I can easily handle, it also help me to make more secure and rid of from update again and again.

installed theme

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