Top Ten most useful websites you never knew exists

There are millions of websites in the net and nowadays almost everyone knows about some of the most famous and useful websites such as Google or Facebook whether they use them or not

However, there are many less famous but very useful websites which even casual users don’t know about. If used correctly, these websites can help you a lot in both virtual and the real world.

But the problem, as we mentioned, is that lots of people don’t even know that any such website exists, that’s why today we have brought you a list of Top Ten most useful websites you never knew exists

Top Ten most useful websites you never knew exists

1. 10 Minutes Mail

You can’t browse The Internet without having an email. Almost all websites require you to give your email id and you certainly need an Internet address to connect with anyone online.

But there are lots of times when you don’t want to give away your email address to someone just like that. It can be a person who you think can use the email for wrong purposes, or just someone who you know will annoy you for the rest of your life by sending you emails daily.

That’s why 10 Minutes Mail allows you to get a (you guessed it) email for 10 minutes. All you have to do is open the website and you’ll have your email address written in the box plus an inbox a little lower on the same web page.

You can use that id to receive any emails like your normal email id, plus there is a button to expand the time of your temporary email Id to 10 more minutes if first 10 are not enough for you.

2. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is a website you should definitely check before buying anything online. You can find the latest coupons for almost every online store using this website.

So whether you are buying a new pair of sandals or a New LED TV, do check out their website for finding coupons which can save you a fortune.

3. Print Friendly

In today’s world, all the websites are upgrading itself for looking better. However in this process, the content of the website becomes impossible to print. If you are also a book lover like me and you like to visit Web pages with long content then this is a big problem for you.

However Print Friendly is a website which creates a print-friendly version of any website, doesn’t matter how fancy it is. So you can take those prints with you anywhere you like and enjoy the content of it despite being away from your Mobile or PC.

4. Old version

It’s really annoying when a software you commonly use gets an upgrade and you find out that it has removed or upgraded a feature you really liked and then you feel like breaking the nose of that developer who did this to you.

Well, don’t worry, Old Version is a website which has all the older versions of almost every popular software out there. So if you liked your app more before that stupid update, then you can find the earlier version of your favorite software right here.

5. Privnote

It happens a lot that you have to share a crucial information which you don’t want to be lurking around the Internet forever, But how do you do it? Whether you send a email or Facebook message, once sent it’s always going to be on the Internet until the other person agrees to delete it.

Privnote is a website which is made to solve this problem, you can create notes online and then share its link with anyone you like. The information will be readable only once and after that, it will be destroyed automatically forever.

6. Instructables

Instructables is a platform where you can learn to build almost everything. It’s a platform for people who are looking to learn or share their creation.

So whether you are looking to build a new dog house or a motor engine, Instructables is there to help you. There are many different tutorials available building almost everything you can imagine. so you’ll gonna love this website If you like to spend your weekends in your garage building new things.

7. Scrim

Scrim does a small but important job for you. Have you ever wondered why do you get so many spam emails promoting offers etc? I mean where do they get your email address from?

The answer is bots. They have Internet bots (robots) searching 24×7 for new email ids on the Internet, so whenever you posts your email id anywhere on the net they pick it up and then sell this data.

Scrim changes your email address in a short link, so you can share it freely on the net. Just paste the URL instead of your email address and you won’t receive spams anymore.

8. Zero Dollar movies

If you also spend most of your time looking to find the best torrent of the latest movies then we got something for you that comes directly from the heavens.

Zero Dollar Movies is a website which has a collection of 15,000+ movies in all languages which are available to be watched online. The best thing is that they only list full-length movies, unlike other sites which have trailers and half cut movies in the name of full movies.

9. Get Notify

If you are working on the digital marketing world, then you must be sending a lot of emails. It’s the best way to keep a track record of your communications and make them professional.

However, the problem is that you don’t know whether your email has been read or not. But Get Notify is a website dedicated to solving this problem.

You can use this website to get a notification whenever your emails get read, it also provides some extended data such as recipient’s IP Address, location, browser details etc which can be really helpful for people who are selling any product through email.

And the best thing is that the other person does not know anything about this tracking means they don’t feel like they are being watched.

10. Bugmenot

How many times it happens that you want to use a website just once but they force you to sign up? You can be looking to download a new song or just want to try the website, but once you sign up, they start sending you useless emails and notifications which are quite annoying.

But don’t worry, BugMeNot is the perfect solution for you. The website contains login details for thousands of different websites shared by their community members.

All you have to do is put the URL of the website into the given box and search for login details. And you’ll get all the available usernames and passwords for that site so you can use it without signing up and certainly without bugging your inbox with emails. 

Hope you like this post and use websites to get benefit of each. If you also have any such website then please write in comments.

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