Free tactics to increase blog traffic-Using Social Media Channels

It is needless to say anything about the importance of social media channels in the present context for promoting any single thing out there. Whether it’s your website, your products, services, anything for that matter in this world, you can do it most effectively using the social media platforms.

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While paid promotions are one thing, we cannot miss out the advantages of organic posts on the social media world.

There are various social networking group on social media platforms on almost every topic imaginable that can help you drive traffic on your website like crazy, literally!

People build groups and communities around most trending topics on social platforms to share information with the masses, so if you look long enough, you’ll probably find communities and pages on your area of work.

If you have an account, join groups matching your industry niche immediately and use them in your favour.

However, don’t worry if you are not present on social media channels or do not use social media on a regular basis. If you come across such groups or you get to find them on any social channel, then go ahead and sign up on that social media channel and start using it. These social media groups are extremely useful for driving traffic to your website.

Not only will people follow you if they encounter you posting valuable things within the group but will also send other people to look at your products/services/website content if they find it meaningful and worthwhile.

These groups are therefore a great medium for driving tons of traffic to your website free of cost.

Creating Your Own Group On Social Media

If you cannot find any group on your industry niche, do not worry!

You can always start-up your own group for your industry. After all, your main goal is to be looked upon by people as an industry expert so that they would want to come to your website.

Creating a Facebook group or groups on other social media sites is a great step to get the desired traffic. In fact, if you do it all strategically, you’ll soon find that your following list is increasing by a considerable amount and quite a bit of traffic is getting diverted to your website on a regular basis.

Steps to create Facebook Group

  • From your “home page” on Facebook go to group section on the left side.
  • Click on “Create New Group” button at top
  • Choose name of your group , add members in your group then select privacy of your group on    same dialog box .
  • Click on create.
  • Choose icon for your blog from a wide array of creative graphics for your icon.
  • Complete about section.
  • Choose Group Image Setting.

That’s it!! You’re Group is Ready to Go!

Pros Of Joining The Social Media Networking Groups

First things first, joining a group helps you in increasing the visibility of your website. Whenever you post something meaningful on that group, people are likely to go through the website link mentioned in your bio or between the content of your post.

Moreover, if you help people in solving their queries and provide honest and useful answers to their question, you’ll soon develop a reputation of being an industry expert.

Once you win the status of being an industry expert, more and more people would like to follow you and know about your website. They would want to ask questions from you and seek your advice on various industry questions which will further drive traffic on your site.

As more and more people become aware of your industry expertise, it’ll be easier for you to post things outside a particular social media channel and you’ll be able to cover many more platforms, forums, blog sites etc.

It’ll become much easier for you to spread the word about your website by posting answers, information about your industry topics on various online channels. This will help you in growing bigger and better.

You’ll be advantage for undertaking various steps for gaining traffic for your site. Finding guest posting spots will turn more convenient for you as more and more website or blog owners would like to associate with you in return for a link.

In fact, they’ll be happy to have your content on their group or blog if they find you knowledgeable enough for posting things about the industry. As you start guest posting, forum posting, posting on social media groups, you’re certain to attract a lot of audience to your website. It will not only drive traffic but also improve your search engine ranking as people start searching for stuff with your website name.

Social Media Groups Give You Clout and Followers Both

When you’re part of a social media community or group built around a specific industry or interest, you eventually develop your reputation as being an expert of it and people start listening to your opinions over time if you provide them with valuable insights.

Taking this forward, you can start making product recommendations and give advice on certain things which can help you bag affiliate commissions from the advertisers.

However, this is a great responsibility, so need to be extra cautious with it. Promote things which are genuinely useful for the audience. Recommending products which are a waste of time just for making money will not only harm your list of followers but you’ll also end up losing all the credibility you gained for being an industry expert.

Undeniably Facebook, twitter and other social media groups have enormous benefits to offer you. Once people like you and start following you on one social media platform, they would want to follow you over other platforms as well which in turn will increase your followers list over different social channels over time. You can join these groups for free and only need to invest your time and efforts to get the dividends from it.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest are some of the most popular social media channels having the functionality of groups you want to get involved in.

This was all about social media networking and the benefits of joining social media communities and groups for directing traffic to your website. Stay connected with us for the next zero-cost tactic to drive traffic on your site. We will come up with yet another important strategy for Day 9, i.e., tomorrow!

How many groups are you a part of on social media sites? Do these groups help you in getting active traffic on your website?

Do let us know in the comments section below.Please also read ninth article of our series for free traffic increase blog traffic by The Name Dropping Method.

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