zero cost tactics to increase blog traffic-The Thank-You Page Tactics

This is the easiest and most effective of them all!

It is a great way of getting traffic from another site or a competitor site altogether. All you need to do is give a reason to the competitor or related site to post your link on their page and there you go.

There are few other things that you must keep in mind for this method to work in your favour and avoid using this tactic if your website is brand-new in the web world.

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So, let’s understand what are those important ways of getting traffic on your site using the ‘thank-you page’ approach.

How Professional Is Your Website?

The very first thing that’s going to determine whether or not you can use this technique to get traffic is the professionalism of your website.

In order to trade links with the other websites, you need to make your website look as enticing as possible. Nobody would like to advertise their link on a website that doesn’t even look professional. Therefore, the outlook of your website is an important thing to consider before going ahead with this approach. You can check hongkiat post about  ideas to make a website professional.

They’re not going to want to trade links with a website that has nothing to offer them. This usually happens when your website is in its inception stages.

Let’s say your website is brand-new, google isn’t going to want to link to your website. Usually links cancel each other out. But this is only a concern if the person linking to your website is doing it to get a link back to increase their search engine ranking.

Yet, if you are simply linking to send traffic to each other’s site, it’s something valuable for the websites to trade with you. But even for that, your website has to look good and professional for trading with the other sites.

You can choose to share each other’s link in the thank-you page. In this manner, people will check their link on your website only after they have completed purchasing or signing up with you.

Similarly, you will get traffic from the other site when people have completed shopping or signing up with the other website and it directs them to your site link through their than-you page that appears once you’re registered with a site.

How To Proceed With This Technique?

The first thing you would want to find out is that whether or not the other site has a thank-you page on its website. Once you see that the site has a thank-you page, you may go ahead and approach it for mutual benefit strategy.

Do not be afraid of approaching any site as long as your own website looks presentable and professional enough for trading links with the other site. Almost everybody wants to consider ways for getting traffic on their site without shedding any money, so if your strategy can bring them even a few more people on their site, they’re certain to be on board with it.

Firstly Browse through a website and figure out it’s email ID in the contact section of the site. ‘

Next, write a mail to them mentioning about the thank-you page exchange thing and the benefits of the same. You can provide an example about Amazon, how it shows related content to people after they purchase from the site. Once the customer has purchased from your site, you wouldn’t really mind sending the traffic to your partner’s site through the thank-you page thing.

You might encounter numerous rejections and there will be many people who won’t be interested in pursuing the offer. But that’s really fine. Always be polite and patient with them. It is frustrating to come across rejections or ignorance but do not spell out anything disgraceful in the heat of the moment and do not even get motivated.

Even if you have got 10 rejections, go ahead and try the 11th one because you never know if it works out and helps you in getting tons of free traffic on your website.

It is an advantageous situation for both you and your competitor or the other related website and it costs nothing more than putting some efforts to give the link of the person’s website on the thank-you page of your site. It can help both the parties in getting a huge amount of active regular traffic on their websites without really doing much for it.

This useful, easy yet effective internet marketing method is known as cross-promotion. This is a great way of working on a mutually win-win situation and it is gaining much popularity these days.

Cross- promotion is not only a good way of getting traffic on your site but also helps you maintain healthy business relations with other sites and you may want to work together again on certain campaigns in future if the method works well for you and the other websites associated with you in this way.

You can start with writing a sincere and humble testimonial or something appreciative for the other website and proceed with mentioning about your offer to gain free traffic on the website with each other’s help.

You can even choose to mention something nice about the products and services offered by the other website or simply praise ether content if it’s a blogging site. You’ll get a respond if the other website holder is interested in going ahead with your strategy or else you can try this with some other website.

Cross-promotion usually works as nobody has to invest money or efforts in getting something in return and even then it can help you in driving a considerable amount of traffic on your website.

So go ahead and try this absolutely amazing way of getting the leads and sales for you site!

Do you know any other methods of cross-promotion? Have you ever tried any of it? If yes, did it work well for you?

Do share your answers with us in the comments section given below.Please also read third article of our series for free traffic increse blog traffic using The Podcasting Technique.

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