zero cost tactics to increase blog traffic-YouTube Traffic Production

You know what we are talking about, right?

Yes, it’s YouTube. This one channel boasts a monthly active database of few billions, which makes it the most popular medium for sharing information on the web.

As long as you’re posting the right keywords, you’re sure to get seen!

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In this post we’ll run you through the process of making a video which is more than likely to get viral, choosing the right keywords for it to attract traffic and publishing it successfully on the YouTube channel.

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So, let’s get going!

Step 1: How-To-video For Getting Active Traffic On Your Site

The very first thing you need to do is to make an interesting video for the audience to watch. Now, you can make any kind of video you want keeping few basic things in mind:

First, the main goal is to make the audience watch the entire video and crave for more.

Second, you want your viewers to read the description and click the link mention in it to visit your website.

There are few strategies which work really well in getting traffic through the videos published on the YouTube channel. You can entice your audience by coming up with something funny, emotional or useful in the video. Make them watch the video and promise to give them more such stuff when they visit your website. This will divert the traffic to your site within instants and make it popular across the masses if everything is done well.

Do not make a video to simply promote your business services and products as nobody would really be interested to watch it and it wouldn’t help you either to direct traffic to your site.

However, you can smarty place your products and services in the video that is interesting to watch. People are more likely to click the link and visit your website if they know they will find more exciting stuff over there.

There comes another important thing on making a video. If you’re looking to get it made cost-free, you need to DIY!

Yet, there are many websites out there which help you in outsourcing the video production at pretty low prices. One such example is

Making one on your own isn’t difficult too. After all, you never know if you have a hidden talent of making some sensational videos for the internet enthusiasts.

Step2: Getting Your Keywords Right

Keywords are used in the title and tag sections of a video while uploading it on YouTube. This is why, it is more than important to use the appropriate keywords for promoting your video among the masses.

You can get started by speculating if people are searching frequently for the keywords you’re planning to use.

Of course, there are some common keywords which are used to millions and billions of people everyday, for which you needn’t check, but there might be a lot of competitors already using that keyword.

Therefore, you need to use keywords that are viral as well as relevant to your video types and do not have much competition.

There are platforms out there like the ‘Adword keyword Planner’, which can help you in estimating how much traffic a keyword is getting in a month on average. It will help you decide whether or not you should go ahead with that keyword for your video and also what is running popular among the folks.

Once you know what’s going popular you can decide what to use and what not to for making your video commercial on YouTube.

One clever trick is to go for ‘Low Hanging fruit’. Wondering what is it?

Well, it simply means that instead of using a more generic keyword, you can come up with a specific keyword that will attract only a section of audience.

In this way, those targeted group of people will be prompted to take an action after watching the video (if they like it) and will visit your website. you can use online long tail keyword tools and find few keywords in your niche.

The advantage of using this method is that you’ll attract a more targeted and niche audience. Log-tail keywords are good to go for this approach. It will help you in getting ranked on YouTube faster than ever.

Whereas, using the common and broader terms like ‘weight loss’, ‘healthy food’ might leave you nowhere in terms of ranking as there is so much competition already for these terms. You might not enjoy getting a huge amount of traffic on your site using generic keyword terms. ‘Rinse and Repeat’ this method once you start getting high-quality viewers on your site.

Step3: Get Set And Publish The Video

Last but not the least, this is simple and important.

You can choose to directly publish your video on the YouTube channel or else upload it using your video editing software. Go ahead with whatever way suits you more once you’re ready to share your work with people.

While uploading the video on the YouTube page you’ll be asked to fit certain aspects like the YouTube file format, YouTube file size considerations and other things. Once all of this gets approved click ‘Upload’ and set the titles and tags for your video content.

Next, just go ahead and publish it for the people to view your work. It will go live on YouTube and if everything goes well, you’re sure to get good amount of traffic directed to your website from there and then.

So, there you have it!

This was yet another effective tactic for getting traffic on your site without getting money out of your pockets. YouTube is an important medium for getting traffic as it’s the most viewed channel on the internet.

Therefore, publishing an interesting video can capture the audience and get you the desired number of viewers on your website. Just remember to keep these little steps in mind while sharing any video with the audience and you’ll be all set to do well.

Let us know if the information mentioned above was functional for you. You can also post your reviews and suggestions on the same in the comments section below. Please also read third article of our series for free traffic  Increase blog traffic using the Forum Marketing Method.

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