zero cost tactics to increase blog traffic-The Forum Marketing Method

So, what is Forum Marketing? Any idea about it?

This might sound like a new term to you, but trust me we all are or have been a part of some or the other forum on the web.

We have either participated or simply followed the discussions happening on a forum about our industry, country, society or any other niche.

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The bottom-line is we all have been a part of active forum discussions without even realizing its significance!

By now, you must have realized that are millions of forums online on almost every topic possible. So, you’re certain to find a forum matching your topic of content and take part in it.

But Wait. Why would you do that?

Umm, let’s understand that ahead.

Take Your Forum Signature By Storm

Forums are one of the most effective places to market your website. All you need to do is find a forum that is relevant to your website niche and share the link on that forum for people to click it.

You can share the link using your forum signature format. Your forum signature may consist of text, images, HTML and links that directly connect the viewers with your website. Forum signatures are an important tool for getting traffic, indeed.

Now, another important thing is to know what kind of link to include in your forum signature. You may want to include your website link, but if it’s too long, it may look unappealing and overpowering to the audience.

Instead, always choose links which are perceptible and easy-to-follow so that people can click on it and view your website. Make it appear presentable enough to the forum viewers so that they consider clicking on it.

The best way to do that is to give people a reason to click on the link provided by you. You can do this by mentioning about a special offer, discount offers or something interesting that compels the people to click on it and direct themselves to the linked page.

You can even mention the link skillfully between the text to provide a solution to something so that more and more people click on it. They key is to keep it creative and catchy for people to notice it easily.

How to Find Niche forum

There are thousands of forum available on web but if you search efficiently then you will get appropriate forum in just a second.

Basic rule of searching any forum is by using Keyword+forum (Example: SEO forum, motivational forum.) and also use below terms to search forums.

  • KEYWORDS “powered by phpbb” inurl:/forum
  • KEYWORDS “powered by smf” site: /forum
  • KEYWORDS “powered by vbulletin” inurl:/forum
  • Keyword + inurl:”/forums/”
  • Keyword + “discussion board”
  • Keyword + inurl:”showtopic.php”

Find Relevant .edu forums

  • “powered by vbulletin”
  • “powered by smf”
  • “powered by phpbb”

Find Relevant .gov forums

  • “powered by vbulletin” site:.Gov
  • “powered by smf” site:.Gov
  • “powered by phpbb” site:.Gov

Below are few forums for different niche

List of DoFollow Forums

Affiliate-marketingAffiliate marketing
v7n SEO & blogging
DigitalpointSearch engine,digital marketing and buy/sell
SiteownersforumsSEO-make money online,Buy/sell/trade
Photoshop-designs Photoshop and designing
windowsforumWindows /computer support forum
AffiliatefixAffiliate Marketing Community
mysql forumMy sql query & doubts
WarriorforumDigital marketing
HtmlforumsWeb technology like HTML, CSS
FilezillaFileZilla Support
Ubuntu forumsUbuntu Support
Android supportAndroid developer support

How To Use The Forums Effectively?

There are few things that you must always ALWAYS keep in mind while using the forums in your favour.

It is important to use the forums regularly for directing traffic to your site without spending for it. Moreover, spend as much time as possible on the forums giving advice, answering questions and providing valuable insights on topics to the users while smartly placing the link in between the content.

Please do remember to not spam the forums with your website links making it look obvious to people that you’re looking to promote your page. 

You can place your website like in profile sections, Within answer or question and in signature sections mainly.

Nobody would be interested in visiting your site that ways. Also, expand your horizons while posting in the forums. While some people prefer to post things only in one or two sections of the forum, you must explore different sections and post things over there in order to advertise your link to a whole new segment of people through your forum signature. The more audience you cover, the more traffic you’ll get on your site.

Do reply to the posts in the thread created by you in the forum. There are people who will only go through the last few comments posted by you and if they find your reverts valuable, they might want to go through the link mentioned on your signature.

Therefore, always reply posting something useful and relevant for others to see. This in turn will help you in getting followers for your website.

It’s always better to be active on a forum which allows you to post a link in your signature, yet, not every forum allows you to put a link in your signature.

Either you can choose to avoid such forums or else mention the link in the ‘about section’ of that forum. You need to make doubly sure that the content posted by you is informative and useful for the viewers so that they check you bio and click the link to your site.

You can even mention the links between the posted content in a way that it doesn’t look like spam. Smartly place it between the texts to generate leads for your site.

Other Signature Advertising Ideas

Remember, forums are not the only place to include your links in the signature. You can do so using the email signature tool as well. This is a simple yet effective way of advertising your website with a zero-cost strategy.

Including link in your email signature can be extremely advantageous for you. Whenever you mail somebody, the link is automatically sent to them through your email signature and does marketing for your website in an unobtrusive way!

You MUST explore more such platforms online which let you post things while including a link in your signature and doing the advertising for your website without making it look all-so-obvious.

Hope it helped you in getting leads for your site free of cost. Let us know how much traffic you managed to get through regular use of forums, if you are active on such platforms.

Post your answers in the comments section given below.Please also read fourth article of our series for free traffic increase blog traffic by The Thank-You Page Tactics.

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