Monetize YouTube videos in few simple steps – A Step by step guide

Yes, I am not kidding, I will really tell you some great tips today on how to monetize the YouTube account you have. Infact it has become one of the most popular programs, which specialize in the creation and placement of banner advertisements on a blog or a website or YouTube channel. She lets get a quick run through the #”Best Ways to monetize Your YouTube Account “

Step by step Guide to monetize YouTube videos

1. Eligibility for a Google Adsense Account for YouTube

All you need here is a Gmail Account which is linked to your YouTube Account.

2. How to apply for AdSense for your Youtube Account

  • Go to Youtube.com (but don’t start watching enticing video! boss, you are here for some other important task)
  • Log-In into your YouTube Account through your linked Gmail ID
  • Click “youtube-channel-setting” which will reveal further options
  • Navigate to Channel>Monetization and move on Monetization where you can see an option for enabling monetization. But ensure the monetization partner is verified.
  • Click on “Enable Monetization Link” and then accept the terms and conditions after reading them deeply. One wrong move will disable the ads later.
  • Now go to Video Manager, select the video you want to monetize and then click “Enable-Monetization”. it moves you to the select the location where you wish to place the ads on your YouTube Channel. If the YouTube has permitted monetization, then the video will show a green dollar sign. But those videos which are under copyright, will appear with a copyright notice.

How to create an AdSense Account for Monetization

  • Go to Monetization page –Click on “How will I be paid?” section. It takes you to AdSense Association page. Follow the steps as guided there. You can even use your old Adsense account for this purpose.
  • Submit your AdSense application; accept AdSense Terms and Conditions and move ahead. It will send back an alert that your application has been received.
  • Once you are done with the above, you will get a window showing Review or Change AdSense Association as well as AdSense Settings options. If you wish to do a change, go ahead right away. No ifs and buts later.
  • Once your application is approved by Google Adsense, you will get an Adsense ID on Monetization page. it takes about max 48 hours for the approval to arrive if all terms and conditions of the website are met with the Google Adsense.

But ensure you read our previous link ” Main Reasons Why People Get Banned By Google AdSense” to ascertain that you are not dealing with anything that will anger off Adsense! Why I am waring you about this? Baecuse once your Adsense account is disabled for violating any norms on your website or YouTube channel, then you will never be eligible to have any kind of participation in the program of AdSense. So go by the legal and amicable route only.

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