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Top 10 high paying google adsense alternatives platform

There are so many good reasons to seek alternatives for Google AdSense. Perhaps you have already got an AdSense account; you are looking for alternatives because you want to keep your Diversified Income website, or because you want to add a little more income.

Maybe you are looking for some technique to make more money from their ad space than they would earn with Google AdSense. 

Maybe you have many difficulties in obtaining the confirmation of an AdSense account or perhaps you had an AdSense account that was banned.

Anything your reasons, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many good features for you to see. We invite you to try these ten alternatives viable lucrative AdSense.

10 best Google adsense alternatives

Let’s start with one of the most trusted and high earning adsense alternative…

1. Amazon Associates

If your site are small and having less but quality traffic then amazon associates would be best and suitable adsense alternatives for small websites.

As you may know, that has developed one of the most impressive systems proposals on earth and sophisticated products. You can enter the system, and benefit from it, by allowing simple Monetizer module on your website or blog.

If any visitor through reference of your website purchase items from then you will get fix commission of that particular item. You can check commission by just browsing amazon associate site.

amazon associates - google adsense alternatives 

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2. Chitika

Simialar to AdSense, You can customize your ads and serve contextual ads. One thing is that you can use with AdSense, and there is no problem.

Chitika paid via PayPal (at least $ 10, which is good for beginners) or by check (minimum $ 50). When I recommend an advertising service as an alternative to AdSense, Chitika is my first choice, no doubt. Chitika will pay by PayPal, if necessary.

If you don’t have PayPal then you can check step by step guide to use PayPal.

chitika adsense alternative

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3. is a leading technology company in the industry that the advertising of innovative digital products for publishers and advertisers grows. They have more than 500 employees in the centers of major operations – New York, Dubai, Los Angeles, Zurich, Bangalore, and Mumbai. global run no. 2 largest contextual advertising specialized management technology, relationships, and business operations with respect to publishers around the world for this program.


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4. Infolinks

Infolinks is the world’s biggest currency monetization in all over the countries, 128 countries to help more than 200,000 online publishers to earn money from their ad space used. They are perfectly free to use native advertising work, all advertising solutions and doesn’t affects the user experience!

From the context and effective video ads displayed in the banner – Infolinks’ well customizable output will ensure that you make the most out of your traffic.

infolinks for ads

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5. Adversal

Adversal of AdSense is a good choice. They have a good banner and the click-through rate and geared to income, to obtain the best results for your site. I have seen ads on an Adversal have a good CTR, and they provide excellent image ads. This is probably the network ad that seems to work best for those looking for an alternative to Google AdSense. It works well with every language.

adversal ads

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6. PropellerAds Media

Propeller advertising network provides one of the biggest pop-unders. They started to work in 2011 and quickly became one of the largest networks with high CPM. They focus on the following monetization niche sites: Entertainment, games, Video / Movies, quotes, software, finance, games and more. If you have one of these sites, you can make more money with AdSense propeller.


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7.  Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is an excellent network with many years in the business. I have been working with them for two years still, the effect has been good. Revenue Hits Advertisement network, which means that they will pay you for your results (CPA, which is ideal for many openings). So if you give them a platform for advanced, from advertising try to keep your current ads for at least 3-4 days for best results.revenuehits-ads-earning

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8. PopCash

Popcash is another excellent network, which has been out for a long time and gives us generally same results like PopAds. PopCash has popunder CPM ads with a good stock for all countries for mobile data traffic and office. You can ask your payments in the dashboard that they pay by PayPal, Paxum and Alert Pay. Cash transfers generally require 24 to 48 hours, which is not so bad.


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9. PopAds

PopAds specializes in Pop-Unders network performance. They have good prices and they can make money in all countries. Some great things about PopAds that they can pay daily as you earn $ 5 per day or daily pay. They are of good quality, they also have a pop-up window, the tab UPS / under and other methods of revenue. Your authorizations are simple and set up your ads only takes a fewer minutes.


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10. Yllix Media

Yllix could be a network that I even heard much in recent years that a decent CPM and plenty of monetization options. Your website may seem simple, but its control panel is large and easy to start. Yllix has popular music in advertising, mobile redirect, advertising slider layer ads and full page.

so that you will get a nice CTR and earn money with them. Undoubtedly a good choice for beginners and approval is quick.


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Hope you like this post and now you can easily choose google adsense alternative for your site when your site not approve or restricted.

Pankaj Kamariya

An IT engineer by profession and blogger by passion. Very keen to explore new things online and Help people by sharing many legitimate ways of making money online.


  • Alex

    Amazon affiliates pays crap compared to Adsense. Seriously, you are just making this up. Have you actually tested these alternatives and measured eCPM?

    • Pankaj


      Hello Alex, Thanks for visiting our site.
      Amazon affiliates pays depend on how you involve in their selling. It’s commission amount is also good..
      This are alternative for those blogger who is blocked by adsense or not interesting to go for that.

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